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Building a Better Trader - Volume 3: Using the Right Tool for the Job

It's amazing how many investors dive head-first into trading before they understand how the markets work. In Volume Three of this series, Glen Ring will teach you how to view the markets from an analyst's point of view. You'll discover why markets trend and why they go sideways - and why learning how to recognize these situations can be extremely valuable. You'll also learn four different ways to identify support and resistance, and you'll become familiar with some specific tools you can use to identify trends. Finally, you'll learn how markets behave at certain junctures and how learning this information can be useful in building a winning trading structure.

WATCH NOW: Building a Better Trader - Volume 3: Using the Right Tool for the Job

The INOTV Team


  1. GaZZA says:

    Why can't I get get this preso into full screen mode Jeremy?
    I log in in the normal way and end up in the INO.com site but when you hit the the expand window at the botttom right of the video window nothing happens. I've noticed this with other INO sourced materia. Is this because the material is so old?


  2. W.A.F says:

    May be old material but still a lot can be learned from it.
    As to Glen's trading ability..... I can't say if he's good or bad.
    I will say I have learned a few things and enjoyed this series. I am looking forward to volume 4.

  3. what_about_timmy says:

    But what about Geithner? That would have generated far more clicks.

  4. Doug Rogers says:

    The Building a Better Trader series was created by Futures Learning Center the educational wing of Futures Magazine Group back in the 1990's. I know because I purchased the series. Why are you presenting such old stuff? It was not good then, it won't be good now. Age will not make it better. Glen Ring was never a successful trader. Hello anyone listening.

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