40 thoughts on “Our Take On Global Warming (weekend chuckle)

  1. Cute video. Even the one with the devil’s advocate…..you know, the fire….I was (yawn) impressed. I guess everyone is a ham at heart. Hey, I probably would. I’m sure his book sales will do well though. A nice 4 box variable. I know he says do it yourself, extrapolate, create more variables etc. The conclusion is the same because of the extremes used. What troubles me is extremes are not known, only assumed. No one knows. It’s true the earth is changing, whether by itself or from our influence. If we’re concerned about the planet, let’s do it right. The Waxman-Markey bill won’t help, it could actually make things worse. It’s a government bill. Bills are rarely for the people; it benefits the government and is a revenue generator for the government. It’s an energy tax. People think if we pass this bill, the earth will be healed. Most don’t even know what’s in the bill. Read the Waxman-Markey bill. For instance, you won’t be able to sell your home, unless it is certified as energy efficient. You pay for the upgrades. The more businesses are taxed, the more they’ll outsource overseas. Electricity and gas will increase. Even President Obama admitted "Electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket" under a Cap-and-Trade program (January 2008). Bush used the fear of terrorists to pass legislation. This administration is using fear; fear of climate change, fear of no health care, fear of no jobs and depression to pass legislation. And not for your benefit. Be informed. How much longer are we going to be cowering, fearful sheep?

    P.S. Kudos Robin! Great video. And yes, trade triangles have no bias.

  2. To all those who "worship at the altar" of climate change, and all those who swear it is a hoax / joke / whatever, and all those who are willing to take a rational logical approach to deciding what, if anything at all, to do about it, look at this:


    If you can't agree with this guy's logic, you're simply not a logical thinking person.

  3. I want to make a comment on "climate change." Of course the climate is changing, and one fact sticks out in my mind as being pretty obvious, and nobody ever seems to talk about it; the continents are moving! Don't you think maybe that has an effect on temperatures? How bout the the fact that the sea floor is always changing? To say we're the primary effect on global temperatures is a MASSIVE JOKE. To presume humans have figured out exactly what causes shifts in climate is also a joke.

    The reason I bring this up is simple. For every "fact" produced that supports carbon dioxide (which humans breath out as part of respiration) causes global warming, there is a counter fact. this simple relationship should make it pretty clear that "they" don't have a friggin clue what "they're" talking about.

  4. Even with scandalous, fraudulent data by the IPCC, the government wants to push ahead with legislation; like a magic wand that will heal the planet, as if they have all the answers. We should not be bullied, coerced or intimidated by inaccurate, manipulated data into more government control, restrictions, and of course new taxes ('carbon footprint' fee, green fee, or whatever innocuous term will be used...it's still a tax). We don't have all the answers yet about the environment. It's not about right or left, D or R. It's about common sense.

    "How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think"
    Adolf Hitler

    "Mystical references to society and its programs to help, may warm the hearts of the gullible but what it really means is putting more power in the hands of bureaucrats"
    Thomas Sowell

  5. Wow. What a bunch of name callers and partisan people. If you look up the report on global warming it is signed by an awful lot of scientists. That doesn't mean it is so, but the science they looked at is extremely complicated. In fact, it is so complicated that it is almost incomprehensible to us (that includes me with my electrical engineering degree and mathematics degrees (I am a math prof)). So you end up arguing about something with almost an infinite number of data points kind of like religion has. Slinging insults back and forth is not going to help anyone solve the problem of if and why there is global warming. The only way I can think of is through a public scientific debate. One that would be on TV with lots of scientists and lots of pictures and charts. At least those with open minds might get a better clue as to what is going on.

