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  1. Yeah. I agree that both parties do what's (they perceive is)best for their parties and not America, and by the way, I don't see what this has to do with trade triangles,and yes, the Republicans lost their way. We go to war and our commander in chief tells up buy Chinese crap. Cool, but weird. So George Bush got Mr. Obama elected, and he triples the mistake of the Bush budget (and the Dems are still in charge of banking, silly). And I think you should ask yourself if Mr. Obama cares more for the party,,, or more for his second term. Please. And finally, before my Libertarian Spam and sprouts smoothie, if you don't think Sarah Palin is smart, why are you writing about her? I don't bet she'll be President, but I'll bet she's not writing about you! Now go make some money. That's what Market Club is for!

  2. The big problem with the government today is BOTH parties do what is good for their party, and NOT what is good for America. We also have ZERO leaders. None in the White House or Congress. When any organization has no leaders, IDIOTS are in change. This is not only true in Washington, but on Main Street USA. The American people elect these Idoits, so we are also responsible for this situation. An example? Let's face it, the Republicans were in charge for eight years. When the Democrats took over we were one step away from a depression from their policies. The Republicans said nothing but NO to everything for the last two years. This past election The Republicans took over the House. So a party that screwed things up in the first place, was re-elected. This makes NO sense at all. Americans have got to get their heads out of their ass elect some people who want to work for us. Obama made alot of promises. I still think he's one of the good guys, BUT, he has NO leadership abilities at all. The Democrats are weak. They need a backbone. They need to stand up and say..."Bullshit, we're doing it this way." They don't, Republicans can't...Another example, WAY TOO many Americans think Sarah Palin is smart...A terrible reflection on us and our system...

  3. Ok i wont whine. I as well as many Americans have been involved and have made major changes already. We decided to throw out as many congressmen as possible. We intend to continue until they are all unemployed. Now there's a positive. The new congress will be stacked with our choice. prior to and through their return for reelection, we sent millions of e-mails, letters, faxes and called their office tell them they suked, and our intention was to harass them hoping they decide to retire. Some did. My democratic lady congressperson, ran for reelection. She made a commercial about all the jobs she brought to the state and hid under a rock, never to be seen. She was not reelected after her first and last term. Thats a positive! We intent to get the fraud in power removed. Resignation, deportation or impeachment are all on the table. we don't care which gets rid of this bimbo, just do it! That is my plan and many others to solve and restore the economy. So here is the first positive, non whiney response and plan under way, since Jan.1, 2010. The plan was proved positive and we will continue it in a peaceful manner. If we are disappointed, or our demand for the removal of this bozo, we may take other actions. Trust Us, yes we can !!!

  4. i would first like to reply to Mitch. You mention the past commander in Chief bankster, Mr.A Greenspan. The warning by Mr. Greenspan was general, i dont recall him mentioning anything in specific. I took his warning to mean, the stock prices were overpriced. The stock market was 6000, and to my amazement it doubled after he made that statement. The market knew better, than the grand llama, so i guess he was wrong, and clueless. As he was retiring he never warned us of the bubble he had devised and promoted in a senate hearing, i remember it well. During a Senate hearing he responded to a question concerning minority ownership of real estate. the price of housing and the real estate bubble stated about the same time as his comment. Some senators had complained that banks were not lending to minoritys and therefore, descriminating. He replied that everyone should be a home owner. After that the lending improved for minorities. So, he must have agreed with the statement. Those are the loans that lead to mass lending to those who could lie, cheat or were the members of any minority, Those loans went bad, e all paid dearly. Thank you, Mr. Greenspan. You and the government got your wish, and reelected. He also was the leader of the special SOC.SEC. panel that fixed that for the next 100 years.

  5. Greenspan warned of " IRRATIONAL EXUBERANCE" before tech bubble burst.
    Did we forget that?
    All of you crirics are free to contribute something meaningful to change our economy and improve it. Short of personal attacks and criticisms, what do you bring to the table?
    Any positive and realistic suggestions? Would you rather whine about the sad state of affairs, or work to better those same conditions?

