If you lost the shirt off your back... maybe a MarketClub member will lend you theirs

The 4th quarter was just another nail bitting chapter in the story of “battered U.S. Financial institutions.” Although now international investors are helping to bail the water out of sinking companies like Citigroup and Merill Lynch, many investors lost their shirts with the dive that these companies took through Q4. With NYSE_MER falling 17.32% and NYSE_C dropping 36.1%, MarketClub members managed to profit with possible gains of 12.48% and 24.83% respectively.

World Rides to Wall Street's Rescue

By David Enrich , Robin Sidel and Susanne Craig of the Wall Street Journal

In the latest sign of America's sinking financial fortunes, investors from as far afield as Japan, Korea, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have come to the rescue of Wall Street.

The list of players that agreed yesterday to pump a combined $19.1 billion of capital into Citigroup Inc. and Merrill Lynch & Co. spotlights a dramatic shift in power. After flooding the world with capital that fed both economic growth and excess, battered U.S. financial institutions now are turning to countries and companies that not so long ago were suffering through their own disasters.

Yesterday's infusions follow earlier investments into … Read the rest of the article here

Q4 MarketClub Member Results

Monthly triangle has been red since July 2007

Entry on weekly corresponding red - 10/15/07 @ 45.86
Exit on weekly green - 12/10/07 @34.65

Enter weekly corresponding red - 12/20/07 @ 29.5
Exit close of 4Q - 12-31-07 @ 29.32

2 Trades Up $11.39 /share

*Q4 per share dropped 36%, however MarketClub members used the triangles for a 24% gain

Monthly triangle has been red since February 2007

Entry on weekly corresponding red - 10/17/07 @ 69.91
Exit on weekly green - 11/30/07 @ 61.18

1 Trade Up $ 8.93 /share

*Q4 per share dropped 17.32%, however MarketClub members used the triangles for a 12% gain

These results were generated by using MarketClub's suggested method for reading the "Trade Triangles" for equities. Please see a video on the suggested method here.