Here is your fifth lesson

Good Wednesday to everyone!

Here's your fifth lesson in "The Secrets Of
Professional Floor Traders" mini email course.

Lesson 5 - "Trending with Moving Averages"
presented by Adam Hewison


Moving averages are a simple way to gauge the direction the
tide is flowing in a market. They are not always right, but
they provide a wide variety of possible uses.

One popular way is to use several moving averages
together which allows you to filter your trades. Another
popular use is combining two moving averages in a cross-over
method that gives buy and sell signals.

In this lesson I will share with you everything I know about
moving averages.

Because this lesson contains three charts, it has been
posted here.

Trending with Moving Averages

P.S. You won't want to miss your next lesson, my
favorite charting technique. Lesson 6 is titled
"Point-and-Figure Charts".

P.P.S. This might even be better than Moving averages.

Moving Average Video Example

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