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  1. I am new to this & would like to learn; Where do i find Trader"s Whiteboard Lesson#1???thank you.

    1. WM Grist,

      The Trade Triangle signals are produced by a triggering of our proprietary algorithm. The RED and GREEN triangles signify changes in trend on a monthly, weekly and daily level. The triangles are produced for all 230,000 symbols we track. Once the triangles are produced, they are never removed and are able to be backtested according to your own unique trading style.

      MarketClub suggests a filtering approach when following the Trade Triangle signals. The filtering approach differs between security types and trading style.
      The Trade Triangle algorithm is comprised of weighted factors that include, but are not limited to price change, percentage change, moving averages, and new highs/lows.
      GREEN triangles suggest positive trends.

      RED triangles suggest negative trends.

      Note: The triangles will always be produced regardless of trend strength. The triangles should be used when you have a significant trend strength. You can use the Trend Analysis Score or other technical analysis studies to ensure the trend strength is appropriate for trading. For example, if a market is in a sideways motion, the triangles will still be produced even though you may want to be on the sidelines for that particular market.
      MarketClub Help: The Videos


      Jeremy Lutz
      Head of Technical Support
      MarketClub and INO.com

  2. These secular bull markets in commodities last about 15 to 20 years. We are about half way into this gold bull market and the best price increases lie ahead. There will be sharp corrections along the way and we are probably close to experiencing one now, but buying into these corrections will probably be very profitable. Don't chase the market, buy the dips and sell the rips. MC trade signals provide very good entry and exit points greatly reducing risk. Good luck.

  3. Hi Sarkar
    Your track record is extremely good (awesome!), and given that you have doubled your money (return on investment employed),IN TWO MONTHS is fantastic!!!. These results in your trading activities are enviable to most traders out there.

    I would state that you do not need to go down to lower times frames, as I personally think that this could bring about you actually losing money, as most guys in this business lose money intraday trading. They are too impatient and want to trade at every given moment, and, unless you have been trained in this kind of environment, I would stick to what you do best, do the longer time frames (You are MAKING money, remember!). It's not how many times you trade, but, the QUALITY of your trades that count.
    Sometimes LESS is MORE. To me, you are bound for greater success in the trading world, as you have grasped the concept of good money management and a good business sense, which most traders have trouble coming to terms with, and thus, which is why most traders don't make any money, and usually blow their accounts within six months, never to return.
    Adam and the guys are a good honest group of people that you don't come across very often, giving an extremely professional and accurate service to the trading community, adding to your trading arsenal.
    I wish you all the very best in your career and hope to hear from you in your growing success, please keep your comments coming to our trading forum, as this gives other liked minded souls, the impetus to achieve their dreams justlike you are doing, Sarkar.


    Aldo (UK)

  4. Dear Adam,

    First and foremost, I wish to thank you for sharing your knowledge, time, expertise and in creating such a brilliant educational platform.
    The customer service team is polite and very helpful.

    I started learning, researching and educating myself about trading exactly 1 year ago on my brithday! Being a student, I started with an initial capital investment of £2000 and have managed to double my money within 2 months. I have been re-investing my profits and decreasing my risk so that now i only risk 5% of my account balance on any given trade and hope to lower my risk even further. Currently I am having to trade using spreadbetting firms and forex as i dont have the money to trade futures contracts with double margins yet. i still have not lost on a trade, but i am aware at somepoint i will have losing trades and must remain confident and stick to my strategy with discipline.

    I am very patient and my trades are more medium/long term (days and weeks) orientated. You mentioned that one needs to identify his or her own trading style. I think I have found one that suits my personality. But i want to learn intra day trading as well at some point. Can a medium/long term trader adapt to become a short term trader as well? or is there a conflict of personality styles in your opinion?

    Also i am looking to work in futures trading to gain more understanding and an income . I Absolutly love currencies and commodities and analysing long term social political and economic trends. since you have worked at the CME and other exchanges, i was wondering if you could share your experiance or have any advice for me?

    Also, do you not look at long term fundamental reason for a investment strategy? e.g since 1998 a bull market began in commodities. And then you use technical analysis for both trend confirmation and timing?

    I have so much i want to ask you but am aware of how busy you are so will leave it at those three question. You have helped me so much with my trading. If i am consistently successfull over the next year, i will do my best to help the new traders.

    By the way, hal masover was spot on when he saw a rounded top for equity markets and rounded bottom for commodities in and around 1998. And now it seems all commodity related producing companies are having ipo's. since the recession, we saw the demand for industrial metals coming mainly from china and government infrastrucutre work in western economies and then we had the agriculturals from wheat, corn, cotton, soyabeans etc. Now it seems gold and silver making new all time highs and dollar index making new lows(negative correlation). Protest in nearly every e.u country led by the unions and anger over austerity measures. A revolution in the making one hopes!

    Are you a geordie by any chance?

    Kindest Regards


    1. Sarkar,

      Congratulations on your success. My advice is stay with what is working for you and what matches your personality. Your money management approach is good and a very important element for your future success.

      And yes, I am a Geordie.

      All the best,

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