Add a little more "green" to your portfolio

What better day to add a little more "green" to your portfolio than Earth Day? Today we've asked Tate Dwinnell from Green Stocks Central to let us in on a few top "green" bullish stocks and then analyzed them with our "Trade Triangle" technology:

+75 STRI - STR Holdings - Solar Energy
+75 JASO - JA Solar Holdings - Solar Energy Products
+75 EMKR - Emcore - Solar & Fiber Optic Energy Conversion

These markets may be in some near-term weakness, but are still in a long-term upward trend with intermediate and longer-term trends pointing to a bull market, but short-term and intraday term and point to a bearish movement.

+90 PWER - Power-One - Power Conversion Management

Positive in long-term. Look for this market to remain firm. Strong Uptrend with money management stops. A triangle indicates the presence of a very strong trend that is being driven by strong forces and insiders

+100 POWR - PowerSecure - Energy & Smart Grid Solutions

Strong uptrend is in place and this market will likely remain in a long-term positive direction.

Tate also shared a few he believes are bottoming and broken:


If you're a MarketClub member, you can analyze or add these to your portfolio to find out more, but if not, take advantage of our free Trend Analysis tool by clicking on any of the symbols above.

Did we leave any big movers out of our list? Let us know in our comments section or tell us about your "green" trades. Also, if you want to find out more about these and other green stocks, visit Green Stocks

6 thoughts on “Add a little more "green" to your portfolio

  1. CLNE made a nice move yesterday with a bit of volume, getting back above the 50 day moving average. The Jan highs look like a strong level of support, so if I could kindly remove that from the broken list 🙂 RE: Itron, I do like this company very much and got in on a move off the 200 day moving average. It still has good momentum, I've just been concerned about some recent distribution and lack of buy volume and recently took the profit. Just looks a bit tired up here right now.

  2. Thank you for the annalisis of apple. I made a cool 1 hundred bucks from the blog that you gave on apple. I haven't made much money in this market, and appreciate it when I do.

  3. Let me also add Itron - ITRI, and pay close attention to Chinese manufacturer (and recipient of substantial Buffet investment) BYDDF. You can find info on both of these on the web. Not trying to pump the stocks, just that they are two solid, growing "green" tech companies.

  4. One of my few swing trades right now, CLNE. In T. Boone we trust. If we make a shift to natural gas for autos this is one of the best positions to be in, in my opinion.

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