Waiting On Netflix Earnings

Hello traders everywhere. Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) is expected to release its third-quarter earnings shortly after the bell this afternoon. Netflix's stock hit a record high last week after analysts at Goldman Sachs predicted the company would post subscriber gains above expectations and raised their price outlook from $200 to $235, while JP Morgan's analyst raised their forecast to $225 from $210.

MarketClub's Mid-day Market Report

  • Netflix revenue for Q3 2017 is expected to be $2.97 billion, according to a Thompson Reuters consensus estimate.
  • EPS is projected at 32 cents, per a Thomson Reuters consensus estimate.
  • The strong growth is based on continued subscription additions, despite price increases.

Shares traded above $200 for the first time Friday and continue to trade above that level today. Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) raised some of its prices earlier this month, including for its high-definition plan and 4K streaming plan. Despite the price increase, analysts believe subscribers will stick with the company and are bullish on its international growth.

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Weekly Futures Recap With Mike Seery

We've asked Michael Seery of SEERYFUTURES.COM to give our INO readers a weekly recap of the Futures market. He has been Senior Analyst for close to 15 years and has extensive knowledge of all of the commodity and option markets.

Michael frequently appears on multiple business networks including Bloomberg news, Fox Business, CNBC Worldwide, CNN Business, and Bloomberg TV. He is also a guest on First Business, which is a national and internationally syndicated business show.

Gold Futures

Gold futures in the December contract settled last Friday in New York at 1,275 an ounce while currently trading at 1,304 up nearly $30 for the trading week bottoming out last Friday around 1,262. I'm currently not involved in this market or any of the precious metals as gold and silver have remained extremely choppy in recent months. Gold prices are now near a three week high as the U.S. dollar has now hit a three week low and that has helped push prices up this week, and they are now trading above their 20 and 100-day moving average as the trend is higher. However, in my opinion, avoid this market as the trend is truly mixed. The stock market has hit another all-time high in today's trade as money has been coming out of gold & into the equity market over the last several weeks as I remain very bullish stocks. I think gold will remain choppy for the rest of 2017 unless some development happens with North Korea as that could reemerge at any moment. I still think that situation is not going away and I do think the downside in gold is limited. However, I will wait for better chart structure & a better risk/reward scenario before getting involved.

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Do You Have Any Trading Superstitions?

With today being Friday the 13th, I thought it would be fun to see to if our readers had any trading superstitions. I've heard all kinds superstitions over the years such as, never trade in the first 30 minutes, never set stop-losses on round numbers, don't triple dip a stock, and never sell a stock crossing past $90. And then we have mine, I never buy a stock on Friday or at the open on Monday. It seemed that every time I tried to I end up on the wrong end of the trade. Maybe I just have bad luck!

I would like to know...

Do you have any trading superstitions?

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Take a second to vote, then leave a comment with your trading superstition or any superstition that you may have. I bet we have some good ones out there.

Every Success,
Jeremy Lutz
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100% Revenue Growth for 11 Consecutive Quarters

Analysis originally distributed on October 4, 2017 By: Michael Vodicka of Cannabis Stock Trades

Growing revenue by more than 100% for 11 consecutive quarters is no small accomplishment.

A statistic like that immediately tells me two things about a company.

Number one, it is operating in a high-growth industry.

Number two, it is doing a great job of capturing that growth.

These are the reasons I'm excited about the little-known cannabis stock I am going to share today.

This early industry leader just reported its 11th consecutive quarter of at least 100% revenue growth.

That's a pretty ridiculous streak - I haven't seen anything like it even in the high-growth cannabis industry.

That's why shares are up 104% in 2017 and ready for more.

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Oil, Gold and Indexes Are On The Move Higher

Hello traders everywhere. The stock market hit new highs today on renewed hopes of tax reform and solid overall economic data. However, a fight between President Donald Trump and U.S. senator Bob Corker raises questions about the likelihood of a plan moving forward.

President Trump has weighed in by saying that his fight with Senator Corker will not interfere or delay the passing of tax reform. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

MarketClub's Mid-day Market Report

Oil and gold are both on the rise today as well. Oil is heading higher on news that the world's biggest crude exporters - Saudi Arabia and Russia - may extend or deepen supply cuts and have urged U.S. shale producers to join them.

Meanwhile, gold touched its highest price in nearly two weeks, supported by a softer dollar and geopolitical tensions in Spain and North Korea, though gains were capped by expectations of another U.S. interest rate increase.

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