MarketClub Adds More Horsepower

2007 has been an incredible year in the markets, and we are committed to make MarketClub the premier online service for equities, futures, and foreign exchange traders.

You may have seen our announcement last week about MarketClub's Headlines feature. We have added customized news from Dow Jones and RTT News. Our service matches real-time headlines with your exact trading interests, all part of your subscription to MarketClub. Already off to a big start, Market Headlines is giving users like you an edge in the marketplace.

We have been rapidly expanding our server infrastructure for speed and reliability. Scanning over 230,000 symbols tick by tick, we are able to give you streaming charts and analysis that respond instantly to your request.
As of today, we have a new Smart Scan section. This has always been a favorite of mine, a search engine to find a better trade. Wait until you see this improvement. Search by chart analysis score! Looking for short term rallies, charts ready to break out, or new Giant Footprints? I encourage you to login and try the new scans:

Many members have requested filters to allow scanning by price, volume, or filtering Canadian stocks and mutual funds. We listened. Smart Scan will save you time and provide new opportunities for trading. Look forward to a new video that will show you our tips for using the new Smart Scan.Filters

Here's to your trading success,



David Maher
Technical Director, Partner, Inc.

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  1. I would like to see a little bio on the company,with headquarters location, officers, # of employees, etc. In addition, it would be wonderful to indicate if the stock is optionable.

    Thnx. Smiley. 🙂



    Thanks for writing in! To read more about our company please visit the site below:


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