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Today's Top 50 Trending Stocks

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  1. john zimmerman says:

    Hello , I've been reading all published (that I could find) on cannabisscience.com ,( CBIS ), and it seems very impressive in many ways , especially , to me , as it claims without anyone challenging such claims to have been 'curing' squamus cell carcinoma and shows multiple photos of various patients progression through the disease to the point where it appears to be completely gone , even to the point the skin then grows hair over the horrible 'bowling ball holes' in/on their heads and face , along with various other manefestations of the disease . They are now working with a FDA medical specialist to advise and assist them in bringing these cannabinoid substances to market for treatment of various cancer(s), as has been done for thousands of years , successfully , as far as my reading and personal investigating was able to convince me. So , the question remains, if there is a cure , of any type for any cancer , even remotely possible , why does this company and their products seem to have been completely ignored by the pharmaceutical industry , and investor magazines/newsletters, and other media sources. I personally , am up a few thousand dollars having bought at .02 cents , and owning 55K shares . It may not be this week , this month or year , but I am quite sure this purchase will be the biggest and best one of my life once a BIG Pharmaceutical firm steps in to buy them out , successfully or not , once the trading community and business world/pharmaceutical industry/medical experimentation and research universities get interested and stop fearing their association with a medicine derived from a illegal (moreso than not - at this time at least) drug that a large part of the country still believes is addictive and dangerous.

  2. Henri says:

    Yeah, the smart money is flowing into sub-sub-sub pennystocks Mike the Pipe and Bebida, now we know!

    • gg says:

      Henri, we own about 10m of Bebida (BBD)A) and have been investing in this company for about 5 years. I called and received a box of all of their products. Their Koma Unwind tastes so refreshing and it works. I absolutely loved it. Keep a watch on this company as they are going to release "game changing" information this week, per Brian Weber, CEO. It moved up to .0014 this week and right now is at .0008.

      Question: Where do I find the list of each days top 50 stock list on marketclub site?

      John, thanks for your info about CBIS. It's on my watch list now.

      • Jeremy says:


        As a member all you need to do is use Smart Scan. You'll use the following parameters to search for them.

        Chart +100>Equities>View as list> Price greater than $10> Volume greater than 100k> US Exchange.

        This will give you a list of the Top Stocks.


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