The 10 Year Bond over 5% ... no surprise for MarketClub members.

The surprise to me is that not everyone saw the move in interest rates coming.

Three weeks ago, May 17 to be exact, we put ourselves on the line and picked two stocks, two futures and one forex market with our "Trade the Triangle" scanning tool.

Here's what happened next.

We quickly got stopped out of two markets for a small loss. That's O.K. small loses are good. It's the big losses that can bury you.

Anyway here are our three remaining profitable positions.

Long PGH = profit
Short FD changed symbol to M = profit
Short September T Bonds = huge profit.

This is what we reported one week later on May 24th.

Here's how we did just one week later.

Check out the date on this movie. It is authentic.

Now watch the original video we made 3 weeks ago.

Still need further proof that our "Trade the Triangles" approach works?

Check out this video
that we made last week and see where September soybeans closed today (6/7/07).


3 thoughts on “The 10 Year Bond over 5% ... no surprise for MarketClub members.

  1. I am very impressed with how well the Trade Triangles have worked, resulting in a huge profit for T Bonds. My question is-did you already suspect that T Bonds were heading down, using fundamental analysis? It is interesting that you took out 3 contracts on what became the biggest winner...which seems to indicate you may have been using more than just the Trade Triangles for your decision. If you are using fundamental analysis, what types of sources do you usually consult? What would be the best place for a beginner to start? Thanks very much for all your help-your website is a great resource!

    Hey Robert,

    I hope your day is going great! When Adam chose the T-bonds for the Live Test he did not use any more knowledge than the triangle signals. And your right they have done phenomenal! If any anything Adam refers to one major motto, "Listen To The Market." Our system uses a process like a neural network that recognizes charting patterns and learns the characteristics of each market. However the scan was the only tool that he truly relied on to take a position.

    We took out 3 contracts because we allocated $5,000 to each market for our test. We bought the maximum amount for the capital we set for each symbol. It is just a coincidence that this symbol has been our huge winner.

    I am glad that you like the site and I hope you will continue to visit us, ask questions, see more tips, and contribute. Best of luck.

  2. Gentlemen, Why donon't you cover stocks traded on INDIA'S stock exchanges (BSE and NSE) Thanks. PT


    That is something we will consider for the future. We have plans to add some international markets. I think that the BSE and NSE would receive a favorable response. Right now we are concentrating on improving the scans and possibly future alerts. If you have any more ideas, or suggest please send them! Best Wishes!

    The MarketClub Team

  3. Hi Adam, I caught the recent short trade on Bonds using the Giant Footprints trading rules for Commodities and am enjoying the big profit of this move. In the weeks before this big move, however, there were a series of losses using the Giant Footprints trading rules in the 2K range that resulted in a 10K draw down. I was wondering if you have any money management rules to help mitigate situations like that, or do we just follow the triangles and count on diversification and discipline to win out in the end? Thanks, Andy


    Hey Andy,

    We suggest that our members ALWAYS use money management and stops! Our members use MarketClub very differently depending on their style of trading, length of their holds, security type, etc., therefore we do not suggest specific rules, or techniques. We do have resources in our trade school from various professional traders. These MP3 seminars with accompanying PDF workbooks cover an array of topics including money management, stops, etc. We only use the triangles for outs, but your own stops and money management are very important and highly suggested. I would check out the video below. Adam has 10- Golden Trading Rules that he suggests to every trader... discipline and diversification are in there, but so is money management and stops. Enjoy!

    Also if you want to study up one some trading techniques check out

    Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions 1-800-538-7424 ext. 112 or [email protected]


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