Improving Deliverability and Optimizing Email Lists

As an email publisher, we have a responsibility to our clients to follow best practices to ensure email deliverability and reduce advertiser budget loss.

While this takes manpower, resources, and does not always add to our bottom line, it’s imperative that we protect those that we do business with, as well as defend the list and database that we have worked so hard to build. If we lose our email integrity, we lose everything. 

To protect and optimize our list, we…

1) Only Send Third-Party Messages To Consenting Individuals 

When we offer a complimentary service or resource, we make it clear that individuals may receive third-party offers if we believe that the user would be interested in them. This permission-based (opt-in) technique builds trust and sets expectations for the relationship with our subscribers. 

2) Employ Proper List Hygiene & Value CAN-SPAM Compliancy

We clean our lists often and filter our inactive subscribers using email provider feedback loops and also monitor abuse complaints.

If we have a subscriber report abuse, we immediately flag them and remove from any and all email subscriptions. This process boosts open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates for our advertisers and internal messages. 

3) Limit Our Monthly Sends & Ensure Quality

In order to maintain user loyalty and interest, we think it’s imperative to provide a proper balance between our valuable content and any third-party messaging. Therefore, we set a strict monthly cap for any external dedicated sends. Although this means passing up revenue, we know it improves results for our advertisers, in turn making them long-term customers. 

4) Maintain Vendor Relationships & Manage Reputation

Our Technical Director, David Maher, has proactively managed email services and has maintained personal contacts with major email providers to keep whitelisting and good reputation a major priority. With that said, boasts long-term consistency with exclusive email server ownership. Reputation is also audited through Return Path Certification and monitoring services. 

What this means for you is high deliverability for your email order.

Unlike many publishers, we do not inflate our list volume by including dead contacts in our list counts. You will get the most out of your ad dollars and a greater return on investment from a reputable publisher!  We are proud of our email integrity and will continue to protect one of our most precious assets through best practices and dedicated proactive management.

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Bob Fladung
Director of Advertising, Inc.