S&P 500
+40.15 +1.99%
Dow Indu
+288.00 +1.66%
+94.87 +2.04%
Crude Oil
+1.73 +3.08%
+8.455 +0.71%
-0.002165 -0.18%
US Dollar
-0.123 -0.16%

Are You Ready to Become a Full Time Forex Trader?

There is not a part-time trader out there who doesn’t dream of getting to the point where they can throw their day job to the wayside and trade currency from the deck of their pool. This is a legitimate fantasy that few will achieve, and for those … [Continue reading]

The Looming Greek Disaster

How do you spell Greece? D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R Remember Greece? Yes, that's the very same country that created all the problems for the world's economies back in 2008. Well, Greece is back and the problems could be even greater this time. I'm not sure … [Continue reading]

It’s Time To End "Considerable Time" Talk

What do you think will happen first: The Federal Reserve starts to raise interest rates, or the Cubs win the World Series for the first time since 1908? Richard Lehmann, writing in his Fixed–Income Watch column in the recent issue of Forbes … [Continue reading]

Platinum And Palladium Chart Analysis

Platinum Monthly Chart Analysis Platinum fell in a downtrend in 2011 after the price formed a reversal double top pattern, which was confirmed on the RSI. Price rapidly reached $1400/oz, scoring $445 for the bears. The market easily overcame 23.6% … [Continue reading]

Is The Market At A Tipping Point?

Hello traders and MarketClub members everywhere! There's no doubt about it, this bull market which began in Q1 of 2009 is getting a bit long in the tooth and may be setting itself up for a correction in 2015. If that's the case, we could see gold … [Continue reading]

Economy Post-'Jobs’ Report; Real or Memorex?

Now it gets interesting because early in the bailout process the Fed talked about achieving certain employment milestones before hiking interest rates.  Here we are at the 10th consecutive month with 200,000+ job gains (321,000 in November) and the … [Continue reading]

Did you see the MarketClub Holiday Special?

Hey Traders, Did you see the MarketClub Holiday Special that we debuted last week? We are offering new members a chance to try MarketClub for $8.95 and then receive a 40% discount off of their membership rate. It's an amazing opportunity to try … [Continue reading]

3 Banks Stocks That You Should Be On Your Radar

Hello traders and MarketClub members everywhere! Today, I'm going to look at three banking stocks that flashed buy alerts last Friday. Recently, the bank stocks have been on a tear. For the past two years, they have all been moving higher, but now … [Continue reading]

Gold Futures Rise Above $1,200 as Demand for the Metal Rises

By: FX Empire After an early-session steep decline, Comex gold futures are now trading significantly higher. The early session sell-off was in response to trader reactions to the failure of the Swiss referendum to increase Swiss National Bank gold … [Continue reading]

Mr. Draghi Fails To Deliver

Mario Draghi may have cried wolf one too many times. I've watched with amazement over the past couple of years as the European Central Bank president has gotten more mileage from saying what he intends or plans to do in the future – without … [Continue reading]

Classic Indicators - Back to the Future

Charismatic professional trader Linda Raschke employs classic methods handed down by the forefathers of technical analysis. Join in and let Linda guide you in a first rate keynote address given at an international trading conference. Get back to the … [Continue reading]

Abenomics: From Faith to Failure

Why the biggest monetary stimulus effort in the world did NOT stop deflation in its tracks By Elliott Wave International When Shinzo Abe became the Prime Minister of Japan in December 2012, he was regarded with the kind of reverence that … [Continue reading]

Will Silver Drop To $4-5/oz?

Gold 1

Gold Chart Analysis On a monthly chart of gold (FOREX_XAUUSDO), the 6 year cycle has entered the final period after the price peaked in 2011 at $1823 close. A descending continuation triangle pattern has been formed. This suggests that the price … [Continue reading]

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