Here's How We're Attacking AMZN And AAPL In This Volatility

Markets are getting crushed in here and tech continues to lead us lower. Join me on the trade desk as I take you into our option positions in Apple and Amazon and with Fibonacci analysis, we analyze just how low these tech giants can fall.

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Plan Your Trade, and Trade Your Plan,
Todd Gordon

4 thoughts on “Here's How We're Attacking AMZN And AAPL In This Volatility

  1. Cannot understand audio on video. Hence, I must delete them. You need to show closed caption on tapes, or they are useless to a lot of us; e.g., senior citizens .. who comprise a majority of long-time investors.

    1. I figure this has to be quick so we can have a rally going into the elections, which strangely enough we always have when we have an incumbent democrat. So for lack of better advice I like the April puts. June might be better. Don't construe that to be advice I am a professional loser. I wouldn't take my advice.

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