  6. As you know, the matter of insider trading, is now being addressed and you will see the perp walks. Actually, that should the government regulators who knowing bilked investors and took the bribes. There are hundreds of government employees protecting the public from the boiler room wall street scams. And now we find out, that these pigs at the troth did nothing to expose the gangsters who have been cheating us all for the past 200 years. No, we can not compete with slave labor in China, just like we couldn't with Japan after the war. But, the labor today in Japan is more expensive than our wages. The labor costs in Germany are even higher than Japan, and much higher than ours. No county on this planet can. So much for Globalization. Eventually the chinese worker will organize as Europe did and we did, form unions, there will be a balance. These people stood in front tanks to get a change from the rulers of theirs, the communists. The Russians did the same thing with the same communist rulers there, and wages changed and started to balance with Europe. This is a temporary period until they form their unions. The process is unending, and predictable. The CEOs here get 500x the wage of their employees in the factory. Japan CEOs get about 50x. For those salaries, they will ship jobs to China (instead of Taiwan or Japan. They can not be fired, since they are the chairman Board of directors. If they are over thrown by the board , the CEOs have golden parachutes, they retire and still get paid the same, for not coming back. Pretty neat setup they devised. They are not worth 500x and investors need to change that. Investors like us, give our hard earned to a mutual fund. Our pensions go to a mutual fund. They, the mutual and pension funds own all these companys and have the majority, always. You surrender your right as an owner to vote and kick out these gangsters out and not pay the CEOs 500x. You need to a union too! When you and me and everyone pulls the funds away from the managers, that hire a 20 year old to manage our money, what do you expect? Would you hire a kid mowing your lawn to manage your money? That is what you are doing, if you call yourself an investor holding shares in mutual funds. That is why the CEOs get away with this and why no one should hire a fund, ever. If you are reading this, you probably don't. you manage your investments and hired Adam to guide you. Dont encourage your family, friend, coworker to allow the pension and mutual funds to use 20 year olds to do use them. As for Goldman Slacks, it aint Charles Schwab, Their customers don"t drive, they are driven to make a deposit. They take go their best friend with them, a little dog or cat and get driven home as they wouldn't lower themselves for such a task. The expect results, they pay fat fees and dont ask how the money is made. By hook or by crook, suits them just fine. Goldman, is like dealing with the devil, inside information, ripping off the general public, creating shortages, cornering markets, an manipulation is there bread and butter. Well, you will them leaving the office in handcuffs very soon, They are the lceing on the Cake, they may be last, they are slick, trust me, the feds can be too at times. There will be a a big empty building soon, and they will be making learn metal working for a long time!

  7. Comment by Pete
    2010-11-21 12:32:01
    Here is some of your logic. The Goldman-Sachs is just making a profit. Nothing wrong with that according to a majority.

    Most people agree but not making it through insider trading and vested interest means. But then honesty and integrity have long since left the building, as has Elvis. If this was not the Goldman Sacks doing thus but one of us, the outcome would be different.

  8. You mentioned a past Attorney general Mr. Meese, was not an authority on the constitution. In fact., he disagreed with the supreme court on the Meranda act. He was also responsible, for the encampment, of the national guard for 2 weeks in calif., to put down a peaceful protest which turned into a riot. The governor did not want the national guard, as he believed a confrontation was likely., he was correct. A citizen was killed, and hundreds of other citizens were injured, including bystanders. The use of the National Guard to keep citizens right to assemble is unlawful. American military are never allowed to be used in this manner. He resigned in disgrace, for his criminal actions as described in his part of giving no- bid government contracts and coverup for another white house staff, who was tried and convicted. As a felon, i do not consider him an authority. I believe he should have been been tried, convicted of treason and hung. You live and are subject to the law of this country. Those laws were formed based on our constitution. The law that Mr. Meese quotes does not apply. that why this country has founded. The people of america, did not agree with the laws mandated by a king, they despised. Therefore, this is proof of his ignorance. this obama claim, is a fraud. He can not defend his claim, we do not who his birth father was, or if he was a diplomat, or an enemy alien, there is no document to support it. He has been avoided giving any records or information to the courts of the USA except for college record obtained by a federal judge. Those records state he attended the college, with a status of "foreign student" I don't know why i would accept this lame argument you offer as truth, based on the facts i presented. Not even a "nice try" Express1

  9. Take a look at The Creature from Jekyll Island by G Edward Griffin. There are recorded versions available. It will open your eyes.