  6. So anyone who questions the "science" is a right wing nut job? The only side being peddled to the public is the pro-warming side. The Climategate emails show this clearly. They clearly do not want any dissenting views in any of the journals. There are many scientists who disagree with the findings of the IPCC, UN, and the folks at the University of East Altria. Phil Jones was one of the lead "scientists" that was peddling this to the masses, and he has stepped down amidst this massive scam being uncovered. There is never a mention of sun spot activity in the warming and cooling cycles of the earth. The left wing is simply trying to use this as another scam to gain their socio-fascist grip on our society. MSNBC used to have this cute little "Carbon Footprint Calculator" on their website to attempt to pre-condition the masses for the coming carbon taxes. Turns out, this is their ultimate goal, and you will now pay for the air you breathe and the food you eat. Living here is a privilege, you little serf. Now pay your carbon taxes as we see fit for now, and be glad you don't have to pay more. Then we're going to take your money and make the third world green, because you developing countries owe it to them. We're going to help them achieve that, because you privileged serfs have had it too easy. Oh, so you want to have a child, huh? Well that's going to create a huge carbon footprint, too. So you'll pay a larger carbon tax this year, you little global citizen serf. Why? Because the World Bank and IMF say so, that's why! Get it! Welcome to the New "Green" World Order!
    People this is the vision that the elitists have for YOU! Yes, you, personally. It may seem extreme, but being green isn't just about driving a hybrid car and using products that can be recycled. It's about understanding that just being alive certainly does tax Gaia (green world religious term), and you shall give back to the earth to restore it to its once natural beauty. Not only that, serf, but you shall also take care to not overly populate our earth. Doing so is not sustainable, and could harm the future of Gaia.
    Please look all of this up and do your homework on the sinister element behind the crust of the media propaganda, because what is written above is truly at the heart of their evil plans for YOU!

  7. Guys, Jimmy Bruce Higgins here. Look at the facts. DON'T ASK AL GORE!

    Ask ANY weatherman ANYWHERE for the facts.
    Some NON-Weathermen/NON-Scientists claim the weather is cooling since 1995. But Weathermen are not political they just report the facts. Ask ANY weatherman for the FACTS, "Over the last 100 years, when were the hottest 10 years?" You will see that MOST are since 1995. There is no question about that. Those are the facts.

    Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?
    Ask ANY 5th Grader who looks at the recorded images of Glaciers all over the world for the last 25 years, if the Earth is getting hotter or not? After viewing images of Glaciers and Ice Capped mountains disappearing, they will say the Earth is getting warmer and melting the ice. Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

    Were you at the Olympics?
    Ask any Canadian or anyone else who went to the Olympics this year if there was enough snow there and is the climate changing to be warmer than normal? They will answer yes.

    Ask a Polar Bear or Penguin.
    Okay so they can't talk. But anyone with eyes working in their head can see what is happening to the ice at the top and bottom of the Earth.

    Ask a Russian!
    Ask Any one of the countries that claim parts of the Arctic, such as Russia, if the sea ice has melted so much that they can now sail through and start claiming mineral rights to undersea resources that can now be reached because the ice is now thin or GONE!

    Ask Sarah Palin!
    Any Governor or former Governor of Alaska will tell you that the ice roads used to truck goods and supplies through Alaska are melting faster and lasting a shorter amount of time every year now, which is effecting the prices for everything in Alaska.

    Ask a TOURIST!
    Tourists and Scientist are now starting to get trips to Greenland to see the NEW land and melting water rivers that are forming all over Greenland as the ice melts. Where there once was no visible land 5 years ago, there is now new land appearing. Giant rivers of water on top of the Greenland ice and underneath the Greenland ice are raging to the delight of tourists while scientist shake their heads at those that don't believe in Global Warming.

    For the uninformed, the global warming of the oceans makes more water evaporate and saturate the air. With more moisture in the air, when it reaches just about freezing, the moisture still turns to snow. But with much more moisture in the air, guess what there will be much more of in the winter on the ground? Yes. Snow! Correct.

    Then back the the weatherman, the temperature in Washington, DC that got record 38 inches of snow, did not get very cold. It was just cold enough to cause water to freeze, but it was a very warm winter. That extra moisture in the air was from global warming and heating of things like ice caps, glaciers, sea ice, permafrost, lakes, streams, creeks, pools, and puddles. Nature just re-arranged where she kept it.

