Gold & Silver: History May Repeat

Aibek Burabayev - Contributor - Metals

People record history from ancient times only to find that nothing is new in this world and everything repeats in cycles, waves, high and low tides, and therefore it is quite useful to have those historical records to project the future as it is another human propensity.

It is always a big challenge to be the first in doing something as you face uncertainty, and those who go next can learn from the achievements and mistakes of the pioneers. A few days ago, my eyes caught an interesting similarity in the chart history of gold’s price, which could give us a clue of an upcoming price development and I am happy to share it with you below.

As you may already notice from time to time I post different experimental charts, which use a variety of uncommon approaches in analyzing the markets to expand the scope of our vision. In this post I used the clones of the historic moves, which could shed light upon future moves.

I squeezed the charts to let both legs of the current upside move to fit in the snapshots, that’s why I would recommend you to open both graphs in a separate window for a comfortable view. Continue reading "Gold & Silver: History May Repeat"

Gold & Silver: Gold Is Looking For Support As Silver Is Testing Resistance

Aibek Burabayev - Contributor - Metals

We've entered the period where patience is paid generously as it is too early to buy the gold now and too late to buy the flying silver. I don't recommend a countertrend sell as corrections are very tricky and require an extensive experience. It is good just to sit back and watch the price action.

Chart 1. Gold Vs Silver 4H: Huge Divergence

4 Hour Chart Gold vs. Silver
Chart courtesy of

I refreshed the previous comparison chart, which starts from the low in the gold price established on the 10th of March.

Last week the gap between these top metals only widened with silver's gain almost exceeding two times that for the gold. The Gold/Silver ratio dropped severely from the 71.3 oz top (March, 23) to the 68.4 oz close last week losing almost all of the gains achieved in March. Continue reading "Gold & Silver: Gold Is Looking For Support As Silver Is Testing Resistance"

Gold & Silver: Gold Was Benched, Silver Is Still In The Game

Aibek Burabayev - Contributor - Metals

We should wait for the market to show us the way by moving the price on the chart with visible changes. I posted the fresh tactical map for both metals 2 weeks ago using the daily time frame. The market is moving within my expectations so far and I decided to post an update using lower time frame charts, which could supplement the picture as no big levels were triggered yet. It would be useful for those who are not yet in the game and are looking for fresh opportunities to enter.

I dedicated the very first chart to the comparison of top metals’ behavior as several times before we witnessed that one top metal signals upcoming changes in the market earlier than the other. Putting them side by side clearly shows the differences in their price behavior, not seen in the separate charts.

Chart 1. Gold Vs Silver 4H: Leader Vs Laggard

Gold vs. Silver Chart
Chart courtesy of

The starting period for the chart above was chosen for the low in gold price established on the 10th of March as silver dropped to a new 5 day low later on the 15th of March. It was the first good signal for silver bugs to keep the metal as gold didn’t confirm that drop. Continue reading "Gold & Silver: Gold Was Benched, Silver Is Still In The Game"

Gold & Silver: Half Is Enough?

Aibek Burabayev - Contributor - Metals

At the end of last month both metals finished the first move up of the second, larger leg breaking below the signal line support mentioned in my last February post. And in my previous post last week I showed you how gold could help silver traders to jump ahead of the crash as silver lagged behind the gold.

Today I am going to update the charts to see what’s going on there. And the first up is the 4-hour gold chart where I would like to share with you a zoomed in picture.

Chart 1. Gold 4-Hour: CD=AB

Gold 4 Hour chart
Chart courtesy of

I do not usually post lower time frame charts, but this time I made an exception to show you another example of both the perfect AB/CD segments’ work and the Fibonacci ratios involved in the complex structure of any move. Besides that, it's also a perfect work of trends. Continue reading "Gold & Silver: Half Is Enough?"

Gold/Silver Ratio: Extended Target Points At $3059 For S&P 500

Aibek Burabayev - Contributor - Metals

Last week, both metals triggered the signal support lines described in my previous post, therefore we are now in another consolidation phase. Let’s be patient and let the market take a pause to see what shall be further. I will update the metals charts in coming posts.

Meantime, let’s refresh the gold/silver ratio chart to see what’s going on there. I prepared three charts for you, which highlight the current snapshot of the metals, the ratio’s updated outlook and the “Risk Appetite” chart for “dessert”. Bon Appetite!

Chart 1. Gold vs Silver 4-Hour: The Strength Of The Chain Is In The Weakest Link

Gold vs Silver 4-Hour
Chart courtesy of

This 4H chart above shows the “moment of crash” of the metals. Gold topped on the 27th of February and then started to shape lower highs with the trajectory of those highs highlighted in black dashed falling trendline. But that wasn’t a case for mighty silver, which has made another two higher closes on the chart ahead of severe drop on Thursday. It couldn’t resist the bearish pressure anymore as gold broke below the 1st of March low on the second day of March. Continue reading "Gold/Silver Ratio: Extended Target Points At $3059 For S&P 500"