  10. Here are a few "Truths":1. Low interest rates propped up employment as long as the "housing boom" continued. Now, those working in construction, building materials, carpet mills, fixture manufacturing and distribution, drywall paint etc etc etc are unemployed. Housing will not come roaring back. The over built over hang is too heavy a weight to shift. 2. Unemployment is not due to moving jobs to China or to illegal immigrants. Technology has taken a huge number of jobs out of the picture entirely. Just try to buy a plane ticket from United on the phone. So much of what we do now is "self serve" instead of the highly touted "service economy". Illegal immigrant construction workers in our area went back to Mexico, and our local businesses are suffering from it. It's a real whack to sales tax revenues. 3.Our population is on its way to being approximately 75% obese. This is an enormous drag on health care and employment. 4. You can't take away "pre-existing" conditions in health care insurance without having manditory universal coverage. Otherwise people wait to get sick before they sign up. Private industry combined with tax payer responsibility for everyone who shows up at the hospital has thrown the whole system into the twilight zone. 5. Changes will have to be made to retirement ages and social security contributions in order to keep the system going. It was never meant to replace more than 40% of a person's income. We are living too long now to sustain the original game plan.
    And that' s all just for starters.

    1. Frances,

      Thank you for taking the time to lay out some very valuable insights into the current economic picture.

      All the best,


  11. Regarding this comment: "If one parent, is not a citizen, than it is impossible to be natural born, regardless of your place of birth."

    Answer: Who told you this? It is wrong.

    “Natural born citizen. Persons who are born within the jurisdiction of a national government, i.e. in its territorial limits, or those born of citizens temporarily residing abroad.” — Black’s Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition

    "Under the longstanding English common-law principle of jus soli, persons born within the territory of the sovereign (other than children of enemy aliens or foreign diplomats) are citizens from birth. Thus, those persons born within the United States are "natural born citizens" and eligible to be President. " --- Edwin Meese, et al, THE HERITAGE GUIDE TO THE CONSTITUTION (2005)

  12. Re: "If one parent, is not a citizen, than it is impossible to be natural born, regardless of your place of birth."

    Answer: Who told you this? It is wrong.

    “Natural born citizen. Persons who are born within the jurisdiction of a national government, i.e. in its territorial limits, or those born of citizens temporarily residing abroad.” — Black’s Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition

    "Under the longstanding English common-law principle of jus soli, persons born within the territory of the sovereign (other than children of enemy aliens or foreign diplomats) are citizens from birth. Thus, those persons born within the United States are "natural born citizens" and eligible to be President. " --- Edwin Meese, et al, THE HERITAGE GUIDE TO THE CONSTITUTION (2005)

  13. You Americans make me laugh. In Canada, if we had unemployment as high as the US, we would be desperate to do something about it. You guys seem more worried about inflation and the debt. Personally, I would listen to Bernanke (Phd in economics) rather than Sarah Pallin (Phd in BS).

  14. i wish i could stop getting this junk mail, it's all part of a big wave and none of us can stop it anyhow.

  15. Yes this is one-sided. Inflation is better in a recession, because tho things are more expensive for everyone it the greater demand encourages companies to hire more.
    However, doing business with Goldman is unforgivable.

