Is the S&P 500 running out of gas?

Is the S&P 500 running out of gas?

After a spectacular rally from the lows seen last month, the S&P appears to be running into overhead resistance.

Is this the pause that refreshes, or is this the pause that reverses the market back towards the lows?

I have said for some time that I was not that confident that this rally would continue as our long-term "Trade Triangle" remained in a negative mode. In my new video I outline the key areas that I believe will shape this market in the coming weeks and months.

The video features our "Trade Triangle" technology as well as our Fibonacci tools. I will also remind you of a concept that has been around for a while, but one that you might not be aware of.

No matter what happens, you are going to see some extraordinary markets and some wonderful opportunities to make money in the next 6-9 months.

Some investors may be hoping for the best, but be prepared as we might see another dive.
I highly recommend students of the market to take a few minutes and watch my latest video. Even if you're a seasoned pro you may find what you see interesting and therefore profitable.

As always, my video come is complimentary with no strings attached.

All the best,

Adam Hewison

Co-creator, MarketClub

5 thoughts on “Is the S&P 500 running out of gas?

  1. i am a neewbe called e-trade to put alert on this for inx said they did not have it what did i do wrong ? please help

  2. Nice to have you back Adam, i did view a video on INO.TV of Stan Hartly and he talked about the Fibonacci retracement ratio .786 and said it shows up more than .681 Well if Stan is correct we are at that juncture. If market club members look at the weekly DOW chart for week 1/5 and week 3/2 and use the Fibonacci tool you come out to .786 I expect the some type of pull back to begin next week, as always ADAM thanks to you and Market Club for the HEADS UP.

  3. Hmm.. markets tend to go farther than you think they will and they tend to go down more than you think they should.

    I think this market is going to go farther than it should logically. I could see it going to the 900 mark not based on any spectacular rally information, but just on sentiment that the markets have shown. Popped over the 870 mark today and from the indicators I use.. don't see it going down even next week.. I think we will see a brief run over the 900 mark. The optimisim oozing out of people; even some of these so called brokerage firms; kind of makes me sick. These are the same yahoos that made 300, 400 calls for oil. Even the media is getting in on the action. Will be interesting to see once the optimism bubbles out where it goes....

    I'm also a firm believer that there are still important pieces of news that are being hidden from the public. Goldman's.. 1.8 billion in profit? LOL.... are we back to creative accounting?

  4. Great video! Having a pro demonstrate how to look at chart patterns live as they are unfolding is a fantastic opportunity! I learn so much here.

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