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  1. The last time I received an alart for S&P 500 going short @1110, and now going long @1132? What's wrong with the trade triangle?

  2. S&P 500 looks about to break out on the weekly chart today, above the weekly high in the first week of August at 1121.64. There's resistance on the chart at the January highs, 1145-1150, about 2% higher than where we are right now. I also see weekly resistance around 1126 and 1136, then of course around 1200 and 200-wk avg (currently 1201.50). Headwinds ahead, but a monthly green trade triangle is interesting. It would certainly be easier to invest without the Fed's manipulations and our economy would likely be in much better shape.

  3. On the 26 Aug, here : http://broadcast.ino.com/education/sp500826/ we are explained the S&P is going to fall because of engulfing pattern, weekly triangle turning red in line with monthly and daily and so on.
    Since then, the S&P hasn't stop getting higher, quite the opposite in fact of the analysis.
    So as it goes up, the monthly triangle finally fires green light.
    A bit embarrassing all this, I wonder if selling ..........

    All the best

  4. I love the idea of the perfect portflio, but it takes some guts to trade. Seems like the 109 area would have been the time when it crossed to 50 day sma. Now it's at the top of the Bolinger Band, and the last few times it was there it went down. I'm thinking if it can close above 114 then it's a clear break above recent history.

  5. No, Linda, not if its the Fed buying and volume remains light. I'm no expert on this at all, but it seems to that market manipulation buying on the part of the Fed is too short lived to engage. But, I'll stand by for a more experienced commenter.

  6. I understand that this alert is being put forth in the context of the "Perfect Portfolio," so, understand my comments are not meant to question the sound thinking of the "Perfect Portfolio" approach.....

    The problem I have with this green triangle is that the S&P has now hit hard resistance at around the 1122-1127 area three times since June and I do not see any fundamentals that would support a break above this line of resistance at this time. There is a small run-up after the 9-point drop yesterday, but nothing convincing. I have little doubt that the FED is back to it's manipulating games, but they are running out of bullets....maybe they keep the beast breathing through the elections, but eventually, I see this thing dropping below 1000 by year's end. True, if they can push it past 1130, then the CNBC pawns will start declaring a bull run and maybe the mob will keep it going up.

    Who knows? This thing has been kept afloat for a long time by behind-the-scenes voodoo for quite a while now...sometimes I wonder why I even bother.

  7. May be well circulated, not sure; but rumor is the FED are buying stocks today. Do you guys agree if 1130 is hit on S&p IT IS TME TO GET LONG?????

    1. Lynn,

      Yes, we are talking about the S&P 500 ETF (SPY). Our data provider lists them under the Pacific Exchange (PACF) in our data feed.


      Jeremy Lutz
      Head of Technical Support
      MarketClub and INO.com

  8. It's the SPY traded on the Pacific exchange. Not sure why they (INO) do that over just the normal SPY.

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