  16. When Goldman Sachs rids their balance sheets of however many multiples of billions of dollars they have being tied up in Treasury notes they will pump that money back into the market. Yes sure high level CEO's will get hundred million dollar bonuses, but those people will go out and either invest it, or buy a jet, new mansion, cars, clothes, women whatever they want. They will spend that money and it gets back into the economy no matter what. Thats only a small fraction of the money though the rest will go into the equities market here and abroad. I for one thought that the sole purpose of having a stock market was so companies could receive financing at a relatively cheap price the price. Obviously through a process complicated to discuss here, well rather just more time consuming. Either way when Goldman Sachs who had lets say previously 1 trillion in Treasury notes now only has 400 billion since the government just paid them 600 Billion maybe a few billion of which is paid to Goldman Sachs employees the rest is pumped into the market, personally I see that causing a massive decline in the dollar, which will promote exports. Weaker dollar does mean inflation though and hyper inflation is never a good thing. Although I didn't get to be alive when the U.S. Treasury department printed a $1000 bill in 1934 I hope I get to get my hands on one now. For prosperity sake.

  17. Excellent, funny informative video with educational info for everyone. I think this video should be seen by everyone. Susan and Adam keep up. Superb job.

  18. Laughed at the over-simplification and demagoguery on BOTH sides. Bernanke and the Fed are not stupid, nor are they evil; but they are also not omnipotent or omniscient. Deflation is not just about prices increasing or decreasing; it is also about de-leveraging. For periods of time longer than our capital can last, we can have increasing prices ("demand-pull inflation") while people are still de-leveraging to shed their debt (deflationary). While I disagree long-term with the Fed's Keynesian approach, I will stipulate that they are sincerely trying to fulfill their dual, often conflicting mandate to manage the money supply while promoting economic growth. However, business cycles and the market will always overwhelm their best efforts. The idea of going to a gold standard is ludicrous. When someone can tell me the static absolute value of an ounce of gold in terms of loaves of bread (wheat or white?) or in liters of water (pure H2O?), then I might be willing to go with a gold standard; and even then, gold would be measured against something else. Gold is just as subject to manipulation as any other standard - watch the hoarding that would occur if we switched to it as a monetary standard. The business cycle is going to do what it does and the Fed and the government will react. Our job as traders/investors is to do our best to understand the environment in which we operate and to place our bets, always managing the risk that we are wrong.


  20. A hole that "WE" ? have dug?
    I dig holes for a living.
    Holes and trenches.
    Holes and trenches we do this to bring power and heat to people.
    I have not dug this hole you are talking about.
    There never was any majick.
    There is only bankers and and puppets.OUr biggest mistake was watching this puppet show and thinking that puppets are real.
    The banker has two hands one for each puppet a democrat and a republican.
    It was always a show.
    They control the pocketbook and wallet, wile keeping everyone involed in nonsesical political discourse.
    Red state blue state, tea party or the young turks.
    liberal conservative.
    One thing they all do is keep the puppet show on going.
    There would be no ohmama if there were not a bush, no bush if there were no clit on
    The are all rich and non of them suffer on a daily basis.
    They pontificate about phony BS.
    And we the sheeple have fallen for it.
    we the sheeple are waking up.
    That is good.
    There is no waywe can beat these people ,they have bigger guns and more ammo than we could ever hope to have.
    The only way to beat these leaches and parasites is to starve them.
    We need Private Local money!!

  21. It may be the only move to try to bring the US and Western over inflated prices into line with the enormous poorer economies. However, ever since the 70's American have been warned time and time again of over credit card usage.

    We in the west are paid disproportionately with Asia, Africa and Latin America and we still want to be able to trade with them and not over price our goods in fact we need to reduce our product and salary levels by probably 15-25% to become competitive. If some of these moves aren't met then hyper unemployment may result.

    Other elephants hiding in the room are the impending death of distributed printing, and all its associated supporting industries and jobs which will occur in the next 5-10 years because of Ipad & smartphone domination and then retail closures with the rise of Internet purchasing which will then have a major impact on the social structure.

