Here's The Gold ALERT I Received In My Email From MarketClub Today

MarketClub Smart Scan Alert for XAUUSDO Price Breakout Above
Gold Spot (FOREX_XAUUSDO) has broken above your preset level of 932.00 and is now trading at 940.22 +28.64 (+3.14%)

XAUUSDO Streaming Chart
XAUUSDO Chart Analysis Details


Last        940.22    Net Change +28.64 (+3.14%)   Score +100

Open        911.58
Day High    946.60
Day Low     910.30
Prev Close  911.58

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20 thoughts on “Here's The Gold ALERT I Received In My Email From MarketClub Today

  1. I have never commented before. Been with Market Club for a couple of years. In response to Will. I use a number of tools including primarily elliot waves. Why not have a simple to use tool to confirm those signals. When I first started trading commodities a few years ago I took 6,000 into almost 60,000 with Gold Options on the move from 500 to 730. I didn't think it was done and didn't take an exit. Very dumb. If I had been using trade triangles.....the exit would have been defined. Each person has to develop their own mechanisms and stick with them

    1. Tom,

      Thanks for taking the time to share your insights with everyone. And thank you for the kind words aboutMarketClub and our Trade Triangle technology.

      All the best,

  2. Adam, great call on gold. I don't trade on the Forex but I got in the GLD EFT, following the triangles of course.

    Adam I trade mostly options and don't stay in long enough to get the stocks assigned to me. My question is, what is the best way to set stoploss for an option. Should I use MA's, support, or a percentage?

    I also am a satisfied Market Club customer. If you take the time to learn to read charts and use the triangles, it works well.

    1. Irish pit bull for,

      Thank you for your feedback. I'm not an expert of options.

      What works for me is a dollar amount. If I lose X. dollars on a trade I'm out. I don't mind going back in to the same market again but I like to be right, pretty much right away.

      I hope this helps you make a decision. And thank you for your kind words about MarketClub


  3. You're a phony, Hewison. Looking to sell people something with pretty arrows. If you really wanted to have credibility, you would post your statements so everyone could see what you're really doing. And do everyone a favor and please stop covering Gold. You have absolutely no idea why one would or should invest in it, and it is traders like yourself that mess things up for the real investors. If you want to trade, go play with Google.

    1. Will,

      Thank you for your feedback. One of the things I love about the market and about the Internet is that anyone can have an opinion. I respect your opinion and I hope you would respect what we're doing to help investors improve their results using our market proven trade triangle technology.

      I wish you all the best.


  4. Is there something wrong with ABX? ABX is trading at same level as when gold was 890. Looks like making pennant. What do u think?


    1. Manish,

      ABX has been quite puzzling and so have many of the other mining stocks that are not following the trend in gold bullion.

      I would just recommend at this point in time to remain patient and let's see how the rest of this month works out for this stock.

      All the best,

  5. Alan:

    So your alert gave you a buy of Gold at 932 Stop.

    Where would you put your stop loss?


    Steve Schoen

    1. Steve,

      I'm going to be using the low of past three days. I will be constantly moving my stops up to protect capital and to lock in some profits.


  6. Dear Adam,

    I'm firts week with Marketclub and tried 2 stocks NVIDIA and Sun Microsystems. Bought them exactly on triangles, but after 2 days I'm 15% lower. It's bad luck, so I hold it. Is there any chance to receive any allert to sell stocks before such a slide like yesterday?

    Is there any place for questions or discussion within Marketclub?

    With regards of gold it's caused by panick and it looks managed up by banks, but there is bearish rising wedge. If it is broken down, we will see hudge correction.

    Thank you in advance for your answer.
    Have a great day,

    1. Lumir,

      I'm pretty sure I answered this before but if I didn't here's what I'm thinking. You are exactly right you took the signals from our Trade Triangle Technology.

      Not every signal is going to be a winning signal that's why it is important to be diversified. With two stocks you have some diversification, but with five you have much more. The stocks you have I would hold onto them for the time being and place stops on those positions.

      All the best,

  7. Hi Adam,

    Now that gold has broken over $932 how would you enter the market. I was waiting for a close over $932 which will most likely happen today, so tomorrow how would you personally go long, would you buy at the open or wait for a pullback, what would be your strategy?

    Thanks for all your wonderful videos.

    Best wishes


    1. David,

      Thanks for your positive feedback, much appreciated.

      Basically t of the gold market is heating new highs because of the fundamental problems the country is now facing. The debasing of the US dollar is going to contribute to the gold market going higher and being repriced.

      I would use any pullback in gold to be a buyer. This market is going to be very volatile and there are going to be wide swings that you have to be prepared to sit through. One of the advantages of working with MarketClub and our Trade Triangle technology is that it gives you the discipline to take the signals when they occur and not try to second guess them.

      All the best,

  8. So What does this mean? Your professional comments On where you think Gold Is going, please,, John

    1. John,

      I'm not sure I understand the question. I have been strong on gold for quite some time and believe the chart patterns and our trade triangles are all indicating high levels for this market.

      Thank you for your comment.

  9. I had an e-mail alert for GOLD at 47.10 and I did'nt receive it until hours later !

    Please help!

    1. Nicholas,

      Thank you for your feedback. One of the key things you can do in trading is place a stop buy, or a stop sell order with your broker.

      As you know the levels you want to activate a trade, you can do this quite easily with most brokers. I strongly recommend that you use this approach as it will give you instant access to a trade that you're watching.

      Hope this helps.


      1. Adam,

        First I want to thank you for getting back to me. I will use stops the next time so i can get executed at the levels I want.


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