The Zen of Wave Trading

Wave trading...what is it and how do we do it? Most of us know the basics but its often the basics we forget and fail to implement! I've invited Troy Flowers from to bring us back to basics and give us some advanced tips and tricks to really wave trade with success.

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Sometimes too much information is just that. There are always reasons why the market is moving one way or another, or at least lots of theories.  But too many indicators makes traders overlook the obvious of wave trading, which is the most simple form of day trading.

The theory goes...XYZ stock is bullish or bearish, a day trader sees trend momentum building and enters the trade.  The day trader follows the trend for a time and then exits when either one of two things happen.  1. The trend momentum weakens and the skilled day trader calmly and quickly executes an exit as the risk/reward ratio changes (Remember the trend is premise for the trade, so if it weakens so does the traders reason for being in the trade).  2. The stock turns against the trend altogether and the skilled day trader calmly and quickly executes a pre-determined protective stop.

Easy, right?  While this form of day trading is not difficult to learn, it still requires the same kind of discipline as the more refined types of day trading, if not more!  Here are a few tips to help successfully trade momentum waves.

1. Executing your entry and exit requires planning and disciplined execution.  When entering a trade, first determine what your stop will be.  A trailing stop is a good way to take full advantage of trading waves. Continue moving up your protective stop loss as the trade dictates. However, hesitating to pull the trigger can be disastrous.  Having a set stop will be easier to execute. Lastly, trade only with small portions of your capital when trading waves.

2. This type of trading is often compared to surfing.  In surfing, one does not wonder from whence the wave came, only that it is here for riding.  A surfer does not know how long the wave will last or how strong it will be but is determined to ride it as long as possible and then SAFELY exit to catch the next wave. Keeping this calm and emotionally detached attitude will help in executing both exits and stops instead of metaphorically riding the wave too long and getting pummeled.

3. Always use the same indicators to determine when a trade is developing and when to exit.  Inconsistency will ruin a good trading pattern every time.  This is still its own form of science after all!

Troy Flowers

10 thoughts on “The Zen of Wave Trading

  1. I like your emphasis on discipline. Too many people they can beat the trend. This will keep me more focused. Thanks for the post.

  2. I like your emphasis on discipline. Too many people think they can beat the trend. Thanks for the post it will keep me focused.

  3. Good article on fundamentals you guys really know what your talking about. Keep the blogs coming I look forward to reading them.

  4. Always interesting. I do like fundamental investing as well. But, after all, what people are buying, or selling, is pretty fundamental too.

  5. Thanks for the great post, what kind of indicators should be used in day trading?


    1. I find it best to use three indicators. 1. Something Trend following such as moving averages or MACD - What is the underlying trend? A rising tide tends to lift all ships. 2. A 'Range" Indicator re: Bollinger Bands, Keltner Channel - Odds are, the tide will stop at the shore, this will help you plan your entries and exits and lastly a momentum indicator of some sort like Stochastic, RSI etc. - How fast is the tide coming in?

      Hope this helps,


  6. Thanks for this great post! It's always nice to take a step back and focus. I'm happy you found them! The blog I have been a member of the chat room for years and I have to tell you their Sunday seminar's are second to none!

    I first found out about you guys from their Education page the INO TV I'm addicted!

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