  22. What do you expect, When the president is a non-Amerikan. Every country on this planet has restricted leaders that, must always be a natural born citizen. This has occurred in history many times. Hitler, Stalin, Napoleon, were not natural born citizens. The political system, does not work for all of the people, when this occurs. Look what happened in Germany, Russia, and France and there are other examples more recent, in south Amerika. The corruption is seated deep into the legal system. Obama was sworn in by a supreme court member, i thought this would never happen, interesting, they swore Obama in three times (i still wonder why)? They knew he was not a citizen. If one parent, is not a citizen, than it is impossible to be natural born, regardless of your place of birth. Obama could have been born in the White house, in Lincoln's Bed, an he is still the son of a British subject, if in fact that he has proclaimed Senior Obama was his father. There is no document to prove that. He refuses to provide any information about his past. No medical witness has ever come forward and collaborated his story. Numerous Federal cases have been brought, and no Federal court will try the case. Nor will the supreme court of this country (why)? This will all be resolved shortly when the new Congress is seated. Documents will be demanded, and members of the supreme court will be confronted. We are a nation of laws, and we will demand the courts to do their duty, any less is treason. Those that have claimed this fraud, or knowingly allowed it tried and must be punished.

  23. It is easy to poke fun at Ben Bernanke, but what would you have him do? Encourage the government to increase spending? (increase the deficit), cut taxes? (increase the deficit), lower interest rates? (already at zero). Unfortunately, its this or the abyss. Thirty years of cutting taxes, running up the national debt, and cutting interest rates to provide stimulus have destroyed our economy. Its time for Americans to admit the sad truth.....we've run out of magic gimmicks! Printing money is the only way out of this giant hole we've dug. Supply side economics has been the biggest disaster to ever hit our economy!

  24. "it ain’t Communism to have basic health care for everyone or a livable minimum wage or a safety net of services/benefits for the unemployed"

    Eddy, the innocents of these statements would bother me much less if the supply of our money wasn't controlled by a club of elite banksters. The American people are the biggest threat to the domineering plans of these mice and men.

    Unfortunately, Obamacare reform has much more to do with imposing regulation and taxes on Americans at the federal level of government, similar to the Cap and Trade scheme. New powers will be enforced with fear tactics such as the expansion of private military and police under the guise of homeland security.

    The loss of sovereignty of our money supply is ultimately leading us to a totally constructed way of life that suits the elites sense of superiority. As I have said before, the masses are seeking preservation and security of what they once enjoyed and the human age of popular democracy may have reached the point where the rise of rationality is leading us right into the palms of our controllers.

    Who will we be ones willing to sacrifice their false promises and dreams for the sovereignty of their children?

  25. If the problem is not correctly identified, it cannot be solved. This is but one effort to understand the many issues which have brought us to this point where a never tried before strategy will be experimentally imposed. If you are not yet convinced that the entire idea of a better economy is created by Big Government and "Wilsonian Experts", there is likely no hope for you. We've watched for decades now as Keynsian economic theory in the clutches of self interested politicians have now driven nearly every country to bankruptcy. That meets the operational definition of "insanity".

  26. People you are missing the point! Ben Bernanke is NOT a fool, he is an important link in a chain of wealth creation for ELITES. The game is rigged, markets are not free. Do some research. Check out GATA.org and watch the online documentary THE MONEY MASTERS http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-515319560256183936#

    The FED is a private entity, it prints our money, and for EVERY dollar it prints, the USA and by extension its people MUST pay the FED interest. The FED does not represent the best interests of the PEOPLE--the taxpayers--it represents instead the best interests of those who OWN the FED... individuals who are shielded from disclosure by anonymity.

    The founding fathers, especially Jefferson despised the idea of a central bank... so did Lincoln when he sponsored the creation of GREENBACKS; actual money created NOT by BANKERS, but by the government itself--no interest payments required...

    People do some reading... get informed... Our money is being devalued for a reason, and yes we are and will pay for it dearly as our savings EVAPORATE amid hyperinflation.

  27. I think whoever published this video on this website is helping to tear down the world's economy to be honest with you. We need help, positive action and thinking all the way around.

  28. Great Video-but not to worry. We got a new congress now, so let's give them two weeks to clear it up. Thats about as long as Obama had to try and dig us out of a hole that he did not dig!!! Really sad- Greed and Fear are destroying the democracy experiment.

