Will you be in Vegas this week?

Will you be at the Money Show?

I’ll be posting up in Las Vegas for the next few days to meet and greet my current and prospective advertisers. I’d love to meet you!

The Money Show has always been a nice, relaxing event to sit down and discuss both marketing challenges and opportunities.

If you’ll be in Vegas from May 12th through the 14th, please get in touch with me. It doesn’t matter if we’ve done business together before or you’re new to INO.com, I’d love to buy you a drink!

Here’s to a great trip and extra luck to spread around,

Bob Fladung
Director of Advertising
INO.com, Inc.

Paying For Fake Traffic? Not Here.

Are you getting what you pay for? Imagine that your ad traffic was like a bag of chips. If you opened the bag to find it half empty, you’d feel ripped off.

If you’re buying display or video ads, it’s highly probable that you are buying fake traffic. Yes, bots that won’t actually become loyal to your brand, clicks that are automatically generated, and money spent on conversions that will never happen. An analyst report by Suntrust Robinson Humphreys found that up to 50% of publisher traffic is bot activity. They also found that 11% of display ad views and 23% of all video ad views were from a phony audience. Not too surprising though, more than half of the traffic that is sent from third parties claiming to lift a publishers’ traffic numbers came from bots.

According to a report issued by the Association of National Advertisers, fraudulent ad traffic and clicks will suck $6.3 billion from the industry in 2015.

Expectantly, this phony active also carries over to major social media networks. You may have heard about the great “Instagram Rapture” of 2014. In December, this social media giant purged millions of fake profiles, leaving many celebrities stunned by a dramatic drop in their followers. Instagram removed 29% of its own followers who were flagged as “spammy” accounts.

Fraudulent activity will always be an issue as long if people can make a dollar off quantity, and not quality.

Why should you pay for bogus activity and fraudulent clicks? You shouldn’t!

We, at INO.com, agree with you. You shouldn’t have to take your ad budget and automatically feel like 25% of it will be wasted. Thankfully, we have developed proprietary technology to detect and limit bot traffic across our ad channels.

We are fortunate to have a site where we know our audience very well, and our technology easily identifies visitors that do not follow a standard behavior pattern. Combined with a system that tracks IP addresses to our ad server, we can eliminate 99% of fraudulent traffic.

We also have a monitoring system that watches the INO.com site and actively blocks any requests from low reputation IP networks, browsers that seem to be fraudulent, or addresses with known fraud issues.


Bob Fladung
Director of Advertising
INO.com, Inc.

INO.com Turns 20 Today!

INO.com turns 20 today! It was March 21, 1995, when we hit the web – before Google and before most stock and futures exchanges had their own websites.

Founder, Adam Hewison, originally intended to build traffic and then sell the site. However, realized how powerful a site that connected highly-qualified, active traders to brokers and trading services could be.

Since then, we have continued to provide our clients with phenomenal returns on investment and an exemplary visitor experience.

Thank you for your business and for the trust that you have given us. We will continue to change with the evolution of digital marketing while operating with paramount integrity.


Bob Fladung
Director of Advertising
INO.com, Inc.

Content Building with INO Contributors

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times… “Content Is King.”

These words were first spoken by Bill Gates in 1996, during the internet’s infancy. With only a small percentage of businesses holding an online presence, content, any content for that matter, could generate traffic.

Once Google hit the scene in 1998, it changed the way that consumers and businesses searched for and used information. Although content is still important, relevancy and value are heavily weighted factors when it comes to search engine rankings and overall visitor satisfaction.

Content must be relevant to a search query and provide the visitor with enough information so that they do not feel as if their time was unfairly wasted. By ensuring this high-quality content, a publisher can please the SEO Gods and also foster relationships with prospective customers.

Content creation, good content creation, is not easy. It takes knowledgeable writers time to craft a high-quality piece that truly feeds the interest of an audience. In December 2014, we selected 6 writers to form our INO Contributor Team. These writers and analysts, from all backgrounds, regularly contribute content for their prospective trading area. So far, we have heard great feedback from our Traders Blog visitors and our affiliate marketers alike.

