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US Dollar
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OPEC Oil Export Revenues Lowest Since 2003

Robert Boslego - INO.com Contributor - Energies

But No Agreement To Cut Production Likely

OPEC President, H.E. Dr. Mohammed Bin Saleh Al-Sada, Qatar's Minister of Energy and Industry, issued a press release August 8th announcing that an informal meeting of OPEC member countries would take place on the sidelines of the 15th International Energy Forum in Algeria from 26 to 28 September 2016. There was an initial price rise, but that faded on Tuesday and Wednesday. [Read more...]

2016: Current Market Themes

A year ago almost to the day we began tracking a ‘Macrocosmic’ theme that would eventually see gold bottom and rise vs. stocks and bonds in 2016, joining its bullish status vs. commodities, which had been in place since 2014.

Nominal gold bottomed in December 2015 before silver, commodities and stocks as a counter cyclical environment birthed a new precious metals bull market.  We updated the progress here, here and here in 2016.

But markets, being the product of immeasurable moving parts, are always in motion and you cannot get too hung up on any one theme, ideology or habit.  When the Semiconductor sector began burping up its positive signals for the economy and for stocks, we listened intently and I for one, put my capital where my mouth was and noted as much each week in NFTRH.

Back in April, with the first improvement in the Semiconductor Equipment sector’s bookings, we went on bull alert.  By June 22, we had established a trend in the rising bookings and noted the Details Behind Semiconductor Leadership and the bullish implications that this Canary’s Canary in the coal mine carried. [Read more...]

Speculators' Risk Assessments Key to Crude Price Changes

Robert Boslego - INO.com Contributor - Energies

August crude futures prices edged $0.20 higher in the week ending July 12th (to correspond to the data below), closing at $46.80. However, prices are down about 7% since early June when a confluence of events caused supply disruptions in multiple locations.

Crude Oil Prices

Though U.S. crude oil inventories have dropped more than 20 million barrels since the end of April, petroleum product stocks reached a new peak in the week ending July 8th. [Read more...]

Freeport-McMoRan Could Double Amid Strong Copper

Aibek Burabayev - INO.com Contributor - Metals

Copper advanced 15 cents or 7% higher from my previous post and it looks like we are going to see much more strength as it was just a warming-up.

Chart 1. Copper-Oil Weekly: The Metal Tries To Catch Up Consolidating Crude

Chart 1. Copper-Oil Weekly: The Metal Tries To Catch Up Consolidating Crude
Chart courtesy of tradingview.com

The comparative chart above became a tradition. This time, there are no dramatic changes on it and the only drama here is the failure of crude oil to surpass the first strong barrier at the $50 mark (black dashed horizontal line). Oil has been stuck in a $5 range between $45 and $50 levels. We are at a crucial point as soon we will know for sure if it was a strong correction in oil before another huge drop to the $26 low or below or is it a consolidation before the break through $50 and then $60 barriers within a new uptrend. [Read more...]

Charting The Energies Data Release

Robert Boslego - INO.com Contributor - Energies

Each week, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports estimates for crude oil and petroleum products. These supply, demand and inventory estimates are used by traders to assess the inventory surplus (or deficit), the supply-demand balance and whether the market is tightening or not. The best measure of the latter is to look at the crude stock change and petroleum product stock change graphs.

These stocks and trends are best understood in perspective and so comparisons are made to previous years. Interpreting the data reported by the EIA might otherwise be difficult or time-consuming.

It is important to note that these estimates are provided from surveys and EIA models and are subject to revision. The EIA crude production data, in particular, has been revised substantially in monthly data released a few months after the weeklies.

US Crude Oil Production 4 Week

Other US Energy Supplies

US Crude Production + Other Energy

US Net Crude Oil Imports 4 Week

[Read more...]

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