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  1. Ecu on toronto. Kenlan.... hi ho is going up faster than even I expected
    28.50 now!!! Us g & s bugs sure deserve it after yrs of abuse from the
    Still not too late to get on board. IMho this silver bull will not stop till it's 5 times
    The pog!

  2. Looking for a penny silver stock or a very cheap silver stock with excellent potential. Someone mentoned one on the Toronto xchg, with its sister on the us xchg but I can't find it. Any help would be appreciated.

  3. OBOZO will do an FDR after he gets back from another ( well earned) vacation. He makes a side trip, unplanned, to Pakistan (WHY)? He is all ways AWOL when the s#%t hits the fan. If you don't know what FDR did to the gold market, you better read your history. Look up DZZ on Yahoo, who is holding a short. These guys always know the inside poop! Went short today, bought DZZ and holding ZSL. Time to leave Dodge, say Tonto to masked man, Chemosabee say, Hi Ho silver, away!

  4. I agree with Glacier-but prefer Silver as there is more bounce for the buck and it advances exponentially to any move in Gold. My attitude - buy in on dips. Will only sell when a sideways movement kicks in as it would probably start to retreat.

    Micha'el in Holy Israel

  5. @henk korbee: you obviously don't get it.
    Gold = money and the fiat currencies are in a race to the bottom. Fiat currencies are always abused.
    Until governments shrink, cut expenses and cut taxes drasticly (good joke huh), the only way for gold is up. Way up. We aren't in the mania phase yet but we maybe getting close though. I'd say buckle up.
    Note: my comments are not emotional. They are based on facts and what history taught us.

  6. These alerts are becoming a funny joke. Im sure there will be a buy posted soon and it will be 20 dollars below the current trading value of gold.

  7. Market Club is a great place to aquire sound help for a normal stock market. The Fed trumps all bets concerning the market and $Gold$. It`s not to late to get on the Gold train before panic sets in. Here friend`s is a Big ''X'' guess which line is Gold and which line is the dollar. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

    With respect for Market Club and reguards to all of you, Lynn

  8. Up to $1380 as of 10:55 AM. The whiplash continues. Gold is becoming untradeable (as I've stated many times). This is not a knock on MC, but just the reality that TA is not going to work on gold moving forward. You must respond to price in the gold market.

  9. Don't buy gold now, too expensive. It seems that gold is very positively correlated to the DOW last half year. So, it is UPJONES and run away then? I am on the short side of the story. I trust the intention of the FED but mistrust the way they want to get jobs back into the usa. They haven't read the bible( i am atheist) hoping for the miraculous multiplication of money. wait gold 1390-1420$ and then short again.

  10. What good is technical trading in a routinely manipulated market? There are large players who have wider interests in mind and are willing to wield their resources in pursuit of them. Technical trading is going to predict their moves?
    How about those funny sudden dips just before options expiration? Are those technical?? (for those who think so, I just might have some beach front property on Hudson's Bay that you might be interested in) There needs to be more openness and honesty about what is going on. This is all getting a bit surreal.

  11. Gold tripped its 3 day yesterday (Sell) and tripped its 3 day today (Buy). A lot of false signals. This system is unreliable.

  12. I love watching you children whine about something you have no control over. The reason the US has no money is - wait for it - legacy costs! When a budget has too many fixed costs', something has to change - lower costs or increase income. 48% of the tax revenues go for Soc.Sec and Medicare. When the reality hits that lavish COLA lifetime retirements and health care have exceeded reinvestment in education and infrastructure, all you crybaby tea baggers will just throw a fit. All that "USA is Great" BS will mean nothing. When the real producers in the world are left alone somewhere to do what they like - create wealth - they move there. So I moved to Chile (great deals after the earthquake) and laugh every time the headlines say "Dollar goes down" or "US unemployment stable". Gold is not money - it's a metal that is used to produce things. So keep trying to guess which way the herd is running, and gather up all those micro profits to buy that garbage food at wallyworld, or buy that high priced fuel. My family thanks you for the nearly worthless checks from the US.

  13. We are getting Numb to the numbers $600,000,000,000 not $600,000,000 but what's a few zeros with FIAT..... go gold

  14. and it's up again at $1360. Trading gold short term, is like fighting gold. Not recommended.

  15. Sure, gold can be traded in the short term, but Market Club is actually sending short term calls only about gold, right?
    I'd say that's the wrong signal. There are other short term trades like oil which are more suitable when looking at the big picture and because gold will sooner or later go parabolic.

  16. Good Day

    I receive your "Trader's Blog" twice.

