Here's your sixth lesson

Good Wednesday Morning everyone!
I pray everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving...
and BLACK FRIDAY! Do you agree with the term
"Cyber Monday"? I heard a figure like 65% of the
workforce will be losing productivity this past Monday.
I for one was NOT one of them!

Here's your sixth lesson in "The Secrets Of
Professional Floor Traders" mini email course.

Lesson 6 - "Point-and-Figure Charts"
presented by Adam Hewison

This particular technique has been around for over one
hundred years. So you might say it has stood the test
of time. I first saw it used on the floor of The Chicago
Mercantile Exchange by some very successful traders.
Since then I have seen very few other traders using it
despite the fact that it is amazingly accurate.

This is a true gem of a lesson and not to be missed.

Because this lesson contains charts, it has been posted

Point-and-Figure Charts

P.S. Look out for the next lesson - "The RSI Indicator"
This is a powerful indicator that is heavily watched
by the pros.