S&P 500
-2.95 -0.14%
Dow Indu
-40.27 -0.22%
-2.68 -0.05%
Crude Oil
+0.02 +0.04%
+0.680 +0.05%
-0.002345 -0.22%
US Dollar
+0.266 +0.34%

The Aftermath Of Brexit Has Created A Buying Opportunity

By: Joseph Hogue of Street Authority

Geopolitical issues have dominated the markets this year, and polls have been useless in lending any kind of certainty to asset prices.

OPEC has successfully managed expectations for a production freeze, even if an eventual deal is still unlikely, which has driven oil prices to nearly double since their February lows. Few would have predicted in January the momentum of the Trump campaign and the potential uncertainty on global trade.

As important as these events have been, however, 2016 will likely be remembered for one event in particular. [Continue reading]

Article source: http://www.streetauthority.com/node/30701042

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Freeport-McMoRan Could Be In Trouble As Copper Approaches A Decision Point

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The Fed Tease Continues - But For How Much Longer?

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Will The Market Head Higher Or Lower From Here?

Hello MarketClub members everywhere. Last week major indices were all lower, the question this week is, are we going to see the indices the Dow (INDEX:DJI), S&P 500 (CME:SP500) and NASDAQ (NASDAQ:COMP) close higher or lower for the week? I thought we … [Continue reading]

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How Saudi Arabia Will Manage the Oil Market in 2017

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Hello MarketClub members everywhere. I believe that the market is stressing out. That's my take on what's going on right now in the market. The Trade Triangles have indicated for seven weeks that the market was in fact in a state of … [Continue reading]

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Gold's Next Big Move

Hello MarketClub members everywhere. Good to be back, I was away visiting family and unfortunately I picked up a really bad cold. I'm sure you had times like this yourself when you just feel lethargic and don't feel like doing anything. Well, that … [Continue reading]

Central Bank Chutzpah

We must be getting closer to the global asset bubble bursting or the end of central bank intervention, or both since the latter is likely to cause the former. How do I know? Central banks and the international agencies that support their policies … [Continue reading]

The Markets Wait On Earnings

Hello MarketClub members everywhere. The stock market has started off the new trading week with gains as Wall Street readies for the start of the third-quarter earnings season, awaits more news from the Federal Reserve and watches politics as the … [Continue reading]

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