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+12.00 +0.58%
Dow Indu
+115.58 +0.66%
+21.57 +0.43%
Crude Oil
-2.44 -4.13%
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US Dollar
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Poll: Will Default Push Greece Out Of The Euro?

The Greek government is running out of money and time. They need to agree to a deal with their Eurozone partners this weekend to secure the final part of its bailout loan and avoid defaulting on its debts. But without a deal, default could push the … [Continue reading]

Bike Like A Girl - Almost Home!

Here's the latest update from the Bike Like a Girl (BLAG) team. "We are in 5th place & on track to smash the 8-women record! We hope to see you at the finish line at City Dock in Annapolis early Saturday!" If you remember earlier this month, … [Continue reading]

Why You Should Stay Away From REIT ETF's For Just A Little Longer

Last week the Federal Reserve once again announced they would not be raising interest rates. To many on Wall Street this was good news; cheap money would continue to be available, thus making it more affordable to borrow money to grow business's and … [Continue reading]

Knowing Your Way Around A Chart

If you follow our blog, then you are definitely familiar with trader Larry Levin, President of Trading Advantage LLC. We have gotten such a great response from some of his past posts that he has agreed to share one more of his favorite trading tips … [Continue reading]

Bike Like A Girl - Halfway There!

Wow! Just like that, the 8 women from the Bike Like A Girl (BLAG) team are in the middle of the country and are racing home at record speed. The ladies overtook the 8-man team from Ireland and are neck-and-neck with the 8-man Saloote Team from … [Continue reading]

Did You Catch The Netflix Move Like The Trade Triangles Did?

By now you have probably seen the extraordinary move that Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) has made this year. But did you see how well the Trade Triangles captured the timing on these moves? Netflix announced after the close yesterday that it is … [Continue reading]

A Small Bet On Natural Gas Could Make Traders Big Profits

By: Joseph Hogue of Street Authority The surge in natural gas production has changed the energy landscape in the United States. Production jumped 44% between 2005 and 2014 compared to a decline of 4.5% over the previous nine-year … [Continue reading]

How This One Indicator Could Make You Rich

Let's face it, there are hundreds of technical indicators out there doing all kinds of mischief in the market. Some of them are good and some of them may be hyped a little too much. For the moment I am excluding the Trade Triangle technology which … [Continue reading]

1 ETF That Could Turn The Fear Of Cyber Attacks Into A Fortune

Over the last few weeks news about the Federal Government data hack has caused a lot of fear and worry from not only the over 4 million current and prior government employees, but all Americans. The thinking is that if hackers can break into the US … [Continue reading]

I'm Still Not Sold On A 2015 Rate Increase

The consensus market opinion after last week's Federal Reserve monetary policy meeting is that the Fed will start to raise short-term interest rates sometime this year, maybe twice, beginning most likely at its September meeting. I, for one, am … [Continue reading]

Bike Like A Girl Team Is Rolling Through Colorado

And the team is off! If you remember earlier this month, we told you about the Bike Like A Girl team that we are sponsoring for our June INO Cares campaign. The team departed from California on June 20th and is racing back to Maryland. The team … [Continue reading]

Optimism For Greece - Can It Last?

It started in the Far East and was immediately picked up by the European stock markets with many of them soaring over 3% for the day. All of which was overshadowed by the Athens Stock Index which was up over 8%. Can anyone say happy days are here … [Continue reading]

Would You Invest In Saudi Arabia? How About Iran?

Saudi Arabia opened its $590 billion stock market to foreign investors Monday – a move aimed at helping the country’s companies endure a potentially extended period of lower oil prices. Interestingly, only about one-fifth of the companies … [Continue reading]

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