An Alternative to Gold That You May Find Interesting

There is no doubt about it - gold is getting a lot of press and media attention lately. So the question is, is the move in gold over or is it just beginning?

I don't believe the move is over on the upside for gold, but in my new two-minute video I'm going to share with you an alternative to gold that should do just as well for many of the same reasons. This is a big liquid market and has great upside potential and is less volatile than gold.

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All the best,

Adam Hewison
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18 thoughts on “An Alternative to Gold That You May Find Interesting

  1. Jan,

    Trade futures if you want the excitement. The CFDs which I have never traded have nothing backing them. You may as well go to Vegas and roll the dice.

    Not my cup of tea.

    All the best,

  2. I looked in to it and it seems that us and uk citizens may not trade turbo's
    why it is i do not know.

    So maybe you can take a look at trading CFD contract for difference

    you can have leverage up to 20 what I read

    Adam can you shed some light on trading CFD
    pro and con
    what to watch out for and so on
    maybe a video how they work

  3. Hi lowervolts,

    Any trader worth their salt uses money management. So if they were to get taken with shinola, they wouldn't have their account wiped out.

    Happy Investing :o)


  4. Please will like to find out about the price for Gold and how to sell in wholesale?Its really important to me,,,I want to find out how much it sells in china and Australia,,,

  5. Dan de Man, if you wish to invest in *crap* or shinola I care not, I was just attempting to point out the difference. Happy Trading. LOL;)

    ed note: Foul language is not tolerated and will get you banned from commenting. Please respect others and do not resort to cursing to get a point across.

  6. This isn't an investor's blog, it's a trader's blog. We're not here to hold something forever and hope it will go up. We're here to time our entry and exit with a profit.

  7. I'm not sure why my last post didn't post here but I'll try again. I can't stand to see the rampant lying by our government servants in Congress, etc., no more then I can stand bad investment advice to the uninformed. Addressing that note here the legal advice I received was that GLD & SLV were not to be trusted as investment vehicles because the holdings of each were not subject to an audit to verify that they actually held any PMs & that they were most likely worthless paper derivative products of little or no backing or value. I'd suggest you research each on your own to verify before investing a dime in either. There is reported a South African Gold ETF that is audited but I don’t recall the ticker. IMO!

  8. Bot XAU late in terms of your TT triangle. I'm an independent thinker but I'm not stupid! I understand your energy fields now and the breakout is long, so I'm on board. Thanks Adam!

  9. Hello Brenton,

    Gold is nice, but you can also have a look at gold and silver mines. I bought a few and in a week 17,26% on Tri Valley, 15% on Great panther. And I'm also holding some more since beginning this year.

    So if you pick wisely you may hit some winners. I see that Casey or Zeal and aheadoftheherd has nice picks. For Casey and Zeal you have to pay.

    I also see a lot of energy stocks rising, so maybe one of you can dig in to that. Maybe there is also a bull market there? I need someone to confirm this so if you have looked in to this please let me/us know.

    And Adam thanks for all the nice info, videos, ... you make us all better traders

    Dan de man

    you can go to this site for a list of turbos long (sorry it is in dutch, but all the codes are there)

    This is the turbo I bought for platinum
    Platina Turbo Long 1205 1,22 1,26 NL0009255439

    this is the list of turbos short

    Some translation
    goud = gold
    zilver = silver
    platina = platinum

    And don't shoot me if you can not or may not trade turbos. I really don't know that.

    When you want to trade these, I guess you have to look for a European broker like keytrade, binck, alex. Or you can ask around if some American broker offers this. I would like to know which brokers offer this outside Europe.

    And there is also a spread (I think it is called) so when you buy a turbo and you sell it the minute later you have a small loss.

  10. Hey Adam,

    Just wanted to say, I love the free videos, they reinforce what I'm thinking and I do like your trade triangle tech. It seems to work for the most part. I'm by no means a pro trader but I think we've got it right to be bearish on the USD index and bullish on gold at the moment. At least until there's evidence of a bottom/top.

    Keep up the great site.

  11. Wow Jan, I only trade the doubles. What are the symbols for Turbos? Sounds good for swing traders.


  12. Well the turbos are from the royal bank of Scotland.

    I tried to look for an English version of their site

    Here is the definition of turbo and what you can do with it, it has a lot of info

    It is from keytradebank (broker)

    I don't know if you can, or may trade with those Turbos in or from America, so please let me know about that.

    I just replied because I looked at ETFs and have read a few articles about them that I didn't like so much and all the risks. Also I want a bigger leverage then most ETFs have.

    You can see the last trade on my blog (click my name up there), I put a platinum long on it at 1,299$ and now it is trading 1,334$ so with the leverage of 9 I took it is doing a nice profit in 2 days.

    - I use technical analysis (trend lines -very important, fibo), also reading news about what

    - I want to trade and also look at the triangles if the monthly and weekly is green, and then trade till the daily goes red.

    But mostly I'm out a bit sooner. When I have around 20% I start to look if there is some hesitation and when it starts to go down for to long I take my profit. I aim for 10% or more on a trade.

    - I only take around leverage 5 till 9 or else the risk is to big. Mostly leverage 5. Believe me with leverage 20 or more it goes fast when the market goes the other way.

    - also diversify, so with 20.000$ you will do lets say 20 trades of 1000$. and only trade with 2K if you have more money.

    And if you have other stuff that you think is trending nicely please let me know.

  13. I personally don't trade ETFs

    I like to trade with Turbos. You can choose your leverage from 1 to 25. And the bigger the leverage the closer the stop loss is to the current price. So the more riskier.

    I like to take leverage of 5 or 9. So I can get in for a few days or weeks and get out and have a nice profit.

    And you can stay in it for a longer time, mostly ETF's are for the shorter term.

    So when your broker has it, I would suggest also looking at trading Turbos, or Sprinters (is the same from another bank).

    Only downside is, there is a stop loss, and it is already trading for about 5 1/2 hours when the NYSE opens.

    But when you want to follow Gold, silver, bonds, home builders index, the Dow Jones, even stocks like Google, Apple, climbing or declining for months or days a Turbo is perfect for it, so you don't have to get out of your bed early.

    So please read what the risks are from an ETF.

    1. What are turbos and sprinters? How do I find out more about them? do you have a trding plan for them?

  14. SLV is easier to trade than GLD. SLV trends better than GLD. SLV is also only $17.25 a share. A lot of traders don't like shares over $100 because it makes it a little harder to buy whole lots.

    But of course Gold Bullion and the US Dollar are the ones to keep tabs on.

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