12 thoughts on “A Generational Breakthrough For Traders ... Charts That Talk!!

  1. plse disregard query about update
    maximising data and going back to 1 month solved the problem

  2. Please disregard my recent query concerning display of up to date bars.

    I have figured out what needed to be done.

    Thank you,


  3. Adam, Thank you for your prompt solutions. I appreciated your team energetic working attitude. I believe you guys will be successful in the business you doing.
    I was looking for quarterly chart, but it's not yet in the new charting system. If you would consider adding on it, it will be much helpful. Thanks again.


  4. This is so cool. CNN's magic board has nothing on your talking charts. It would be a great learning tool to form my own interpretations and then compare to the talking chart. One request - please continue to have the recent trade triangle and smart scan features with the same great filters.

  5. Adam, these charts are awesome, this web is not just different from the others is the best......Thanks for such a nice service.

  6. I think you guys have come up with a winner here. I trade forex and am waiting for you to show me how your charts will help there.

    1. Thanks! These charts have everything you need for forex trading, and real-time updates as well for the forex markets. Definitely stay tuned for many videos that will feature our new charting services. Dave

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