    Texas lost hundreds of MILLIONS of gallons of moisture needed for crops and livestock last summer due to excessive heat and no rain. Where did that moisture go? Who got all the moisture Texas lost? Washington, DC did. Well some of it at least.

    That heated and lost moisture, instead of helping the economics by watering crops and livestock, caused the loss of MILLIONS of dollars in lost work and sales all along the eastern coast. The shift in water from ground resources in one spot and the heavy snowfall in another caused MILLIONS of dollars in losses. That is just one example that all those who are sticking their heads in the sand need to acknowledge is a fact and happened this last 12 months. That scenario will play out more and more even if temperatures do not rise anymore than they are right now. But that is not the real bad news. That is not the REAL INCONVENIENT TRUTH.

    I, Jimmy Higgins, will leave you with the REAL INCONVENIENT TRUTH. Al Gore lied. Yup. He did. There is NOTHING we can do now to Stop Global Warming. Here is PROOF.

    ASK ANY climatologist, whether they think the increase in temperatures over the last 100 years is human made or not:

    "If Every person on the PLANET, suddenly had unlimited ZERO CARBON energy and never ever burned a single molecule of fossil fuel or generated a single carbon molecule by living and breathing, is the Earth already warm enough to melt the ice in Antarctica and Greenland?"

    Here is the REALLY bad news. ALL climatologists will answer the same thing. YES.

    The Earth is ALREADY warm enough and currently melting the Antarctic and Greenland ice. The Earth does not need to get any warmer than it is right now to melt it to the point of disaster for humanity.

    Oh, by the way, the point of disaster for Republican AND Democrat shareholders is NOT when the water level rises 23 feet from Greenland ice melt or 23 feet rise from West Antarctic ice melt or 46 feet rise from both melting. Nope. The point of disaster for both is when the oceans rise only 1 foot. Yup. Want to know why?

    For each 1 foot of rise, 100 ft of beach is submerged and the oceans come inland 100 feet closer to beachfront property. Once the oceans come 100 feet closer to all the most expensive beachfront property all around the world, the value of the most expensive homes and buildings in the world will start to drop to $0(ZERO).

    Property is valued by what someone will pay for it. Who will want to buy property that just got 100 feet closer to the oceans and will continue to get closer to the ocean? What bank will mortgage property that is getting closer to the ocean over a 20 year period if insurance companies will not insure those properties? What insurance company would look at any beachfront property that is 100 feet closer to the ocean and insure it for a 20 years mortgage without huge increases in premium charges?

    There will come a point when the ice melting in the Antarctic and Greenland cause a rise of only 1 foot in the oceans. That is when the value of the most expensive properties all over the world will start to crash with NOBODY wanting to buy those properties, thereby making their value ZERO. Compare that to what happened when 7% of the sub-prime loans on houses in the USA defaulted but the properties still had value. When the value of the most expensive properties in the world start to go down towards ZERO, what kind of financial problems will that cause the global financial community?

    So, fellow investors and Americans, The REAL bad news is, there is nothing we can do now to STOP Global Warming and the financial disasters that will accompany it. Either the moisture re-arrangement by Mother nature will cause millions in losses each year or the Mother of all Real Estate Bubbles (Beachfront Properties) will burst when the oceans rise only a foot or two. Then of course there will be losses due to flooding, downpours and record snow fall like never seen before as well as crop losses and desertification.

    But you can still make a killing as an investor if you invest in Water Pump manufactures. They will be supplying water pumps to remove water from flooded areas and to move water to waterless draught areas.

    You can also make HUGE returns investing in seawall builders! They will be VERY busy trying to protect the most expensive property in the world.

    Let's not forget Snow Shovel and Snow Truck manufacturers. Mother nature is about the re-arrange her water furniture to the dismay of most humanity. Will you be ready to profit or be caught with your pants down?

    Sorry I had to break the bad news folks.

    Jimmy Higgins

    1. lol, 25 years, 30 years. Who cares what's happened in the last 30 years, or even the last 1000 years. It's less than a blink of an eye in terms of billions of years. Your facts are a joke, because human understanding of the history of this planet are sub-neophyte.

