I'll Show You With This Video How To Successfully Trade Stocks In 90 Seconds?

Can You Learn How To Trade Stocks Successfully In 90 Seconds?

Adam Hewison, co-creator of MarketClub and former floor trader, will show you how to analyze any stock in 90 seconds flat by using MarketClub's proprietary "Trade Triangle" technology.

When looking at a particular stock, use the monthly "Trade Triangle" to identify the major trend (also possible initial entry). Then use the weekly "Trade Triangles" for timing.

Read more including my personal guarantee.

MarketClub's "Trade Triangle" technology helps traders time markets after a steady trend has been established and only exit after the trend has come to a complete halt.

The "Trade Triangles" are a great timing tool.  Although this video was made 18 months ago, you can check and see how it worked then and how it is working now.  It only takes 90 seconds to sign-up for your 30-day risk free trial!

My personal guarantee.

If you are a member consider this video a quick refresher. If you're not a member, join today and learn how MarketClub and our "Trade Triangle" technology can help you find winners in the stock market.

16 thoughts on “I'll Show You With This Video How To Successfully Trade Stocks In 90 Seconds?

  1. hi there
    this is nit a comment but a question.can your system work for china too.i find it very convinient and i would like to use it for the chinese stocks.i dont know if its, possiable
    thank you

    1. Rashid,

      Thanks for the question, but I'm sorry, as of right now we only cover the US and Canadian markets. We're in talks to add more exchanges as the year goes on, but I'm not sure exactly when China will be covered.

      All our best and thanks for reading the blog!

  2. I just have to comment. Certainly we read here of an angry and probably losing trader in the market place. I am new to market club, but not new to trading; 25 years plus, but have been tracking "the arrows" and find them remarkable. Above all, I find this service's information, the blog, the immediate response to my questions from a Very Busy Adam even more remarkable. This service, at minimum gives me a "pulse" of what is going on. Thank you Adam for what you are trying to do for US day in and day out...

    Best Regards
    Lonn Olson

    ps...The fact that you would post this gentleman's comments speaks volumns of your integrity, honesty and dedication to traders across the board.

  3. Dear Adam:




  4. Adam, just wanted to add my appreciation of Market Club/INO. Too many people got burned in the Crash of 2008 to trust investment gurus
    quite this soon after the debacle. However sympathetic I might be of that point-of-view ( I got burned too ), that doesn't mean traders should paint everyone with the same brush. I'm quite sure Ed has not looked very deeply into MC/I, followed the signals or experienced the educational videos. It's like writing a critical paper in college without reading the book. You think the professor doesn't know? Ed needs to read the book.
    Steve Smith

  5. I'm not a member yet, but I believe If Mr. Hewison was in this solely for the money, surely he would be charging more, a lot more than $50/mo.

    I have a question, Mr. Hewison re. the trade triangles (TT):

    "The "Trade Triangle" algorithm places green and red signals on daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly charts."

    I'm most interested in intra-day trading. Can you do a quick tutorial illustrating how one would use TT on a daily basis?

    I look forward to signing up soon, thank you!


    1. Robby,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      Actually trying the technology right now Robby is designed for swing and position trading. It has not been designed for intra-Day trading.

      Having said that you can use the trade triangle trends and apply those to potentially profitable intra-day trading. What I mean by this is that you can use a uptrend when it applies to our trade triangles and then use a tool like the parabolic SAR for timing on an intra-day basis.

      We will be coming out with some intra-day tools sometime in the future. I cannot give you a date at this time however.

      All the best,

  6. Hi Adam

    I have watched your videos and explored your website for some months now with intrigue!

    I find your approach to be open and honest, but havent yet signed up for a few reasons, which I would appreciate your comments on.

    Firstly, I am an options trader, rather than a stock trader. I have spent a fair amount of money on my education, both in taking courses and in "having the market educate me". I note with the Apple video, you talk about using the monthly trend to enter a market and the weekly to time the entry. How could this work with option trading, where you are in a trade for a week or two at most?

    Next, I am unsure, but dont believe that you can use Market Club to trade the Australian Market. Given that I live in Australia, it is a bit difficult to day trade the American markets (I need to sleep when the US markets are open).

    Lastly, I try and work on the philosphy "give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, feed him for life".

    If I were to sign up to Market Club, does the process ever get past green triangles buy/red triangles sell?

    Thanks - I look forward to hearing from you


  7. Dear Adam,

    Thanks for your Market Club Videos, commentaries, trade signals and other very useful excelent information on this site.!!!!
    I have come to the conclusion that about the best one can expect from any sort of trading system is 85% (time, price, stop and exit) wins, but you can loose a lot of money with an 85% system if you do not use a good a good money management and stop system. Remember that an 85% system has a 15% probability of loss and you can "loose your shirt" on these if you are not careful!!!. The money and stop is very difficult, because you have to customize this to your own person and finances. Know when you should get OUT of a trade when you ENTER a trade. Most of us do not know our Own Person very well. Spend time in prayer on your Own Person, and be honest.

