Trader's Whiteboard: Lesson 1

As Adam says, the markets are only going to do one of three things: go up, go down, or move sideways and it’s really that simple.

At MarketClub, we like to show you how you can take such a seemingly complicated task like trading and utilize simple principles to make it more accessible and – more importantly – more profitable.

We invite you to visit (or re-visit) our 8-part Trader’s Blog Whiteboard Series to brush-up or learn something new from Adam’s many years as a market expert and apply it to your own trading.

There is no need to register to watch this series and please feel free to share with friends and fellow traders, so get started today.


The MarketClub Team

6 thoughts on “Trader's Whiteboard: Lesson 1

  1. trends are just that. nothing is always. if it were we would all be rich! but this is a good start. as was said trends are a function of human nature(behavior) so if you follow the crowd at the top and buy you will get burned!

  2. When is a new update coming with additional features? I've been aa member as of this past year and have recommended several features that would really help in trading and, like trending the score to understand if a stock is moving up in score to 100 or down. Just the current score and triangles alone does not tell me enough.

    1. Jim,

      Thanks for your feedback. We are working on new features for MarketClub which I am sure you will benefit from. We are hoping to roll these out soon. I am hesitant to give you an exact date as sometimes there are growth and technical challenges to take into consideration.

      Please be patient as you will like what you see.


  3. Makes me mad when we get oversimplified stuff like this. When is a breakout a breakout? how high is that horizontal line? How do you avoid getting caught in the consolidation ups and downs? What about coming out of consolidation where trade triangles are saying don't buy but it keeps going up and when the triangles are all aligned for buy, it goes down?

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