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Dear Trader's Blog reader,

I hope you enjoyed my recent blog on China and had the opportunity to vote in the poll. If not, the poll is still open and your opinion still counts. You can visit this link to read this post and vote:

I noticed that a lot of folks who are posting questions on our blog are not yet members of MarketClub. Since many of the Trader's Blog posts revolve around our premium service, I feel as if you're missing out on the full benefit of the information that is posted.

To solve this problem, I would like to invite you to take a risk-free 30 day trial to our service.

Once you are a member, I have no doubt that you will appreciate exactly how powerful and easy MarketClub is to use.

I am also including THREE bonuses just for trying out MarketClub today.  These bonuses are yours to keep even if you decide that MarketClub is not for you.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so why not give it a try? What could be fairer than that?

Here's the link that you need to get started.

Every success using MarketClub,

Adam Hewison
President of

Co-founder of MarketClub

42 thoughts on “Try it ... You'll like it.

  1. I would be glad to subscribe to a risk-free 30 day trial to your service. Now to make it really risk-free as you like to say, why do you always want to have my credit card number? Surely you could ask for this mode of payment after the risk-free offer has come to term...

    For this very reason, I cannot bring myself to answer your offer or any other for that matter because by giving my consent and credit card number I take a risk. Are you losing anything by making your offer really risk-free? I am sure that if you modify your offer by not asking for this card number you will then multiply many fold your subscription rate and still lose nothing from your side.

  2. I love your videos and your system looks great. With the recession I can't afford it. I tried a promotion you had about a year ago. I was bombarded all hour of the day and night by some option service affiliated with your system. I wont do that again!

    1. David,

      Not sure where you are coming from on this one. We do not cover options, nor do we a have a service that covers options, nor are we associated with any other companies. Are you sure this came from MarketClub and not some other source.

      All the best,


  3. I would be interested in feedback from veteran members of the MC community who are short term traders or daytraders.

    I have been researching and following MC for a little while now and have been favorably impressed with MC and particularly Mr. Hewison's communication style and manner.

    I've been trading now for about 5 years on my own and I'm seeking a service/tools such as MC to use as a backdrop for comparison/contrast against my trades.

    I was close to pulling the trigger on a MC membership until I read that some members were experiencing recurring problems with the alerts and trade triangles arriving erratically and too late to take action on them.

    Untimely, erratic, late signalling, particularly for short-term trading, has me concerned as I continue my decision-making process re: MC membership.

    Thank you in advance to the MC community for responses to this post.

  4. If you dont recommend day trading to beginners then what is the best trading option is out there for the beginners, I'm just like Davee up there, I'm also interested in learning how to trade and deal with stocks etc, I know theres alot of company busineses who are making money on telling people to buy their books, dvd, free trial, but since you have been doing this for years, whats your advice, where should I start from?

    1. June,

      Start with something very simple like just watching the markets and looking at the charts. See if you can see patterns. You can use our parent site for free charts and you can watch many of the free trading videos we produce every week here on this blog.

      That would be a good start for you, and a good beginning point.

      All lthe best ,

  5. Hi Adam,

    Irrespective of the 30 day trial, subscribtion etc etc, I think you are doing
    a great job. I think with you and marketclub we are in a win-win situation at best or a straddle at worst!
    If users are so wary about 30 day trial, I will be the first one to write deep PUT options for when(ever) it goes public!

  6. I love this service and would not think of researching without it. Maybe those complainers would like to try returning Vantage point instead?

  7. Thanks Adam. I will read blog and learn. My time frame is 3 years,retirement,and then I would like to try some kind of trading. Day trading looks like fun to me and I love to learn. I appreciate your thoughts.

  8. I know nothing about day trading,forex,stocks,commodities etc.. I'm looking for the best way to learn to be a day trader in whatever is most profitable with lowest risk.It looks like this service is for people already day trading.How can I best educate myself without hurting myself! Any suggestions would be welcome.

    1. Davee,

      Here's my advice. Daytrading is not, repeat not for beginners. Several years ago day trading schools began popping up taking people's money and telling them how easy it is to day trade. Nothing could be further from the truth. You have to develop many other trading skills before you can even contemplate day trading.

      If you hang around this blog you will learn a lot about markets. You might even want to take a 30 day trial to MarketClub were you will learn how the markets really work. That is up to you.

      Every success in your quest.

  9. I agree with Doug--Let us use the service for 30 days. If the service is as good as advertised, I'm sure that most people would sign up for one year. I know I would!

  10. Give me a break. Are you trying to say you don't trust yourself to keep track of the timeframe. Perhaps you shouldn't be investing...

  11. Dear prospective members and Adam

    I am a member of marketclub for over 6 months now and its the only service i have paid for since i started learning and trading. The signals, education, customer support, adams insights are very useful to me. here is one example he taught me:

    Company Name: Coca Cola
    Ticker Symbol: KO
    Technical analysis: On the weekly chart
    January 7th 2008 bar we had a high = 65.59
    March 2nd 2009 bar we had a low = 37.44
    December 14th 2009 bar we had a relative high of 59.45
    June 28th 2010 bar we had a relative low of 49.47

    If you join the highs with a trend line
    and join the lows with a trend line, a triangle is created. Once it broke up and out i bought at 58.00 and sold at 63.00 for a 5 dollar profit per share. Interesting i sold early even though it should challenge its all time highs for my own emotional reasons and had reached my 5 dollar profit target. Also on friday we had a 52 week friday high which i have used before and sold on tuesday morning taking advantage of that fact. also you would have had a confirmation of the trend used a monthly and weekly signals.

