26 thoughts on “A Picture of the WORST Trader in the World?

  1. Ben is not a trader. He is a Fireman charged with putting out the gigantic flaming bag of poop handed to him by Alan (Let's have a credit card party!) Greenspan, George (I'm the Decider and I've decided to spend like a drunken sailor!) Bush and the Wall Street (Get yer Toxic debt here!) banks and traders.

  2. terry,you're right on the money.Its no conspiracy,its just part of a painfull restructure.the world would be in a better place when its all said and done.Poor Ben...some has to take the fall.

  3. I don't know anything about Mr. B's trading record but I bet it will probably, if he is a trader, match or exceed
    some of the one's making these derogarty statements.

    As for $100 oil, gasoline is cheaper now than it was 40-50 years ago (based on take home pay) than it was then.

    If drivers would adjust their driving habits along with some other wasteful and lazy ones they would not have so
    much to complain about.

    Thanks for the space.

    Old Arkansas country boy trader.

  4. fitzman doesn't know a conservative from a neo-con --we conservatives were betrayed by NEO-conservatives who thought it would be smart to co-opt the Democrate style of buying votes through massive fiscal give-aways -- we're as ticked off as you are -- but you got he wrong target, baby....

  5. No, he's not the worst trader-
    He (and his support staff) does the best he can just like everyone else trying to understand or predict the economy. As for understanding various markets (currencies, futures, etc.), just about all professional traders who specialize in one specific area have trouble from time to time making consistent profits, so why would you expect Bernanke to truly "understand" a specific market.

    The guy has to live in a grey world where one is basically forced to generate politically driven statements in an effort to calm America. If he spoke honestly, everyone would really freak out. In regards to a statement he once made - have you ever tried to fix a car engine while it's running? Of course you haven't and that's what it can be like trying to manage the economy.

    Jim, I'm with you - everyone should have been long oil and short equities. It's an election year people - take a look at what they typically do and these markets will seem typical. Oh well, I guess I wouldn't make much money if we all followed the same path.

    Nashville, TN

  6. Call me a conspiracy nut but I think everything is going as planned. President Bush and his elite cronnies running the budget and finances are right on track with their goal. Bernake is nothing more than a scape-goat. Volker and Greenspan both seen the handwriting on the wall and left. Bernake is the fall guy for what ever happens. Our leaders and financial wizards are causing the dollar to drop. They also were in bed with the banks and credit companies when they approved mortage loans and offered people more and more credit on their cards when they knew these people couldn't pay.

    I truly believe these elitist running our government want to crash the dollar and the world to move over to using the Euro as the world currency. I also believe they want to create a new currency called the "Amero" and to eliminate our sovereignty as a nation and create a "New World Order" combining Canada, United States and Mexico into a single North American Union.

    These guy are right on track with their plans and the American people are to lazy or stupid to realize the rug is being pulled out from under us and soon it will be to late to turn it around.

    Bernake is not the worse trader in the world. He is the worse lacky, fall-guy in the world.

  7. Bernanke does not understand futures markets either.... As several others have pointed out, Bernanke said something to the effect that because far out futures contracts on oil had lower prices than near term contracts this was evidence that the futures contracts were forecasting lower energy costs. The reality of the situation is that near term oil futures have a higher price than longer term futures (backwardation) because of strong demand and not enough supply. This is evidence of strong demand and of higher future inflation, not lower. In my view, what really makes Bernanke dangerous is his background -- he truly believes in the flawed political and economic institutions that he is responsible for.....

  8. Nothing wrong with $100 oil. You just invested in the wrong sector. I make more money every day it goes up. Hahaha, losers!

  9. I wanted to click -- I could not possibly care any less than I do but you left only the choice that I "could care less." If I could care less then obviously I would care somewhat. Just mark me I couldn't care less.

  10. and another thing: the "federal reserve" is anything but. there is nothing "federal" about it, and as ron paul always points out, there is certainly no "reserve" since we have been off the gold standard since nixon.

    all the federal reserve is is a front for the oligarchies to keep them in control of money supply (and therefore the ever shrinking middle class).

    ron paul asked bernanke what he thought about the falling dollar. bernanke says that's the treasury's job and that he (bernanke) is in charge of growth and inflation. paul asked how can you be in charge of inflation if you are not in charge of the value of the dollar since the drooping dollar leads directly to inflation. bernanke always smirks at ron paul like he's an idiot. perhaps if bernanke actually LISTENED to what paul is saying, he might learn something he aparently didn't learn in his ivory tower. for instance, paul brought up the point (accurately) that oil/barrel priced in GOLD hasnt gone up hardly at it, it is only in US DOLLARS (which are declining at an accelerated pace) where oil/US dollar has gone up. if ben cannot understand this fact, yet he said he's worried about oil prices, what can one conclude about bernanke's ability to lead us through the coming peak oil crisis? answer: he cannot. no wonder paul volker endorsed obama...we need a CHANGE in washington as bush and his republican idiots don't have a friggin clue about economics (why would they, they dont have a clue about anything except ripping off the US treasury for themselves!).

    end rant.
    whew - i feel much better now

  11. oil at $100/barrel isn't what bankrupted the US - it's the hypocritical republicans who have:

    1) ran up huge fiscal deficits with an insane and unfair tax (and spend!) policy
    2) raped the US treasury
    3) watched idly by as S&P, Moodys, and Fitch slapped AAA ratings on junk (and still haven't punished them)
    4) inacted the most insane foreign policy in the history of our country

    the result of this republican BS is a US dollar that has dropped 40% since bush took office.
    the "conservative republicans" are anything but: they are THE most RADICAL group to take control of our country in its entire history. we will be lucky if we do indeed survive after bush's 2 friggin terms.

  12. most american citizens can't afford the gas prices.in fact they put it on there credit card and then credcard isn't paid mortgage is not paid,banks don,t paid prices go up at the grocery store and other places it takes to fuel trucks an so on and son.by the time you have paid bills you have 00000000000000000000000!!!!

  13. Those 55% who think B is the Worst Trader in the World are the same people who are losing their homes.

  14. He is only doing what he is asked to do, which is to keep the economy from tanking completely before the current administration is out of office. After that, Katie bar the door!

  15. Not the worst, He works for the big banks and the Council on Foreign Relations and they must like his performance.

  16. "Oil should not move higher than $100 for the rest of 08." says Ben as it spikes almost 2$. Poor guy. I think I saw his shine turn red.

  17. Benanke is a puppet figure being manuplated by the adminstraion to put as good a picture on conditions in the U.S. as possible. He may or may not be as inept as he appears to be and it really dosen't matter. He will probable drop the interest rate again on the 18th as he is being told to do.
    Our industries being allowed to put plants up in foreign countries and then allowed to bring their products back into this country with little to no penalities on these so-called 'imports' is our biggest problem. We will eventually be a nation with 'NO' real or tangible support base. The only jobs available for the grandchildren of the baby-boomers will be service type.

  18. He said in the summer of 2007 "the subprime problems are contained", he said this weekn "oil at $100 is not a problem" and he also said "we are watching for a spike with regards to inflation".

    I rest my case....

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