  29. The video is very amusing & informative, specially about the measures being tried out to fix the world economy. At the same time, it's a sad reminder of things, how everyone, including the so-called great economists of the world, who are supposed to know all about economics, its problems & the ways to fix them, have miserably failed to come-up with any real concrete solution. They mostly have only criticised others (who have been trying something to fix) for adopting this measure or that measure. It would be more helpful, if those, who have been criticising & pointing fingers @ others, can come-up with some better & ultimate solution to our lingering economic problems...It would be nice to have a positive video from Ino/Markeclub, suggesting what should have been & be done to fix economic problems.

  30. Cry! QEII Isn't that like taking drugs? One needs increasing amounts to get the same effect. (Of course, the effect is - nothing is working.) What's next QE III, XV, XX, etc.? Where does it all end? Wait, don't answer that. The answer is too painful.

  31. the crappy economy did not start with obama - clinton balanced the budget and in 8 years bush destroyed it. I will take many years to fix the problems that bush caused. Deregulation was not a good move. Thank heavens Canada has tight regulation for the financial services industry.

  32. Bernanke is NOT an idiot. He is following the law which requires the insane idea that requires the Fed to achieve both full employment and stable money. The law however is insane. Humphrey Hawkins from 1978. The reason this is nearly impossible to change is that politicians thrive on political donations. Ending taxes means the singular biggest vehicle for campaign funds would go away. They all have a separate economic plan in place from the rest of us so our goals are not aligned.

  33. Just add "and the Chinese" every time they say "Goldman Sachs" and you would have a perfect explanation of QE2.

  34. Funny but Simplistic and One Sided. The video fails to mention that G.Sachs can only sell issued bonds to the Fed thus reducing the amount of US Govt bonds in the market but the Fed buying bonds directly from the Treasury is buying NEW govt bond issues. Also that reducing the value of the USD will assist US based exporters and reduce imports to the US thus assisting your current account deficit and local employment. I am Australian and our high AUD is hurting our farming and manufactured exports though not affecting mineral exports as they are contracted in USD and demand is high for coal, iron ore etc. So who would you rather have running your economy - Sarah Palin and the Tea Party? That seems, to an outsider, to be a worse gamble than Bernanke. Obama's health care reforms were an heroic effort in defiance of the vested interests of the health industry there. The world's largest economy can't afford to extend health care to its poorest citizens yet you can afford massive tax cuts for individuals earning over $250,000. For a country that runs such a huge trade and govt deficit your currency is overvalued. It is only the USD's role as a world reserve currency that has kept it high in the past. People earning $10 an hour as a farm labourer in Vermont don't care about the international purchasing power of their wage. They would rather get more work. BUT, I am not a fan of QE - personally I feel that USD 600B could be better spent on employment programs and environmental programs or just reducing the deficit. The US is a land of contrasts - stretch limo's cruising past homeless bums on the sidewalk. It is a shame that whenever anyone tries to introduce any positive social programs there is a huge cry of Communist Takeover from the media and right wing. Folks, it ain't Communism to have basic healthcare for everyone or a liveable minimum wage or a safety net of services/benefits for the unemployed. It would reduce crime for one. If you want to live in a dog eat dog capitalist economy with NO government (ie: the people) laws for the environment, social justice etc then the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer. One way to reduce the Govt deficit would be to reduce spending on your huge military arsenal and (shock horror) make high wealth individuals pay more tax. Ohhhh noooo - Communist Conspiracy!!!!!!!

  35. It seems to me that They know exactly what They are doing... It is for US to figure out how to save ourselves.

  36. ....I am very happy because more and more persons from the US realize that the global economy is manipulated from a small group of persons who belongs to some "clubs".

  37. QE2 is really the TITANIC in disguise!!! A PhD in cultural anthropolgy once asked me...what do you get when there are three economists stuck in a hole with no why out? Answer: Imagine a ladder!

