Freddie Mac NYSE:FRE - MarketClub Video Lesson

Good Tuesday Everyone. I decided to give you my usual Lesson a bit early as it's VERY current...

This morning, at 10AM est, the Freddie Mac team addressed what was a packed conference call to report their earnings for Q3 and project where Freddie Mac will end up...AND I WAS THERE!!

Overall the tone from management was optimistic...but understandable so as shareholders have been clamoring to know how management will fix what the sub-prime mess really made on Freddie Mac. But to shareholders and casual observers alike, they knew the outlook for Q4 was grim.

One presenter noted; "Q4 will be a lot like Q4". Does that mean another 25.00 per share drop? The video analysis will help traders understand the conference call a little better along with explaining how trading with the trends in ANY market can be profitable.

Freddie Mac Video Lesson

3 thoughts on “Freddie Mac NYSE:FRE - MarketClub Video Lesson

  1. Brad Good job with the videos on FRE and Trading a Downward Trending Market. Thanks and keep up the good work


    THANKS!! It takes time to make the videos...and get comfortable, but with good material it makes it easier.


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