How high can Apple go?

How high can Apple go?

In this short video, I will take a look at Apple, Inc (NYSE_AAPL). I have to admit I love Apple products. I have an iPhone, an iMac and an iPod touch and several other Mac add-ons.

I have always loved their products, but I tend to be fickle with the stock. Thanks to our "Trade Triangle" technology, I have fallen in love all over again with Apple's stock. I had been looking for this market to move lower based on the economic conditions and the market action, however this proved to be a false indication as Apple has moved to its best levels in quite some time.

I've just finished a new video on Apple, my first video on Apple in a while. Take a look and I'll give you my thoughts and target zones for this very exciting stock.

Here's an ad for Apple and another amazing use for the iPhone.

The world has changed, it is not a buy and hold market anymore. You need to be nimble, trade with a game plan and be disciplined. Those are the key mantras of a successful trader.

As always, this video is with our compliments and there is no need to register to watch.

Enjoy and feel free to comment on our blog.

Adam Hewison

Co-creator, MarketClub

8 thoughts on “How high can Apple go?

  1. Jeff,

    Thanks for your feedback. The world and markets change and you have to change with them. Our videos are educational videos and not advisory. We are not advisors and have never claimed to be.

    We are coming out with our Q1 results on Monday based on our Trade Triangle signals and that record we put up against anyone in the world.

    Best regards,


  2. Don't make predictions, your prediction for last fall was for AAPL to dip to $40.

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    Wasn't it Dick Cheney, who said "Deficits don't matter"? I don't think that's true either,
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  4. Hi Adam,
    very interesting video, however, I realized that while prize is approaching the 32% retracement, volume is decreasing and not supporting the trend. your comment?
    P.S. in your audio comment you use the words "tight money management stops". What do you mean by that? the previous high/low, SAR, etc.? which one is your favorite?

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