3 thoughts on “10 Golden Trading Rules

  1. Adam, Thanks for the video. These are not new rules, but some of which are difficult to keep. I especially appreciate the sincerity behind your experience. Thanks for the video! Frederick


    Thanks for your comments. You are right the rules are not new, but they happen to be the most important ones in my humble opinion.


  2. I find your (Adam Hewison) comments and analysis very meaningful. Makes me think, see the logic and follow the ideas. The analysis of Google vs Yahoo was quite accurate. The current analysis of Crude oil (possibly going down) is worth noting and will be interesting to see how that plays out. Gold vs crude is another I remember (gold going up, crude going down), and will be worth watching. Today I saw the view with 10 golden Trading Rules, that make a lot of sense, and I plan to practice those (follow some but not all now, and can see the problems, I face often). Could you please make somee comments on QQQQ, AAPL, RIMM? I will very much appreciate that. At least your comment about trends on those with some upside/downside ranges and timing will be very much appreciated. Thanks for sharing your years of experience and history of successes. -Abu


    Thanks for your feedback.

    I will do my best to get some new videos on the QQQQ, AAPL and RIMM.


  3. Adam Have really enjoyed Market Club and the information you give for investors. am interested in trading Gold. Would you trade it with Futures or options. The reason I ask that question is the times I see this market make major one day moves sometimes. [ $20 or $30 ] Thanks again Adam for all your help. Bill


    I am not an options expert. I would probably have to say futures. You might want to think about lowering your risk by deleveraging your futures by diversification or putting up 3 to 4 times the required margin amount per contract.

    Good luck,


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