Saturday Success Story - Carlos, Colombia

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Here's great news from a member...

"I have a day job and have been trading forex for a couple of years. After trying different trading systems with poor results and lots of sweat, I found that Trade Triangle technology with a bit of technicals improves my trading results exponentially. Now I just follow my pairs, do my every evening routine: Look for new daily Trade Triangles on the direction of Weekly’s when oscillators are OB/OS and Boom!. Not more than 15 min a day and no whole day screen watching. Now I’ve found this technology to perfectly fit my life and trading style instead of ruining it. As simple as that!" ~ Carlos F., Bogota - Colombia

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12 thoughts on “Saturday Success Story - Carlos, Colombia

  1. Great Idea. I would like to see how others use the Trade Triangle and how they filter for NOISE in the market. Example - I took a LONG trade based on the Trade Triangle for the GBPUSD (+100)and put in a 100 pips stop loss and was still stopped out. I used Fractal Geometry, moving from the Daily to the 4 hr and 15 min for the trigger. Even after lining up all the time frames, Trade Triangle, Stoc (OB/OS), Moving Avg & RSI (Trend Formation), I was still stopped out. I thought I had a good filter, but it did not work out. Being a Swing trader, I look for larger pips TP and may have had my TP too high (Use the Daily Charts for TP) Would like to see what other strategy works with the Trade Triangle. Thanks for setting up the forum Lindsay. Regards, Kar

  2. Many of the above comments/questions illustrate a remark I made awhile back. I think there are lots of us traders who "yearn" for a forum type system where we can all "shop talk" our techniques, indicators, etc. in using the trade triangles.

    Of course, my hunch is that running a forum can be pretty labor intensive....and I can already hear lindsay starting to clear her throat (chuckle...I'm just teasing about lindsay!)

    Still, whenever, and if ever possible, some type of forum might go over pretty well for all of us to talk about how we use various indicators and other techniques with the trade triangles.

    1. Barry... you make me laugh!

      What if I used a post to propose the questions, "What other indicators of techniques do you use with the Trade Triangles?" I can call it Trader Talk and create an open dialog between members. People can reply to each others comments and offer direct tips/suggestions.

      I think that is a way we can utilize our current blog and also share ideas between members and potential members. What do you think? If you like this idea then I can start to work up some questions on Friday. You just have to promise you'll participate.

      Let me know how you feel about this.


      Lindsay Thompson
      Director of New Business Development & MarketClub

  3. It would be interesting if we can also have your success rate. What percentage of trades actually made money.

  4. This is impressive Carlos.

    I am still trying to develop a winning strategy that provides the critical "edge" traders must have to succeed.

    I plan to try your method and/or some variation thereof.

  5. that is not how a colombian spells colombia. there is no u in colombia, m country, nice try.

    1. Joe,

      I am the one who wrote Columbia and you are right, I'm not a Colombian. Carlos sent me this message and I'm the one who attached the country to his name. Consider it my own international naivety.

      I apologize to Carlos and to any other Colombian who caught this.


      Lindsay Thompson
      Director of New Business Development & MarketClub

  6. Dear sir

    i am decided to trade form last much in the demo account and i am always lost money, i have read daily news use technical indicator, but still trade better, is the tri9angle technology use easy or difficult? need how long time for training ?

    1. Dear Lily,

      I think that the Trade Triangle is a very simple indicator to use. When Adam built the indictor, he had simplicity in mind as he believes this should be a key element in the markets.

      Please see this video tutorial (particularly the section on the Trade Triangle). I think you'll agree that it is an easy concept to grasp.


      Lindsay Thompson
      Director of New Business Development & MarketClub

      PS - Questions for members... How long did it take you to understand the Trade Triangle concept; would you agree that it is easy to implement?

  7. Carlos..... Thats great. I have only been with Market Club for about 1 month and really see potential in the product. What are you using as filters? (as you mentioned above) Are you using Oscillators only along with the Trade Triangles? I have been using Stocastics as my filter. What strategy are you using to get optimal success? Are you using Parabolic SAR for Stop loss or the ATR? I am interested to hearing how you are putting this all together. Regards... Kar

    1. Mike,

      I believe Carlos is referring to Over-Bought and Over-Sold conditions.


      Lindsay Thompson
      Director of New Business Development & MarketClub

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