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"On the Line" Position Update
All trades were entered on May 17th, 2007.
Here's how we are doing one month later.

Three of the our original five positions remain open. Two positions were closed with small losses (see below).

See the original video here that I shot a month ago.

Here's the breakdown on how we are doing so far.

Stock prices as of 3 p.m. Eastern

Long 275 PGH shares at $18.02. Close 6/14 at $18.77
Open Profit $206.25

Short 125 M (FD) shares at $39.07. Close 6/14 at $39.52
Open Loss $56.25
Federated Department Stores, Inc. (FD)(NYSE Arca:FD) today announced that shareholders have approved a change in its corporate name to Macy’s, Inc., effective June 1, 2007. On that date, the company’s shares will begin trading under the ticker symbol “M” on the New York Stock Exchange.
Long 1 August Mini Natural Gas contract at $8.4050.
Stopped out on 5/22 at 8.1700 Loss $587
See how we were stopped out

Short 3 September T.Bond contracts from 110.44. Close 6/14 at 105.90

Open Profit on all three contracts $10,687.50

We used a currency futures contract for accounting purposes
We were long the USD and short GBP cross. 2 contracts from .5063/1.9751. Stopped out on 5/23 at .5058/1.9770 Loss $237.90
See how we were stopped out


Total capital $25,000. Capital in use $19,912.25 for positions. In reserve $5,087.75.

Total gains including open trades
Total loses on open and closed out positions $ 881.65

Net open profit as of the close of business 6/14 $10,012.10

The return on margin capital

The return on total capital

This real time one month demonstration shows how easy it is to pick winners using the MarketClub methodology.

Trading Tip: Always be diversified, be disciplined and always use stops.

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