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  1. Here's a tip guys. Stop trading gold. Buy physical, take delivery, and hold it. Everyone whines about these banks manipulating prices, yet they'll buy GLD and help the process along. Take delivery; break the shorts.

  2. i hope those who haveentered on that green signal are now out. we might see a spike to 1397-98. but than we one way down. 1350 first target. 1330 2nd target. and than 1300 and 1270.

    once again i will say, "only time will tell".

    happy trading, btw i am THE gold bug, and am a golden bull in this market, but this market has to come back down befor heading higher.

    happy trading


  3. Dennis,

    I own SLV also. If you like silver, check out Silver Wheaton Corp (SLW). It is currently #5 on Investors Business Daily's 100 list; it has been on their list for a while and has moved up in price and ranking.

    Good luck with your trading.

  4. Jeremy, I am signed up for the email trader's blog alerts, but did not get an email about the gold alert until 6:59 PM last night. I happened to notice the alert on the site just after 4:00 when the market closed. It would be good if you could send out the alerts at the time they are posted.

    1. Red44,

      If you set an alert (daily Trade Triangle) in MarketClub for the Spot Gold (FOREX_XAUUSDO) you will receive that alert during the day. Case in point, the alert I posted yesterday hit my inbox at 8:48 AM EST from MarketClub.


  5. The Spot Gold price Has been flirting with the 50 day MA but never closed below it. Monthly Trend is up Weekly Trend is Up Daily Trend is Up. Gold is Now Trading above the 5 20 and 50 Day Ma. Those waiting for a pullback can wait for a hell of a long time! Thanks

  6. I am fairly convinced silver and gold are about to correct and won't be convinced until they breakout to new highs and get over that resistance.

  7. Red44

    Excellent questions. I was wondering the same exact thing on the same exact issues! I trade GLD for gold and SLV for silver. I wish Marketclub would put out phone text message alerts so we could take advantage of the alerts just as they're issue. Good trading.


  8. Jeremy,

    Could you advise on two aspects of the gold alerts:

    -For those of us that own the GLD rather than spot gold, do the alerts for short term trading, and the weekly and monthly trade triangles, correspond exactly?

    -Is there a way to get an alert when it is issued? I just saw it but assume it was issued earlier today. I get an email at some point about such alerts, but this is also received later (I don't see an email about today's gold alert).


    1. Red44,

      For GLD they correspond fairly closely. Today GLD triggered a daily Triangle @ 136.29 at the open of the markets today. Keep in mind that our method for trading GLD is to follow the weekly/monthly Triangles when trading Stocks. You can use the daily/weekly for short term trading but you need to be very careful of whipsaws.

      As a MarketClub member you have access to our Portfolio Tracker on your homepage that will give you your entry/exit points for GLD and the rest of the Perfect 'R' Portfolio.


      If you have the alerts set up they will be emailed to you. If you don' have them setup you can find the info in our Help Section of MarketClub. Please see the link below.



      Jeremy Lutz
      Head of Technical Support
      MarketClub and INO.com

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