INO.com Contributor Team

Adam Feik – Energies                           Matt Thalman – ETFs

Aibek Burabayev – Metals                    George Yacik – Fed & Interest Rates

William Cikos – Equities                       Lior Alkalay – Forex

These contributors will help drive new traffic to INO.com.

What does that mean for you? It means a fresh pool of potential lead takers for your service/product and unique pageviews for display campaigns.

We are looking to distribute much more content from our INO.com contributors and we know it will ultimately help our advertisers!


Bob Fladung
Director of Advertising
INO.com, Inc.

Financial Industry Cybersecurity Issues for 2015

The financial industry has always been a prime target for cyber terrorists. Why wouldn’t it be? Here is an industry that requires billions of sensitive data points to be passed to and from various people to execute transactions and return informational queries. Keeping this data encrypted and out of the hands of the wrong people is of ultimate importance. 2015 will undoubtedly be full of challenges for those responsible for site security.

Besides being very aware of your company’s cybersecurity risk management abilities, it is also important that your third-party data sources and vendors are following the same cybersecurity best practices. Recognizing third-party risks tops the list of “Top 10 Cybersecurity Trends for Financial Services in 2015,” in an article by ThinkAdvisor.

ThinkAdvisor suggests that companies will rely on third party services to handle “cyber risk mitigation and monitoring.” With all sites relying on cybersecurity specialists to protect their well-being, there will be a minimum security standard certified by an unbiased regulators and not by the sites themselves. This should ease the hesitancy of working with new partners, vendors and other third parties as “security will be built into any product, service, solution or software capability provided by a third party, and will be subject to frequent testing and updates.”

Also on their list of cybersecurity trends and concerns in 2015…

#2 Rise of the “fusion center”
#3 Intense protection of raw data
#4 New targets for hackers
#5 Evolution of cyber crime analysis
#6 Hacktivism infects the Middle East
#7 Developing nations encounter cyber problems
#8 Response preparation improves as a result of cyberwar gaming
#9 Expectation of privacy despite willingness to share data
#10 Increase in cyber insurance premiums

INO.com uses a number of vendors to power our site with quotes and news. We only work with trusted parties that take cybersecurity as seriously as we do. We continuously strive to keep one step ahead of the bad guys and will surpass industry cybersecurity stands to protect our integrity, visitors and vendors and 2015 will be no different!

You may find the above article an interesting read.


Bob Fladung
Director of Advertising
INO.com, Inc.

Test Our Standard Lead-Generation in February

February is that awesome month where life is pretty vibrant in the markets. As traders are ready to make some major moves, so are many advertisers!

Our standard lead-generation program is one of our most popular offerings. It’s a unique way to generate leads for brokers, investment programs and trading services in a way that qualifies the lead and ensures that they are active and willing to communicate with our partners.

Learn about how this powerful program works and contact me to check for available test inventory.

I love getting new clients to try this lead program because they become hooked as soon as they run their ROI numbers! I have the same clients coming back month after month and year after year for leads from our standard lead-generation program.

I hope to hear from you,

Bob Fladung
Director of Advertising
INO.com, Inc.

Let’s Meet! Marketing Summit – February 3rd & 4th

I love meeting my clients face-to-face, but this doesn’t always get to happen. In fact, I’ve probably met only a small percentage of my clients in person. It’s amazing what email, Skype and phone calls can accomplish. But when I actually get to shake hands with someone I’ve done business with, it sure is a pleasure. It’s always nice to place a face with a name!

I am heading down to Orlando, Florida on February 3rd and 4th to attend the Investing Info-Marketing Summit. Will you be there too? I would love to get together for a coffee or a drink.

INO.com‘s Director of External Advertising, Kenny Shay, and I attended the last summit in Vegas. It was phenomenal! This time around, we decided to man our own INO.com booth. We’ll have some great giveaways, so please swing by. This year’s speaker line-up looks even better than the last, so financial publishers and content creators are in for a treat!

So if you’re attending the summit or you are located in the Orlando area, please reach out to me. I’d love to shake your hand and introduce myself or thank you in person for your business.


