New Trend TV Video - Applications of Candlestick Charting

Many investors attempt to incorporate candlestick charting into their trading plans, however few know why this tool has become so popular.

In this complimentary video, "Advanced Applications of Candlestick Charting," authors, software programmers, and co-founders of the International Pacific Trading Company, Gary Wagner & Brad Matheny will walk you through:

-History of candlestick charting
-How to interpret candlesticks
-How to merge Eastern & Western technical analysis together
-How to merge candlestick charts with your current trading plan
-And more...

You'll watch and listen as Wagner explains the importance of using this strategy. He says, in part, "Candlestick patterns are a mathematical formula which illustrate the psychological market sentiment. In other words, as a market reverses, or a market is moving in an up-trend, there are certain traits that can be distilled in terms of mathematical formulas that will reveal some very important information."

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21 thoughts on “New Trend TV Video - Applications of Candlestick Charting

    1. Kal,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      The candlestick charts we use in all our videos are available on MarketClub. You might enjoy a free trial to the service,plus there are more tools that you can use and benefit from. Go to and click on the free trial button.

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  1. I have to sign up everytime I want to continue with the video. I never got the login password. The candle stick video said vol 1. Where are the rest of candle sticks video? Am I reading your insructions wrong?

    1. Virginia,

      Please check your email as I have sent you your password. Let myself or the Support Team know if you have any future issues.


      Lindsay Thompson
      Director of New Business Development & MarketClub

  2. Is there Part 2 for Applications of Candlestick Charting? The video only shows Part 1 and stops when there is a break in the session.

    1. Lawrence,

      There is a 2nd part to the Candlestick Charting series. You can find that in our INO TV Premium service located at this link <>.

      If you have any questions about INO TV or the videos within the service please contact the Support Team at 1-800-538-7424 or email su*****@in*.com.


      Lindsay Thompson
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  3. This vide is faulty.-Only a minute into explaining the candles,the wellcome page returns all over and over again.
    Perhaps a different link,-if possible?
    I signed up but no password yet.

    1. Hi Julius,

      I think you are just having an issue logging-in and I'm not completely sure why. I am sending you an email with your log-in information. I have tested it, so you should be good to go with it.

      Contact the support team if you are in need of anymore help.


      Lindsay Thompson
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    1. Hi Michelle,
      can u tell me where i can see the video " Day Trading Made Simple "
      thank you ,

      1. Hi Al,

        "Day Trading Made Simple" is just another featured video in our complimentary educational platform called Trend TV. Right now the videos we have available are: 1) A trading strategies video by Steve Jobman, 2) Advanced Trading Applications of Candlestick Charting, 3) Day Trading Made Simple, and 4) Strategy Trading Using Next Day Predictive Highs & Lows.

        You can grab a password to Trend TV by visiting -

        Enjoy! Let me know if I can assist with anything else.

        Have a great Weekend!


        Michelle Boswell
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        1. Hi Wayne,

          I located your password and tested you log-in. All seems fine. Please look for an email from me with your log-in information.

          Also, don't hesitate to call our support team if you need anything in the future.


          Lindsay Thompson
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      1. John,

        When you enlarge the screen to max, it does get a little grainy. I think it's great to keep in the small size and really use the audio as the main teacher. It's one of those presentation I like to keep in a separate tab on my browser and then do work around.

        Sorry you found it difficult.

        Have a wonderful Thursday and an even better weekend.


        Lindsay Thompson
        Director of New Business Development & MarketClub

        1. I believe those videos have been taped probably 12/15 years ago. I would say so for the young look Mr Wagner had back then, and manily because of the technology hardware and sreens shown in that video. If this is not right, I apologize for the premature judgement, but that is what it seems to me.

          The vdeio was very impressive though,


          Alex Berkowicz

        2. Alex,

          Thank you for your feedback.

          Good trading ideas are timeless. Many of the videos we have in the INO TV are classics and are extremely valuable in their teaching ability to both novice and seasoned traders.

          All the best,

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