Trader's Blog Contest Winner For May

And the winner is... The winner of the May contest, where we asked “Looking back at President Obama's 100th Day in office... How would you describe his economic policies - Good, Bad, or Ugly?,” is random comment number 62. We had 349 responses, but only 331 eligible comments and everyone was passionate about their responses. We loved it and hoped you enjoyed reading everyone's opinions.  

Congrats… Martins A. of Great Britain

I will be sending your books out today and I will add one complimentary month of MarketClub to your account. Don't forget to enter June’s Contest. We ask our visitors, “GOLD - Up 11% in May... where is the top for this market for 2009.″ Thanks for participating... keep it up cause we love to hear from you.


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2 thoughts on “Trader's Blog Contest Winner For May

  1. I think it wil be north of 1050 given how many trillions of dollars that Obama is throwing at the economy which is in the process of making our dollar worth less that the paper it is printed on. This is sending all the commodity prices-oil,grain and of course gold onward and upward-God help us all

  2. I think it might not exceed the recent high at 993.50.

    Reasons: 1)The global economic recession seems to be bottoming and investors generally may want to diversify their investment for more riskier assets.

    2)Technical indicators are already in overbought regions.Price may hang around this region for a while and then start to retreat.

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