    Im sorry if my explanation is bad, it easier with a video. Maybe you can show them Adam?
    I dont know the name of the technical formation, but its the one you showed us using EWZ, FXI etc

    the only negative(Constructive criticism) i have found for this service is that no real time charts on commodities so i have to figure it out myself each day. Although i know you update signals for commodities in you portfolio, but i trade rice, and other commodites not in the portfolio.

    Thanks for your perspective on commodities on friday and gold, i was wondering why all of these markets were down. Funny thing is it sound like me. I was traded multiple markets and getting greedy. Please keep giving us input on the Psychology of market participants.

    One thing i noticed is that when everyone including I, was bearish on the dollar, it reverses(Just a few days after QE2 was announced). I think we are in a trading range between the euro and usd. Both are in the
    long term flawed currencies. But now the irish debt problems and mortgage problem became more important to traders.

    It was lovely to see pictures and hear about your trip to Hong Kong Adam. I study economics at lse and i think the best way to understand the world is to travel, observe and talk to the people, so thanks.

    Can you show us how to use volume as an indicator in commodities and open interest when you get time?

    All the best,


  12. Hi Adam,

    I have followed Market Club for some time now, with interest.

    Have you started making data available for the Indian markets yet?



    1. Rajit,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      At the present time we do not have the Indian markets available on MarketClub. That may change sometime in the future. Our next market to go live will be the ASX from Australia.

      Please keep checking back with us.

      All the best,

  13. I'm with Doug. I would try it if i didn't have to give my credit card and if i was able to make money on it, i definately would sign up. When I tried Trade to be free's trial, they didn't ask for a credit card or commitment. I don't know if that has changed since I sign up with them. See how that works. I tried them. I made money. I signed up.

    Adam, I do like what i have learned from you so far and probably will at some point join. That being said, if i could have tried Market Club, no strings, i probably would be a member already.

    Thanks for all,

    1. Dianne,

      Thank you for your feedback. We expect to be making some changes in the future that I think you may like.

      All the best,

  14. I for one tried it, and I like it. It does take "Work" and "Patience". (Learning the concept and meaning of these two words may be an exciting new experience for many.)

    I look forward to being able to set up multiple portfolios. When will this be available, Adam?


    1. Turtler,

      Thank you for your feedback and your kind words about our service.

      The new portfolio manager which will be able to handle multiple exchanges and quotes may be up sooner than we expect. It could be live by the end of this month.

      All the best,

  15. Come on Adam, just give a free trial without all the marketing hype that everyone throws at you. I usually unsubcribe when I see these marketing tactics. Although it does look like you are the real thing, you can sure distance your Market Club from potential customers.

  16. Hi Adam,

    I have followed Market Club for some time now, with interest.

    Have you started making data available for the Australian markets yet?



  17. I remember my first trial month, I thought it was great until I realized all the tools that should come with such a high monthly subscription.

    I'd try it AFTER they have their equity quotes in real time. It's been over a year and in that year I've heard the same line, "we're working on that and should have it available soon." One year later, still no quotes. I have my subscription and membership trial date on file along with a response over a year later if anyone wants to question me.

    1. Justin,

      You are right it has been some time that we discussed "real-time" It is what we are currently working on.

      Keep the faith.

      All the best,


  18. Yes, it requires a cancellation before the 30-day trial is up (to avoid the charge),
    but most sites operate this way.
    For my money, the cost of Market Club is well worth the investment.
    It takes a while to learn everything that is available on the site,
    but the Perfect Portfolio with the Trade Triangles was a great innovation
    to make trading a lot easier for the little guy.

  19. This offer is so much like other "risk free" offers. We give you our money and then hope that you will actually pay us back if we decide your service is not for us! I would love to try Market Club for 30 days and if I liked it (which means i made money useing it) I would certainly sign up for a year or more. If you really want to get more investors to sign up for your seervice let us try it for free for a month with no strings attached. Trying your service for free is not the same as trying your service risk free.

  20. Hi,

    With regards to your trial membership, I am an ex member, and yes, I did find it interesting in terms of regression, but not useful, my main problem was that the alerts and trade triangles arrived erratically and too late to take action on them, if that has changed since my membership lapsed about a month ago please let me know and I will consider the trail/membership again.

    Kind regards,

    1. Llewellyn,

      We are currently working on upgrades and improving that part of our service.

      Thanks for your feedback.


  21. Richard, I agree with you. There is far too much BS in these marketing process. 'Risk free' is just one such.

    There is also the 'FREE' trial, for which you have to pay, and sometimes commit to subscriptions on AFTER you have committed to the 'FREE' trial. And all to often it is before you even know the price, or all the prices!

    I'm starting to opt out of emails from folk who do not have sufficient integrity to be honest with their mark- whoops that is supposed to read 'customer'!

  22. If you cannot keep track of one date then I would wonder how you do or will keep track of your stock trading.

  23. 'RISK FREE' -it's NOT. I have to commit financially first and then opt out - that means I carry the risk of missing the deadline for opting out.

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