  8. Are you kidding me? Learn to trade in 90 seconds? Should be entitled "Learn to go broke in 90 seconds". Oh wait, they're supposed to buy your software, then look for green shoots.. I mean arrows. This is not investing, people. Go to a casino if you're going to play these games; the odds are much better. Better yet, lets see if Mr. Hewison would be willing to make a full disclosure of his income? I seriously doubt it. I am sure he is paid well to mention and promote certain companies and funds. And I am even more sure he doesn't care if you lose your money - and your shirt.

    1. Ed,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      I'm not sure how much success you have had in the marketplace but the presentation that we made for stocks is a very valid one. You can easily see if it worked or not. The fact is we made the 90 second video over 18 months ago to show how you can improve your trading results using MarketClub's trade triangle technology.

      You can take our Trade Triangle technology from that time 18 months ago. and see how the signals worked out. It's that simple, it's not hocus pocus, Just follow what we say in the 90 second video then look at the results. I am sure that if you do this you will want to rethink and amend your earlier comment.

      You can even take a 30 day risk-free trial to see if you are right or wrong. The choice is yours.

      Take Apple that we use in the 90 second video. Just use the monthly triangles for trend and initial entry. Then use the weekly triangles for exit and entry points. Nothing has changed our approach.

      Now I'm sure you'll agree that nobody knew 18 months ago what was going to happen to the market, just as we don't know what the market is going to do 18 months from now.

      You ask about full disclosure. I think we've disclosed an amazing amount on our website and about myself personally. But here goes, I have done very well in the marketplace. I was a member of several major exchanges both here in the US and abroad, you can read my bio here. http://club.ino.com:80/trading/about-adam-hewison/

      It not running for public office, I'm not holding a gun against anyone's head to buy or become a member of a product that I am very proud of, and I'm not asking anybody to send donations to my favorite political candidate.

      What I am doing, and what I am most proud of is helping thousands of traders find out how markets really work. We have hundreds of testimonies telling us how our program has helped and made money for our members. That is a tremendous satisfaction for myself and my team here at MarketClub. I know our mission and our dedication is to help the individual investor.

      Now, I would like to address your last point. The reason that MarketClub has been successful for our members is because it works. Unlike other services, we don't hide behind e-mails were readily available to our members and we put out a tremendous amount of educational material thats free. All of our educational material is geared to help our users and folks who are new to the markets get a better understanding of how things really work.

      We could have easily deleted your comment from this blog and no one would have known about it. However, that's not the way we work. I'm sure there will be members who will read this and will want to respond with their own thoughts about our companies integrity and about MarketClub in general.

      Ed, I wish you all the best and every success in the markets.

      Adam Hewison

      1. Dear Adam ,I am delighted to see you posting such arrogant lettrs openly.I am infact very proud of you. I my entire life ,to the best of my memory,you are the second person of this sort I have come across.You are really Great.I doubt entire trading and investing industry is going to find a better human being after warren Buffet.And I mean it.

      2. Adam, you have been very helpful to traders all around the world, and your professionalism is highly appreciated. People certainly can express their thoughts freely on the web, but that comment was way out of line. Please don't let it bother you. Best wishes.

    2. Nobody is forcing you to buy anything. Why are you so angry? are you losing in the stock market?
      This is a free country and we are suposed to be capitalist country which means that we value the individual and we love to succeed and make a comfortable living. If Mr. Hewison is making lots of money, good for him and has no obligation to show you anything. We love our privacy in this country.

    3. I am new to marketclub, thought I had responded to this post, but don't see it. I will just restate the obvious. The fact that Adam would post your comments speaks volumns to HIS honesty, integrity and dedication to the marketclub service. I am VERY glad that I have become a member....not new to trading been doing it for 25 years plus and every once in awhile you find a service and a person like Adam who delivers what he offers....I'd say in this service MORE.....
      Thanks for what you do for US
      Lonn Olson

    4. I agree with Ed, despite the crass nature of his email. People traded in the late 90's and got burned. People traded in 2005-2007 and got burned again. Just to be fair, I signed up for a 30 day trial of this program to see how it worked; and tracked a number of different issues including some stocks, some commodities etc. After 30 days I compared the results to a newsletter I get called centsible investor. censtible investor's returns came in quite a bit better than the trade triangles and even more importantly, the tax impact for my retail account was significantly less. Maybe Adam should consider hybridizing his approach a bit? Otherwise, it is a good product.


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