  38. BEN BERNANK is the CEO of a private banking monopoly. He is caring out the orders of his employers and he is far from being dumb. The policy is made at the Board of Directors level, he is an employee of the bank. Like any corporation, he is acting in the best interest of the owners. The bank has never been audited, no one knows who the owners are. There is no way anyone will ever see the financial statements or know if it is a solvent company. I, have no idea what the motivation is of QE2, nor the outcome of this policy. However, he has stated clearly, in his statements what he believes is in the best interest of his employers. That may be what will turn around the economy, we will see. Her are facts we all know and his plan. 1)The bank is willing to commit $600 billion to pump up the economy. 2)It will commit the funding until they believe the economy is on the mend. 3)Bernak believes that is not enough to stimulate a turn around. 4)Bernak wants the treasury to print more dollars. 5)Bernak is convinced, the source of the of the financial crisis the Chinese. they will not allow their to rise. 6)Bernak wants congress to approve in more funding to prop up the economy.

  39. So how long will it be before our entire economic system revolves around chipping off pieces of the gold you have hidden under the floorboards in your house to pay for your weekly ration of bread and water. Oh, the other alternative will be the barder system. That may sound extreme... but not impossible.

  40. Slight of hand and pontificating about it .... sad as they 'kick the can' down the road and make the problem worse.

    We need to see the Admission Papers of Barry Soetero to get into Occidental College. That would change a lot of the Administration's people they have in place (including him) --- and all those who support Ben Bernake.

  41. It is great that we are all becoming aware of the greatest theft of the American people, but nothing will change until we stand up for ourselves and put an end to it. The American people must speak now!!

  42. This is a super video, been going viral for a week or so which is great. The more people who get educated about qe2 the better!

  43. Absolutely hilarious!!! L'd MAO through the whole thing. Unfortunately it's enough to make you cry. What an excellent medium for getting across what's happening to those who haven't a clue!! Thank you Adam!!

  44. I laughed knowing my portfolio is heavly weighted toward precious and base metals.

    I cried after reflecting on what the Fed's policy is doing and going to do to my Country,
    friends and utimately the World Economy.

  45. Hmm... I think QEII is a warning shot across the bows of Europen and Asian countries in the ongoing currency war. Whatever else he may be Bernake is not stupid. When other central bankers shake their heads and vilify his actions, I begin to think that well, maybe he knows exactly what he's doing.

    Still it's a risky situation. You can now borrow money to invest at a negative rate of interest when you factor in inflation. That means Mr B has flipped the switch to "risk on!"

    I don't know anything for sure, but I am watching the play unfold with great interest.


  46. My vote is to laugh first to enjoy the irony, cry second because of the truth, and be skeptical third - conspiracy theory (was this put out by GS to get people to go buy GS knowing that there will be a run up due to QE?)


  48. Bernanke is an idiot. He is debasing our currency and crushing the middle class!!! I would right more, but I have to go vomit now!!! Is 20 Trillion national debt around the corner? I think so!!!

  49. I smiled -- the US government is pathetic.
    It is amazing to me how we accuse other countries of manipulating their currency
    while we do the exact same thing.
    Also, for years & years, my father could get 5% interest at his credit union for his hard earned savings.
    Now it's about zero interest rate, and the cheap, printed federal notes will erode his savings.
    This government program has the effect of transferring wealth from the working class
    to the Goldman Sacks and the hedge funds who know how to play the stock market casino on Wall Street.
    The housing market is still a disaster, more banks have failed this year than since the Savings & Loan Crisis,
    the real unemployment rate stays around 17%, the PIIGS countries are still in trouble big time,
    and the governments think the solution is to print more paper and call it money.
    Yes Virginia, we are in the Twilight Zone.

  50. Here is some of your logic. The Goldman-Sachs is just making a profit. Nothing wrong with that according to a majority.

  51. This looks like a good mandatory training video for all senators and representatives.
    I guess we all can cry now!

  52. Pretty much sums it up with it's implicit impact on all things monetary, and the fate of nominal prices for hard assets.

    George Orwell nailed it.

  53. Love it !!!! -- Thats where this game is at.. The people who Destoryed the world are now getting payed for it in the Biggest way for nothing - They are printing money that fast to hand it over to the people in my view that should be locked up for what they have done to the world for there on greed !!!!!

  54. Very funny video and illustrate the fools running the show. I cannot help but think USA is run by fools who think too big of themselves and commit themselves to destroy everything others say is bad.

    maybe bad+bad=good?

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