GOLD Alert this morning

Short-term traders went long on a GREEN Daily “Trade Triangle” @ $1,372.77 today.

Intermediate and long-term traders continue to remain in  long positions.

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16 thoughts on “GOLD Alert this morning

  1. Listen listen,gold ,silver,ect ect. you cant eat it but you can barter your way any where ,when the shitttt hits the fan??? All i want is a saft place! people should stop destroying each other over material things that they will not bring with them when they go in the ground..Its a crazy time now in the world thats why more and more people need gold and silver as protection against the crazys like the fed,bernard he ,gets the world off our backs by printing 60 billion of more paper,hes creating the biggest PONZI SCHEEM EVER!!! Thats why the metals markrts are going to stay on fire for a long time,,YOU FOLLOW

  2. everyone better start getting ready and pack-up your homes and stock-up your food and medical for whats need to protect your family...these people that are running these goverments are messing up big time...everyone is running from currancies too gold to this that.keep a ruff over your head and 5 years of food and water with lots of amo... "you follow"

  3. Crash -- you might not understand something. The "dollar" given here is what it's worth vs other currencies, not an absolute measure of buying power. Any gold bug (not sure I'd qualify for that, but I understand them) will tell you that gold and the actual purchasing power of the dollar are inverse, one "measures" the other. Therefore, it's quite possible for the dollar to go up against other currencies that are temporarily winning the devaluation race, while in fact, the dollar is well in the running in the race towards the bottom. In other words, different rulers are measuring the two things, and both rulers are changing length -- explains it, right?

    Forget the inflation numbers produced by, well, everyone. They tend to ignore the things we need (food and energy) for starters, and our government has a vested interest in cooking the books to avoid "pay raises" to SS and other entitlements. Currently, one of the larger tricks is to use falling real estate to cancel the inflation of other things. That is, the federal estimate of real estate prices -- my county of course doesn't (won't allow themselves to) see it because admitting the truth would cut my taxes, and they don't think they should have to tighten their belts like everyone else, speaking of "entitlements". For those of us settled in a place for life, that one just doesn't matter much anyway. Cheap tricks.

    The truth is, gasoline is up, orange juice that was 1.19 last year is 1.99 now, a can of chicken soup that was 1.19 last year is now 1.79 (both in the boonies where prices tend to be below the national averages, and both packages are now smaller too) -- those are pretty intense measures of *actual* inflation. Gold hasn't really kept up all that well! But it's better than a lot of other things are.

    For one example, the euro goes down. This makes dollar appear to go up (even while both are really going down, it's a matter of which is faster at the moment). But people in euro land are more gold-buggy than we even are themselves -- even have vending machines for it...implications are obvious...

    Irishman -- if you're a serious trader, a buck and a half or so a day isn't so bad (see what others charge!). As a previous and former member, I made $3k today on only ~100k in...kinda paid for this year's subscription taken last week, pretty decent ROI, eh? But not on gold (today). Took a few days to get "into alignment" with their plan, and now it's paying off in a way no one can complain about much.

  4. Gold is back again. So much more beautiful than the paper stuf.
    I wish Market club would offer a 60 day tril, I would then have the time to get into it. For the price $450 I would like a longer trial.

  5. Something's not right in the world. Silver and gold are simply ignoring the US dollar and climbing right along, right in the face of dollar strength against every other currency alternative. Remember that silver and gold are also alternative monies, offering the only hard alternative to every unbacked fiat money in the world. You are watching the de-coupling now, the world-wide revulsion against central-bank-created money out of thin air. Trouble is brewing, world-wide.

  6. Global currency crash is coming. ETF's, stocks, metals, basic commodities, etc will replace them.

    All these holdings will go up when fiat currencies go down.

  7. I suggest to proceed with caution, use proper money management stops. Gold could be setting up for a Head and Shoulder pattern from Oct and Nov peaks. Then the ball drops!

  8. Homer,

    Well, sometimes the daily trade triangles are not as good as the weeklies and monthlies -- this varies by the thing traded. Some things you do short term, and some longer, so you use the triangles that suit -- it's so simple to put up a year chart and see (mentally backtest) what's good for the thing(s) you're trading. If you see a lot of whipsaw in the dailies, don't use them!

  9. Jere is an old say "You may fool some of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all the people all the time."

  10. Buy an ounce of PHYSICAL Silver for yourself and another as your Chritmas gift to a loved one, and you will be free again.

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