I am so humbled ...

We received this comment from Frank who is one of our MarketClub members.

All I can say is thanks for putting in words what we have long known at MarketClub.

I am so humbled by your comments.

Thank you,

Here are Frank's unabridged comment:

I used to be a Cramer fan, until I realized that Cramer could not possibly make me , or anyone else, any money in any market save a secular bull market, and I'm being kind ! To buy, and to back the truck up every time the stock goes down is a surefire way to lose a large amount of money, and I find that it's irresponsible of him to liberally dispense this kind of advice, especially to market novices.

Traders who have been around the block a couple of times, know the importance of keeping the losses small, and letting the profits run until a favorite indicator, which ever-one works for you ,mandates that you end the trade. I have found that Adam and the marketclub trading philosophy is simple and honest, and it works......keep up the good work guys !!!



We appreciate your comment's Frank. We encourage all readers of this blog to post comments on the market.

2 thoughts on “I am so humbled ...

  1. I leave comments, but never get return answers. what's the deal?

    Ariana, my apologies. I have been super busy.


  2. Adam, I've been trading the markets for 30 + years, mostly with mutual funds and more recently with ETFs. It seems like it used to be easier to figure out patterns, but over the last 5 + years had has been increasingly difficult for me to ascertain the trend, or whether the market was side ways. The resulting whipsaws cost me money and stagnated my trading. I now feel like I'm back on track and making money again. Those triangles sure do work and I really like your daily tutorials. I'm grateful for all the tools at Market Club. Regards, Bob Swandby


    Happy you are back on track. I hope MarketClub is providing you with all the tools and information you need.


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