Gold Alert: "Trade Triangles" signal an exit at $1,150.30

Our short-term Daily "Trade Triangles" signaled an exit today at $1,150. 30. For short-term traders, we are now on the sidelines after taking a $17 profit out of this market. We are looking to re-enter this market from the long side when a new green Daily "Trade Triangle" kicks in.

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37 thoughts on “Gold Alert: "Trade Triangles" signal an exit at $1,150.30

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  2. hiiiiiiii

    We got good idea for which direction to trade. Right now all the retail traders are bullish in Gold. It is going down, probably top is in.


  3. HI Adam,

    I did not receive a feedback from your behalf on my previous question regarding Gold relation and corrolation with USD/CAD.

    Looking forward.


  4. My statement is what make ADAM and his BLACK BOX the AUTHORITY to make statements such as the one he has for this thread?

    Adam, YOU ARE WRONG!

  5. Adam,

    try to reflect on some fundamentals too! technicals are not good enough!

    why don't you give some coverage on US dollar or JPY or sterling???

    Come on, do it right!!

    You owe it to yourself dude!

  6. Please Give Me A Tip. I Have Sold 5 Lots Of Gold average 1125$ Now Its Unfavoring Me 17000$ What Will I Do I Have Power To Control It Till 1200$. Any Opinion Please Email Me.. Am Waiting.

  7. Adam, keep trying. We're going up here and hugely. You are trying to scalp a dollar here and a dollar there when this market is parabolic and is about to catch up to its curve.

  8. Thanks for posting your comments. I got good idea which direction to trade. Right now all the retail traders are bullish in Gold. It is going down, probably top is in. Dollar is going to start third wave up. JPY has already started long term bear market 2-5 years.

    1. Gajendra,

      If you have noticed in the last few days, gold is now trading by itself. It traded up when the dollar went up, and traded up when the dollar went down as well. Some small, sudden $5-10 corrections were seen only when a sudden spike in USDX happened.

      Silver is even firmer, totally oblivious of gold and dollar movement.

      What gives?

      I think the USDX might break down below 80 tomorrow. Today's low was 80.03.


  9. Hi Adam,
    You expect Gold to make new all time highs next year. Does it mean that USD will continue to decline, getting cheaper?? Because looking on charts Gold and compare it with USD/CAD they are mooving opposite ways around 90% of time(GOLD corrolated with USD/CAD). If you assume Gold will make highs next year, does in mean that USD/CAD has potential to go lower 0.9056 which was monthly low in 2007/11/01?

    Looking forward,

    1. Iho,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Two different markets. I tend not to put too much trust in markets that sometimes correlate and often times do not.

      All the best,

      1. hi adam,

        Please post your views and videos on s&p and dow,how are they looking.

        regards, \

  10. Liam says that it could make a double top, but my bet is that it has formed a reverse head and shoulders and ready to assault the previous all time high.

    Also it would be nice to see some charts for "Gold or Silver vs S&P", "Gold or Silver vs NASDAQ" and "Gold or Silver vs DOW". I think the time is right for the fundamentals to be the driving force behind the market and not just the over bought technicals.

    How can a US market have no correction for over one year? When artificial then anything and everything is possible.


  11. A lot of people are talking gold down. But under your own eyes, and I can see it live in my account, gold mines are climbing steadily. So because a lot of gold mines are beating down so hard in 2008 there are a lot of bargains that can be bought.

    So in my opinion till further notice I find gold mines and gold a good investment. I issued my own alert at 1105 for gold, and it was spot on.

    So when gold stay above 1000$ that is good news for the gold bull run for the next few years.

    Also Adam, do not forget Platinum. I trade a lot on that and that has climbed since I bought 200$. So for my liking I prefer platinum over gold when I have to take a trade.

    It is less tricky to trade.

    You can read the article here:

    and the trade is still running!

    I learned a lot from marketclub and if I can help I give information back to other traders!

    Please take a look at our free site, we write a lot about gold, silver and also gold and silver mines. All free and good advice from traders for traders.

  12. I think gold has more chance to go upside, instead of down side, in short term.

  13. Adam,

    can't win it all, so please be a good loser too.
    Amazing how mediums like yours ban posts like mine. How sad!

    I am not going to extend my subscription and I will post this all over the net just to show you that your business only as good as how you represent yourself.

    It is not all about money my friend and best of luck to you!

    And by the way next time your organization charges my credit card even after I requested an end to m subscription I will take legal action and this is no joke.


    1. Bruce,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      I had my staff check to see if you are a member of MarketClub and if we have ever charged a credit card of yours. Turns out that neither one one of these claims are true.

      I am not sure why you are making these unfounded accusations against me and our company. But that is something that you have to live with.

      No one is forcing you to stay on this blog or do business with our company so I am not sure what your problem is. I wish you all the best.


  14. Adam,

    Thanks for the alert. One question though - isn't this contrarty to the red weekly triangle for the DX index given on a couple of days ago.

    Warm regards,

    1. Sham,

      All the trade triangle signals are independent of one another and should not be viewed as an adjunct to one another.

      All the best,

  15. I expect gold to make new highs before summer and at least 1500 by the end of the year.

  16. Any comments on the recent CFTC hearings regarding the manipulation of the precious metals markets and all the hoopla surrounding it?

  17. Adam,
    I'd say that Gold will make another all time high in the next two weeks.
    By the way you said exit at 1150, it is now trading at 1156?????


    1. bruce and i are on the same page. only fools trade. wise
      men buy value and hold for the long term. we bought gold
      at $300 ten years ago. gold and silver are the only real
      money (read the Constitution), and silver is actually four time
      better than gold. silver will return to the historical 15 to 1 ratio from the current 63 to 1 ratio. gold is $1160 8:00 Am on the 14th.

  18. Gold has been very volatile, and it's understandable that it was stopped out on some traders exercising caution. But oddly enough, our short-term Alpha forecasts suggest there is a very good chance gold and metal shares (CDNX and HUI) are going to make a HUGE rise over the next day or so then drop strongly at week's end, and then rise early next week!

    This scenario is more likely now that Intel has blown away estimates in AH trading, meaning the market should rally tomorrow, and metals, which have been tracking the markets for large stretches, should move higher as well.

    Watch the CDNX or Canadian Venture Exchange - as that index of small resource exploration stocks is likely to make a very big move over the next couple of days! Silver and silver stocks, too.

    This whole forecast should be confirmed if gold trades in the green by market open tomorrow.

    Anyone is welcome to stop by our blog or visit us on Twitter for more current thoughts during the rest of the week!

    Nicholas Winton,

  19. Adam,
    can you tell me the effect of fed exit policy and interest rate hike in 2nd quarter. I guess this will be negative for the metals and we can see 1000 $ price level.
    Pankaj Mehta

  20. I was disappointed in the sell signal for Hunnington Bankshares. I agree with the gold sell but not with the banks. I do wish the signal had been sent out directly vis email before the USB downgrade occured.... or was the trade triangle sell signal because of the USB downgrade?

    1. John,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      All the Trade Triangle signals are independent of external news or factors.

      All the best,

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