Gold & Silver: Time Machine

Aibek Burabayev - Contributor - Metals

The Time Machine is the dream of many (especially those who bet on sports) and I’m excited to see if we will be able to travel through time shortly as physics scientists confirmed that it is possible. In the meantime, we could profit or at least be prepared for the future using the market’s time machine.

Last week a textbook example of a “Flash Crash” occurred in the silver market when the price dropped almost 2 dollars (10%) within a minute! It’s amazing that gold was untouched by this event creating an arbitrage opportunity as all discrepancies are subject to speculative trading. That’s why I put the silver analysis first this time to show the map for a possible gold move. By the way, it is quite often that silver is the principal instrument for market movement as it has less liquidity and therefore more opportunities for market “gangsters” or “pirates” to attack it.

Chart 1. Silver Daily

Daily Silver Chart
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After silver breached the previous major low established last December at the $15.64 mark the map has changed. What was tagged as a first move up turned out to be a tiny countertrend conjunctive move within the small complex correction contoured with the red downtrend. The Flash Crash drop almost reached the downside of the red channel, which could finish that small complex correction. Continue reading "Gold & Silver: Time Machine"

The Gold Clone: Time's Up

Aibek Burabayev - Contributor - Metals

Last week time ran out for the clone of the previous consolidation in the gold chart that I posted in April. I’ve updated the chart with a snapshot of the experiment’s result.

Snapshot Of The Experiment’s Results: Good, But Not Ideal

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All experiments are some sort of magic as we have an idea in our mind and try to apply it in the real world through an uncountable series of experiments to reach the desired result. But any result is a step forward to better understand what is going on in the real world. And the many side effects can bring us something genuinely new, especially when the experiment brings you an unexpected result. Continue reading "The Gold Clone: Time's Up"

Gold Faces Multi-Year Resistance Again

Aibek Burabayev - Contributor - Metals

Monthly charts show major price development and are crucial in determining the long-term trends. It is slow to change and I update it once the price reaches the important level or makes a breakout or reversal. The last time I updated the monthly chart was last August when the price reached the multi-year trendline resistance.

I had assumed three possible scenarios of price action and the least interesting second scenario of consolidation plan worked. I had set the margins of consolidation within the $1100-1400 range and some readers thought it was too wide, but as you can see now it played out perfectly – the actual range is $1122-1367 for the past period.

The trendline resistance falls lower and lower in the long run and now the price meets it again. That’s why added an updated monthly chart below.

Chart. Gold Monthly: Crossroads

Monthly Gold ChartChart courtesy of

This time we have the same situation as in the past year. Last July the price had tried to push through the black resistance line, but failed and there was hope that in the next month the breakup could be done and we all know what happened next. Last month the price also tried to overcome the barrier but failed. Nevertheless, the hope is still there as always in such situations. This month’s candle tells us that the price first dropped down from the open at $1267 to $1214 low and is now reversing losses and is yet to cover them all. Continue reading "Gold Faces Multi-Year Resistance Again"

Gold Bugs Should Think About Buying Stocks

Aibek Burabayev - Contributor - Metals

Some things become more obvious when you change your point of view. Some decisions are easier to make when we change the measure of value. And today I would like to share with you the gold bug’s view of the stock market.

Chart 1. The S&P 500 Monthly In Grams Of Gold

S&P 500 Monthly In Grams Of Gold
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The chart above represents the price dynamics of the S&P 500 in grams of gold. I used grams not ounces to make the chart more readable. You can do the same by dividing the S&P 500 value to the price of gold in troy ounces and then multiplying it by 31.1035. Continue reading "Gold Bugs Should Think About Buying Stocks"

U.S. Economic Growth Slows To .7% In First Quarter

Hello MarketClub members everywhere. The U.S. stock market is slightly lower this afternoon after data showed that the U.S. economy grew at its weakest pace in three years for the first quarter of 2017. The GDP increased at a 0.7% annual rate, below the 1.2% rise estimated by economists, as consumer spending barely increased and businesses invested less on inventories.

This drop comes on the heels of the 2.1% in the fourth quarter of 2016.

MarketClub's Mid-day Market Report

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Key levels to watch this week: Continue reading "U.S. Economic Growth Slows To .7% In First Quarter"