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A Short Guide To The Middle East

With so many comments and votes on our Is Putin now dictating American diplomacy in the Middle East? poll -  I thought that this newspaper clipping might help clear things up. It reminds me of the famous Abbott and Costello routine "Who's on first?"

Feel free to leave a comment and your viewpoint. Sometimes you just have to laugh at what is going on in the world. It really does help relieve the stress.


Adam Hewison
President, INO.com



  1. Howard Whang says:

    exactly & still fuzzy

  2. James R. Estey Jr. says:

    I really enjoy reading the viewpoints expressed on your site. Usually most of the comments are similar to my way of thinking. But this one here, went right over my head. First of all the "Gulf States" is confusing but I presume the author is referring to the Persian Gulf countries. This "Short Guide" is a fool's map about these positions as they are way more complicated than as depicted as well as just wrong in some cases. I guess I just missed the joke. Sorry.

    • Adam Hewison says:


      Thanks. for your feedback. You nailed it, it is way too complicated for anyone understand. I think we should scrap some of the analysts we have on the Middle East, save themoney and pay down our debt. I don't believe it could get any worse over there. What say you?

      Adam Hewison
      President, INO.com

      • James R. Estey Jr. says:

        I think the United States Government as led by President Obama is far too concerned with foreign affairs that really have no impact on our "National Security", and are not addressing the substantial economic problems that exist in our own country. Of significant note the major defense contractors in this Country, ie. GD, RTN, LMT, etc., are all trading at all time highs while the poor and middle class, and civilian federal employees appear to be taking the brunt of the so called "sequestration" budget cuts. In addition, how much tax money is the NSA wasting (mostly in the form of payments to contractors) by illegally spying on our own citizens. Finally when is the last time a President actually read the Constitution? Unless the United States is attacked, the Constitution clearly gives the decision to go to war to Congress. The President is supposed to "execute" this decision but not make it.

  3. Malcolm says:

    If China was allowed to run the Middle East for a couple of years the current problems would have disappeared

    • Adam Hewison says:


      What an interesting observation – you could be right.

      All the best,

      Adam Hewison
      President, INO.com

      • John says:

        If China was allowed to run the Middle East for a couple of years. Just imagine, the fast growing population would be cut to a manageable size in that period. Also, no more over breeding for the local resources.

  4. Sasoon says:

    Let not forget the invasion of Muslim to Europe.
    That's the real time bomb.

    • Adam Hewison says:


      Having grown up in Europe there is a distinct change now in the population and it's very evident in the Muslim side of the equation. Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.

      Adam Hewison
      President, INO.com

  5. Vic says:

    I was hoping the trade triangles might offer some clues but I'm afraid they would all be red and all with yellow updates. The audio update would probably lead to a Benghazi headache.

  6. Martin says:

    Middle East is a mess.US want to intervene to cover and postpone its own bankrupcy.23rd of dec.is 100years aniversary of the fed-right timing to run away from the obligations(bankrupcy).Martin

    • Adam Hewison says:

      The Middle East has been a mess since the British left and I'm British by birth.

      Thank you for your feedback and insights into what is truly a big mess.


      Adam Hewison
      President, INO.com

      • Martin says:

        Dear Adam,I´v been in UAE for more than a Year,it is gilded rotten corpse,simply den of cheating rascals.Others most likely are not too different.Martin

  7. Rasesh Shukla -India says:

    For politicians, no separate consideration, criteria or identity for "Friend" and "Anime"

  8. Rasesh Shukla -India says:

    For Politicians, no separate definition or criteria for "Friend" and "Anime"

  9. Aaron says:

    The article should add on the bottom "And they are all united against Israel"

    • Adam Hewison says:


      Thanks for taking the time out of your day to contribute your view point and comments.

      We really appreciate you input to this poll.


      Adam Hewison
      President, INO.com

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