    Please correct.
    Kind regards,

    Josef Minkowitsch
    South Africa

  17. I think the possiblity for a correction exists. But based on the current economic climate, it would be foolish to not go long on Gold.

  18. Step back and take an objective look at this situation. If this was just a normal recession, does anyone think that the Fed would have lowered interest rates to zero and be printing trillions of dollars of "script"? The Federal Reserve is out of amunition and is acting out of desperation. The last thing we need is for a bunch of Wall Street shills to tell us that "the recovery is gaining momentum" and that "stocks are the place to be for the long run". The country (and most of the G-20 countries) is bankrupt. The Fed's policies are really just artificial life support. It would be better to just "pull the plug" and get on with life. Anyone who thinks that the Republicans winning the House of Representatives is going to change anything, probably just fell off of a turnip truck in one of the back-water, hick states that elected these Tea Party clowns!

  19. It's all about timing and this is when the market euphoria starts to set in. Market Club's gold prediction in my opinion is spot on, perhaps out by a day or 2 however, I believe a brief sell off is imminent. Sure gold will probably get to $2000 and way beyond when this currency thing eventually breaks up.

  20. O'bama issued and executive order in August to loan 2 billion taxpayer dollars which we do not have to Petrobras so they can drill offshore Brazil and sell the oil to China! The largest shareholder in America- George Soros- I hope this is the last guy O'bama has to pay off. The house can issue investigative subpeonas so we need some crooks and cheats to go to jail.

  21. The short term sell signal may have been because Gold touched 1325 in intraday trading but if you look at the 3 month gold chart it is clearly holding onto an upward trend. I would not sell unless this trend is clearly broken but maybe my trading time period is not as short as the short term triangles. Nevertheless with USD on a clear downward trend and QE2 pushing USD into the system a lot of people are not wanting to hold USD as an investment asset. I am still long Gold and CRB (which has established support above 300) and am using derivatives of 2 Australian stocks as a proxy (RIO and NCM), mainly coz of ease of buy/sell and to get some leverage. The predictions in these comments for gold at 1266 or 1275 may well prove correct but going short gold now when the recent trend is still clearly up and has not been broken would be a big call.




  23. I agree with you John, the United States cant keep on spending more money when it doesnt have it. If a company spent money like the Fed does that company would go broke. Therefore another reason why gold and comodities such as copper, silver..ect will continue to move higher and from other reasons. Furthermore, historically gold moves higher from July to Dec, then moves lower from Jan to May.

  24. The feds said they would not monitize our debt, but now they are printing
    $600,000,000 new dollars to buy U.S. treasury bonds that no one else will buy.
    By now everybody should realize that Obama is an absolutr economics idiot. Soon our dollar will not be worth the paper it is printed on.

  25. The fed said they would not monitize our debt but now they are printing $600, 000,000. new dollars to buy U.S. Treasury bonds that no one else will buy. When will it stop. The feds are also playing the stock market to keep it looking like the recession is over. It is becoming quite obvious that Obama is an idiot as far as economics is concerned.

  26. I bought gold about four or five years ago.It goes up and down,but up more. have made over 100% holding.no stress.

  27. Does it seem to members of this group that most things spiritually, politically, socially and economically have and are coming apart at the seams?

    Accident or planned?

    If planned, who are the monsters behind the plan?

  28. Its getting easier to expect a short squeeze on the metals - too many buyers world wide, plus the lawsuits- expecting limited downside in the face of QE2.

  29. When QE 3 comes next year the house of cards comes a tumblin down and gold will reach unprecedented levels.

    Sing this song to the green acres tune. Good show on television in the 70's. I call it Helicopter Bens' Green Acres

    The Federal Reserve is the place to be

    printing money is the thing for me

    Spreading out those bills so far and wide

    Let's all get ready for a hyper inflationary ride.

    dumb do dumb dumb dumb do do

    The printing press I am in love with it

    I'll be printing trillions until we're full of it

    Hey it's only money so what the heck

    I'll keep printing until I'm buried up to my neck

    The printing press is my life

    goodbye currency status rights

    Quantitative Easing Is Here

    dumb do do dumb dumb dumb dumb

  30. I fully agree with this view. The direction of the price of gold solidly positive for several years.

  31. The Fed just dropped a 600 billion money bomb on Wall St.
    Gold will eventually reach $2000/oz, don't know when, but the financial house of cards will fall.

  32. I know what today's (manipulated) chart says, but I don't agree with this exit call (even for short term traders).

    Good luck, we'll see how this one plays out.

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