Bob Fladung
Director of Advertising
INO.com, Inc.

Making The Most of Social Media with a Small Team

The web is such an incredible place. What started as a new and exciting way to distribute information from business to consumer, has now evolved into a free flow of communication between business to consumer, consumer to business, and consumer to consumer. Cultivating positive relationships with customers in this era means successfully utilizing social media. So, the question becomes, can you handle it? If you’re a small company with limited resources, this task may seem daunting, but with the right tools and prioritization, it can be done!

Here are three suggestions to help you manage your brand and social media reputation regardless of your limited manpower.

1) Have Presence Where Presence Is Due!

There are over 200 notable social media networking sites worldwide. Trying to promote and protect your brand on all of these sites would be very difficult and not very efficient. Although there is a possibility that your company will be discussed on some of the lesser-known sites, you should focus your efforts on the big players and those sites that are a close match for your industry type.

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have a combined 3.4 billion registered users. Those four platforms should be on the top of your social media priority list due to their reach alone. Then, you can consider sites with lower site registration volume if they reach your active target audience.

2) Let Tools Do Your Dirty Work

Social media tools can help a small team prepare, execute, and analyze successful campaigns. What may have taken days, can potentially be reduced to mere hours. Instead of teeing up content on multiple social media sites, these tools allow you to sync and schedule messaging on top of consolidating analytics and reputation reports.

Tweetdeck and HootSuite are two popular tools that allow social media managers to create content and schedule distribution. These management tools can perform multiple tasks and keep you organized in one platform.

3) Monitor Your Reputation & Let Your Customers Spread The Word!

It is essential that you know what people are saying about your brand. Is there one customer with a bad experience who is using social media to vent? Maybe reaching out to that individual could help make them happy, clear up any confusion and quiet them. It may be that simple step that makes you look like a social media hero, instead of a total zero.

Especially in today’s connected world, every customer’s voice can be heard and those voices must matter! From a simple “like,” to a comment that shows you care, each touchpoint is an opportunity to build a relationship. If your customers are your biggest fans, they will act as your “street team,” spreading your brand name and praising your products or services. So, by monitoring your reputation and interacting with clients, one single social media manager can create hundreds or thousands of word-of-mouth connections. Social media can present awesome opportunities to show your current customers that you appreciate them and show new customers how amazing you are. It doesn’t take a team of social media managers to create genuine relationships with customers which helps lead to new business.

There is nothing social about a company that stays silent. Thankfully, you don’t need a ton of voices. You shouldn’t have a ton of voices! Just one — a strong company personality that mimics the brand voice. Even small companies can benefit from the social scene with little manpower by following just a few little tips.

Best wishes and merry marketing,

Bob Fladung
Director of Advertising
INO.com, Inc.

January – Perfect Time To Test A Dedicated

Dedicated emails are one of the most well known ad placements. They are in high-demand, as they provide an uninterrupted voice between your company and our audience.

INO.com has a base of 300,000 active traders who look to us for trading resource and information. We take pride in our list hygiene and feel that it ultimately helps the effectivness of our advertiser’s placements. We also take measures to protect those on our list by limiting emails sends and complying

Please reach out to me to learn about any available dedicated email inventory. I think this would be a great time to test our list. I know you’ll be back soon looking to schedule your next email send.

Bob Fladung
Director of Advertising
INO.com, Inc.

Are you ready for 2015?

Happy New Year! I can’t believe 2015 is upon us. This is my 16th year with INO.com and things sure have changed since I entered the world of digital marketing. Things are sure to change this year as well.

Here are a few trends that I think you will see in 2015…

Merging – Social media, marketing, sales and customer service will all be managed together as more companies recognize the importance of a holistic approach.

Personalization – Companies will continue to market to the individual through better customer relationship management practices.

Analytics – Data analysis will continue to be of prime importance to marketing managers. If a position or creative can’t prove results, then justification for continuation may not be there.

INO.com will continue to adapt our offerings and technology to match industry trends and the needs of our clients.

If you have any questions or would like to chat about your 2015 digital marketing goals, please contact me.


Bob Fladung
Director of Advertising
INO.com, Inc.