Dedicated vs. E-Spon. What makes sense for you?

You have a message that you want to market externally. What is the most effective avenue to promote your offer?

If you think email marketing is the best choice, you’ll need to decide whether a dedicated email or an email sponsorship is the optimal way to move forward.

Several factors will help determine the answer. You may want to ask yourself:

Conversion Metric – Are you looking for direct sales, traffic, or leads?

Dedicated Emails

  • May perform better for higher-bar conversions like full contact lead generation or direct sale.
  • Typically performs well for low-bar traffic or lead generation campaigns.
  • Can offer strong exposure for branding campaigns.
  • The publisher should be able to provide a solid average open rate for the particular content piece (opposed to the unknowns of a dedicated open rate).

Email Sponsorships

  • Open rates will vary depending on the subject lines and email client preview of previously dropped creatives.
  • Your ad will be seen by those actively engaged with the email promotion.
  • Distraction-free as you are the only offer.
  • Can drive sales or bring an influx of leads in a relatively short timeframe.

Available Creatives

Dedicated Emails

  • Publisher will typically need a subject line, HTML code, text backup, seed list, and preferred send time (if offered)
  • Specs can vary greatly between publishers.

Email Sponsorships

  • Typically will need less creative lead time.


Dedicated Emails

  • Typically priced on a cost-per-thousand (CPM) basis.
  • The price depends on volume, list volume, and list responsiveness.

Email Sponsorships

  • Priced on a flat rate or cost-per-thousand (CPM) basis.
  • May require minimum send volume.
  • Can be used to test list responsiveness and determine if a dedicated (if to the same data set) will be an effective creative. offers both dedicated emails and email sponsorships to meet the needs of our advertisers with varying budget sizes.

I’d be happy to discuss all of the options available and what placement(s) would work best for specific offers. We should be able to determine the best method by either having a quick phone call or email conversation.

Best wishes and merry marketing, 

Bob Fladung
Director of Advertising, Inc.

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