  8. In any discussion on Al Gore and Global Warming you have to wonder why Al and company is pushing so hard. Could it be the money, my DAD always told me to follow the money trail.
    Al left the Whitehouse with about 1 million in assets and now is worth somewhere's about 500 million by preaching that global warming is upon us and pushing his agenda of carbon credits.
    I think maybe Al and Company have much to gain by keeping everyone screaming the sky is falling.

    1. Al versus Bush
      I believe that Al lives in an energy guzzling mansion.
      Bush lives in an energy conscious environment.
      Enough said.

  9. It's amazing how conservatives get irate when a liberal or progressive makes money. Doug seems to have NO problem with the gigantic conflicts of interest Bush and Cheney had with regards to their fossil fuel industry ties. HA!

    Once again, the conservative who cannot argue with actual facts use tenuous, unrelated incident to "prove" a point. Earthquakes proves man doesn't influence force in nature. I guess the DDTs that were halted in the 70s because they threatened the extinction of the Bald Eagle (our national symbol doesn't count. Or the lead that has been banned from gasoline additives and paint because of the detrimental effects on health and the environment. Or the mercury contamination in tuna and widespread contamination freshwater fish [http://yosemite.epa.gov/opa/admpress.nsf/0/62B53C67BC92EF878525766A004B3456]. Or perhaps the gigantic plastic garbage swirl in the Pacific that threatens sea life doesn't count[www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/environment/article6206498.ece]. Or the toxic effects phthalates, a powerful endocrine disrupting additive in plastics has on people and wildlife in distorting animals genitals [www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17468099]. I also assume in your mind, dams don't count as having a mterial effect on the environment, cities and urban sprawl don't count or clear cutting forests don't count when talking about man's effect on the environment.

    The arrogance is in failing to take responsibility in mitigating problems. There is a special arrogance when denying a problem exits while making profits at the detriment of others and blocking solutions.

    Fine Doug, eat a salad grown on mercury and lead contaminated and let your baby drink from plastics filled with phthalates and lead paint from China (Unregulated. Hmmm, isn't nonregulatin the hallmark of the "free market) and move next to a coal-fired plant. Just because you might be fine with that doesn't mean we should all live in your "free-market" filth.

    1. Andy,

      I have a hard time taking someone like you seriously as if anyone disagrees with YOU, that they have to be a right-wing wacko. That's interesting as you have no idea what political affiliation those who disagree with you are. So you are the one that is ranting and raving and not really discussing the scientific facts. It's you that has stated your facts are from the university studies. Where are they getting their funding??? Hmmm, interesting the government maybe?

      Anyway I digress as I really don't care as I didn't vote for GWB nor for McCain, but I'm sure that you will label me a right wing wacko!! Why not get your facts straight as this is the problem with the whole movement, its based upon emotion and the world is going to end if we don't stop this NOW...My opinion on this matter was actually formed back when Carl Sagin was still around when I was in college and I watched him on nightline in 1991 after Saddam set Kuwait on fire. That was terrible and one of the worst environmental disasters in manmade history. Carl said this was going to "destroy" the planet, or change the world as we know it forever... Well, we slowly put all the fires out and there was some pollution that effected the region, but it has been almost 20 years...I'm not sure the world has gone to hell in a hand basket....

      I rambled on to make the point, let's talk science and leave the politics out of all this. There is no one that I know (right or left) that wants to see the environment destroyed, it just seems a little disingenuous to say that if someone disagrees with you that they are the devil (not your words, but definitely your tone). You just lose a lot of credibility and not too many are going to hear you, in fact you really sound like some of those street preachers I've seen on the street, repent or you are going to hell. Let's change the words a little. If you don't stop global warming now, we are all going to hell.....JMHO

  10. Earthquake in Haiti? We caused it, didn't you know, with our "earthquake machine". Just ask Chavez. Besides, we needed to give Clinton something to do.
    P.S. ...good points Doug...

