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Sun Tzu and the Art of War for Traders

The original Art of War is a compilation of lessons written and taught by Sun Tzu, a sixth century B.C. Chinese General/ Philosopher. Its wisdom is timeless and has grown in popularity. It is, in fact, required reading at every military academy in the world and can be found in most corporate boardrooms.

In this adaptation of the master's classic, super trader Dean Lundell applies Sun Tzu's lessons to the art of investing - from designing a personal trading plan, to timing market moves, to gleaning data from a global information network. Each exquisitely designed spread opens with a passage from Sun Tzu and is then interpreted and explained for its strategic relevance to trading in stocks, bonds, futures and commodities. Guided by Sun Tzu's ancient wisdom, novice and professional traders can use these classic military strategies to conquer the market!

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How You Can Be Right While The Crowd Loses

Have you ever wondered how you possibly make money when everyone around you is losing money? Jack Bernstein will show you how in today's video.

This video was produced live during an actual conference session. It's intended to duplicate, as much as possible, the experience of being there in person. As always, Jake is both interesting and provocative. His fascinating look into the markets is sure to make you think a little more about his recent discoveries.

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Maximizing Seasonal Trading Profits

Sheldon Knight has spent years fine-tuning his methods for pinpointing market direction for stocks and futures. In this video, you will discover how this top technical analyst combines day-of-week and day-of-month price patterns with first notice day effect to produce what he calls "the ultimate seasonal indicator".

You will also learn the money management method that he uses to dramatically improve his profits while reducing his risk at the same time.

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Getting New Insights From Old Indicators

Today's video contains one of the best lessons you ever will learn. It will teach you how to apply and integrate technical indicators into your trading plan. Not only will you gain a new perspective on traditional technical indicators, but you also will learn new ways to interpret some innovative indicators you that may not know about.

Along with that, you'll pick up, at least, two valuable new insights on the principles of momentum interpretation, and you will discover some of the major weaknesses that plague many of today's most commonly used indicators.

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How To Capture Big Profits From Explosive Markets

Here are the keys to identifying and profiting from explosive market moves.

Glen Ring reveals how to spot a major move in the making, when and where to enter your order, where to place stops and when to take profits.

You get the knowledge gained from 20 years of trading, boiled down into the most valuable video seminar of your trading career!

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