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I Ate Turkey, Slipped In Greece, Fell Down and Broke China!

Many of us are concerned about the current bullish trend we have been seeing in the markets. In this guest post, Benjamin Brinneman shows us some great educational strategies to trade equities in this market. If you like what you see, be sure to check out his site C Squared Trading.


The so called tragedy in Greece is the only thing that lately has been pulling the market back for a few hundred points here and there.  Though it seems it may cause catastrophic consequences, this is a huge risk that has been partially priced in. The point with these pullbacks is that they are great opportunities to purchase equities at a good discount and get a nice margin of safety.  The reason for this argument is that the market would really have to have a sell-off session for several weeks in order to really break down the upward bull trend that we are currently in.  No matter what the bears say, they have been losing for months and months! [Read more...]

The Day the Whole World Flashed Red

Today I'd like to introduce Andrew Sizemore and Ben Brinneman from CSquaredTrading.com and reflect on a day that will live in infamy with them...and millions of Americans and traders. They also touch on how the markets changed, and what experts did (and still do) to prosper! Please enjoy the article, reflect where you were the 'world flashed red', and comment with your thoughts on the article.


On any given day when the markets are open for business, if you walk into the office of any professional trader, you will see him seated comfortably at his desk chair, a tall mug of coffee within easy reach, with his eyes riveted unwaveringly and his focus firmly fixed upon the semi-circle of computer monitors spread out before him.  Glancing at those multiple monitors, you will see a proliferation of ever-changing multi-colored streaming charts, a constant flow of real-time financial news from various news-sources, and ten or twelve categories of ever-shifting streaming data on dozens or hundreds of stocks, options, ETFs, indexes or currencies --- thousands upon thousands of constantly-changing numbers, flashing RED GREEN RED GREEN RED GREEN RED GREEN.

[Read more...]

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