  11. To me science has become more of a religion.. but not in a good way. With GW it's more about your [existing] beliefs than objective science.

    Funny how this is really just a global scam if you look at it objectively. It's all about gov'ts and large multinationals bilking even more $$ out of people.

  12. We all have become so arrogant to believe that man is the greatest influencial force on earth. All anyone needs to do is think about the earthquakes in Haiti and Aregentina or the tsnami's from just a few years ago, or the wild fires that occur yearly in California to understand that at any point in time man can be eradicated by Mother Nature. The most significant climate changes in history ocurred after volcanic eruptions and after asteroid impacts and have nothing to do with man. Any movement whether it be green, blue, black, red, yellow, violet, turquois, or harvest orange is motivated by MONEY!! If it is not than Al Gore should have no issue with returning all money gained from his books, movie or Nobel prize to prove that it is all about the cause.

  13. Yes Andy, science is left wing.

    I had not realized that science has wings but it is true. In the olden days science relied on "The Scientific Method". Those days are gone. Now science is political advocacy.

    Climatology is as much a science as Political Science, Economics or Lesbian Studies. We don't know what the weather was like in the last fifty years let alone what it will be in the next hundred.

  14. 15,000 years ago glaciers extended all the way down to the Ohio river covering all of Canada and a large protion of the northern United States. They began to rapidly retreat at that time. Knowing that it becomes apparent that global warming began well before man was able to have a significant impact. In fact we know that the world at times has been much warmer then it is today and at times much colder WITHOUT man being involved. Many reptilian fossils are found in Wyoming and in the Dakota's where today they could not survive due to the colder climate. Weather (yes, I meant to spell it that way) you believe in man made global warming or not the facts are 1) there were far larger swings in the earth's temperature long before man could influence it and 2.) If you are green or if you are for fossil fuels the accumulation of money IS the core of the argument. If money was not the motivation then Universities would do research for the betterment of man and not for profit, Al Gore would give his books away for free and mothball his private jets, and coal companies would help to find more green fuel sources. Now let us all join hands and sing Kumbaya!

  15. Climate-change deniers will see the folly of their ways if they're under 50 years old. For me, the debate is a bit irrelevant now, anyway. We've already left it too late to act, we're screwed for sure - the only question now is, how many of us survive.

    On a lighter note, the entire premise here makes the classic fundamental mistake of confusing climate and weather. Weather is a changeable phenomena that we all experience, every day. (For Americans, it's that bit of sensation you get between your front door and the car...). Climate is the long-term patterns in rainfall, temperature and so on that no one can see, other than via scientific studies involving ice cores, historical records and so on.

  16. Hey Andy....Lighten up....just a bit! Thanks for your rebuttal. We obviously have a difference of opinion...and that's ok! That's what makes this country the greatest. I hope you, like me, let your voice be heard to federal, state and local politicians. Peace and prosperity to you and your family and may all your trades be green! See ya!

  17. Gee, it took me three times to watch the video and then scroll down to read the comments to finally figure out that you were saying, "AL GORE!" NOW IT MAKES SENSE!! Very Funny!

  18. Hey Adam,

    Your video is only 10 sec long. But you have been able to set off the crazies. YOU GOT THE POWER!!!

    I'm smoking the same organic Andy is smoking. But I think its a fun video. The dog should have a name and credits to go with it.

  19. After Climategate, who would believe in global warming? Oh sorry I forgot... climate change is now the "correct" term! What insane propaganda and lies! The earth has actually been cooling since 1995. Never mind "Mike's Nature Trick" to "hide the decline". That's just scientist "talking shop". Mike's "trick" was to make sure that temps now look warmer than in the medieval period (when the earth was actually very warm). This is all just carbon taxes which are anti freedom. The globalist agenda is already hard wired and the button is ready to be pushed for the huge carbon credit trading scam set up in Chicago. This is all a huge Enron-style scam and let's not push that button! If the globalists try to push these buttons on Americans, the picture will not be pretty. People wake up and smell the Constitution!

