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Emotion Free Trading

A big part of being a successful trader is keeping your emotions out of the trade. As a special treat to our readers we asked Larry Levin to share a video on the subject.

Larry reveals techniques for traders like you to help you control your emotions and transform you into a disciplined, emotion-free trader. It is the most important concept you can learn in order to be a successful trader.

If you can master this skill, you can be very successful in this business. If we can't control the market and what it will do, then the only thing that will make us successful is if we can control ourselves. And that's easier said than done. But it is the reality of successful trading.

Watch Now: Emotion Free Trading

The INOTV Team


  1. 24option says:

    When trading you should keep your emotions out. This is the only way to trade correctly.

    • Spette says:

      Not to be confused however, with listening to what your gut instinct/right brain/intuition is telling you. See Darvas, O'Neil, and others. Doubt that "Larry Levin" touches on this.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Glad to see this video, as the emotional aspect of trading is what tips a lot of people into disaster. For instance, if you look at some of the biggest trading losses, what was behind them often was over-confidence or a desire to prove themselves.

  3. dominic says:

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