  20. IF anyone wants to witness political truth, while simulataneously learning how to trade it, I welcome you to check out my Psychological Financial Fusion ratio (PFF ratio). It's based on fundamental, technical, and political elements.

    Love the technical work you do at MarketClub Adam, and I'm Adam by the way as well.

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    Option trade alerts recently sent out were: $460 calls on BIDU when it was $430 and $120 puts on FSLR when it was at $125.

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    The Psychology of the Call blog,

  21. It's a bear market for stocks and the economy, but we've got a bull market here in common sense! Temps have been cooling since 1995 and after Climategate, who could believe in global warming? Oh sorry! I meant climate change! My God, people. Wake up and smell the Constitution! Carbon taxes are unconstitutional and anti-freedom. Not to mention the carbon credit trading scheme in Chicago is modeling by the architects of the Enron trading scam. Global warming is a scam, and it has been uncovered.

  22. Al Gore does not require that independent thinkers be ridiculed or slandered. That is slandering Al Gore.
    Anyway, back to the post, it is very funny. Nevertheless, it is also okay to note that some investors do view money over people. I don't know about you, but I just can't own any tobacco stocks. Cramer keeps telling people to buy them, but my conscience will not let me make money by investing in companies that go into under developed nations to hook everyone on Tobacco.

  23. Barry is a perfect example of the right-wing, conservative mind-set, Loves technology unless it's green. Apparently has NO problem when it comes to ram-rodding schemes conservatives love, like invading countries based on lies, no-bid contracts to cronies—which has cost a trillion+ and counting; Constitution-subverting legislation like the Patriot Act, or the financial deregulation that led to the brink of financial catastrophe has also has the country in the trillions of dollars. Apparently, that was ALL responsible to him.

    Barry claims not "trying to start an enviro-political" and does. This is another example of conservative say one thing do another reflex.

    I love how it would be "irresponsible" to pass hasty legislation—that would improve the health and well-being of the would and its inhabitants. HA!

    Corruption bias of IPCC? You conveniently ignore the REAL corruption on the part of the energy industry, yet point a finger of guilt at academics—who ACTUALLY STUDY this stuff and do not have a vested financial interest in scientific results, and have a bone fide gripe at how the right-wing manipulates, distorts, and suppress their findings.

    It is a universally accepted fact that man DOES impact global warming, NOT that it is the SOLE cause. Another common (intentional by some, out of ignorance by others) conservative distortion. This HAS been studied at length, there is a conclusion, if you care of bother to actually look it up. This country's own studies by the Dept of Energy (surly a leftist plot) acknowledges the man's contribution to global warming.

    "A by-product of burning fossil fuels is carbon dioxide, perhaps the greatest contributor to global warming. This warming trend is evident in continuing changes in local and regional climates all over the world. PV systems do not cause emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases, so using PV energy helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and thus mitigate global warming." www1.eere.energy.gov/solar/global_warming.html

    The US Pentagon has even stated, "Climate change over the next 20 years could result in a global catastrophe costing millions of lives in wars and natural disasters." This was in 2004 under Bush. This is hardly a leftist organization. Read a news article yourself, for a change instead of listening to RustyLimpballs and O'Really:

    If global warming is a hoax, why is nearly every nation in proximity, already plotting shipping routes across the Arctic Ocean?

    How about your supposed "If we went green, full steam, it will still take a century to overtake oil and oil based products". A century? Where do you get your "facts? And, "Plus, experts agree that green technology won't come close to providing the jobs and revenue the oil industry does." What "experts" say this other than fossil fuel insiders?
    "Much of the technology like turbine construction and photo voltaic cells can, and will be, outsourced and made overseas." Apparently you are A-OK with sacrificing American jobs at the expense of Corporate CEO's pockets. You are a treasure trove of right-wing philosophy.

    1. Andy,

      You know, none of us were pointing fingers at you, putting labels on you, or judging your philosophies; however, since you continue to run your fingers insistently, perhaps you could chew on this:

      1. You can spew all you want about facts about global warming, but until the planet actually gets warmer, your facts back-up an empty theorem.

      2. It seems very arrogant of you to claim that you care about the planet getting warmer, or that you care about the planet at all, when in fact what you really care about is yourself. The planet has been here for what, 4.5 billion years, and we've been here for maybe 150,000? Let me tell you something, the planet is going to be here long after humans are extinct, and it will regenerate anew, just like it has for billions of years.

      3. For every study on climate you have referenced, there are 10 that rebuke it, and for each of those 10 more that counter there points. The facts are, we don't really have any idea how all of this stuff works.

      4. In the 70's, the environmentalists were trying to scare everyone into believing the next ice age was upon us, as the planet was cooling. Fascinating, cooling in the 70's, warming in 2010; I wonder what they'll think of next to try a steal more of your liberty huh?

      5. Have you actually read the actual contents of the health bill you claim to love, or are you just accepting what "they" tell you is in it?

  24. Thanks for the funny video.

    Be careful joking about Global Warming. Al Gore is the pope of this new religion that requires that all independent thinkers be ridiculed and slandered.

    Despite all their rhetoric, Al and company can't explain why global temperatures have been declining for a decade while CO2 has continued to increase. I guess their motto is "Don't confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up."

  25. Hey, did you all build an INO snowman? Thanks for injecting a little smile and laughter. And Adam...England is it? You almost sound like a New Englander but I wasn't sure! Recent member, but I've been following your site for about a year (it's about time huh?). Keep up the great work, you and your staff.

  26. Adam, funny video!
    I'm not trying to start an enviro-political discussion here. Technology is great, electronics, transportation, etc. But the environment is such a huge question mark and the earth such a complex organism, that it's absurd to believe that a group of so called experts can 'predict' where the planet is heading. To hastily pass legislation that can impact all nations and cost trillions of dollars is irresponsible. The recent corruption and bias of the IPCC to influence legislation is an example. Some scientists propose we are in a warming cycle that's natural and there's nothing we can do. Others propose that we are actually headed into a cooling cycle. We need time to collect and analyze data, develop better models. For now, oil is so ingrained in world wide economics that it cannot be ignored. If we went green, full steam, it will still take a century to overtake oil and oil based products. Plus, experts agree that green technology won't come close to providing the jobs and revenue the oil industry does. Much of the technology like turbine construction and photo voltaic cells can, and will be, outsourced and made overseas. I might add that we are exposed to many carcinogens from other sources besides oil, and newer technology is making oil production, distribution and burning, as well as coal, safer for the environment and people. It's an issue yes. The solutions aren't easy, oil will go eventually, but for now, it's the best we have. P.S. It's not right wing crap, it's right thinking.

  27. If Socionomics is at all correct, then that vitriolic reaction to your innocuous and funny weekend chuckle means that the market is heading lower!
    Keeping it light, snowy and fluffy!

  28. Andy,

    It's a joke. It's meant to be funny. If we can't laugh at ourselves then who can we laugh at.

    As for coal, I come from Newcastle-upon-Tyne the home of coal in England. Coal is a dirty fossil fuel. No two ways about it. I had several of my uncles have black lung disease from working in the coal mines.

    The point of the short video clip was to show how weather patterns can and do change. It was not a political statement

    All the best,

  29. Do fat people mean there's no such thing as hunger?

    It never ceases to amaze me how many people who are "investors" regurgitate the same right-wing cr*p.

    You love science when it produces lucrative technology, but despise science when you "think" its interpretation means there might be government regulation that might hurt profits.

    It's always profit before people for you guys isn't it? Doesn't even matter that you support obsolete fossil fuel technology that should go the way of the telegraph or manual typewriter.

    Green technology CAN make you money, and unlike the coal industry will not spread Poisons like Arsenic and Mercury around the planet in addition to the greenhouse gasses. That's right, coal-fired plants are the biggest source of these deadly poisons. But it's up to individuals to pay for the extra related health costs from exposure. God forbid regulation of poison, or worse affordable health care.

    1. HAHAHAHAH,just because we don't buy when you hear on MSLSD doesn't make us right wingers.

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