Short-term traders exit long position on a RED Daily “Trade Triangle” @ $1,375.85 today and remain neutral for now. This short-term trade produced a Loss of $10.17 an ounce.

Intermediate and long-term traders hold long positions.

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25 thoughts on “Gold ALERT

  1. Adam: what you think of VVUS and PIP.
    Thanks a Million. I have few shares in both of them. Should I continue to hold for a Big Move up as I expect. Please advise

    1. Subhhee50,

      We do not provide individual advice on markets . I would go with the trend and what MarketClub's Trade Triangle technology is saying.

      All the best in the New Year.


  2. I thought you had to have big money or was backed by the fed to trade at all.What do you mean by trade?
    Hourly or yearly or longer. I trade stocks. Thats because its the cheapest and the least risky now.The fed is currantly forcing you out of bonds I think.Depends on the stocks and the area within them your trading weather it is hourly or yearly.And what you think everyone else thinks.I'll tell you what I am not trading! Anything haveing to do with home building stocks. That figures too because home building stocks are trying to go up on the stimulus.What a waste.I worked in that industry forever.Might as well just mail out checks to individuals if you want stimulus. Why give it to the rich already for nothing.

  3. short gold at $1475 is not a good call in my opinion. the 3 mo trend is still up although flattening lately and gold is holding this trendline. so except to take profit on an existing short position going short now (gold on 27/12 here in asia is $1388 now) is pretty risky. The MC alert said exit long if you are short term and remain neutral. So to all those taking this as an entry signal to short gold, you got the wrong perception.

    I predict MC will have a Short term Green signal soon. I also hope so coz i am Long Gold medium term (few days to 3 week trade). the 50 day MA on a 3 month chart has hit $1380 and $1400 looks possible if there is a rise soon in the new year.

    i think anyone who wants to trade really short term should use their own exit signals, esp if in a profit. Being too greedy is a problem for a lot of short term traders.


  4. gday,I was told by a trader with an enviable record of successes,that if you follow the big money you can't go wrong in any market,but he didn't tell me how to do that,anyone got any ideas? gday from down under dave j

  5. The answer to all of your statements is people do whatever is good for them instintively.If your standing on the tracks and a train comes running through you move.Sooner or later.Your last sentence makes no sense I hope you know.Other than metals are due to rise since they can become real circulating currancy if need be.There are very few gold and silver coins to circulate is why the price for them is rising.Per population.They are also a backup supply for industrial usage.Which is why gold was confiscated in the 30s when there was a lot less people than now and more gold and silver per populace. Now it is just digital entry money controlled by central planners who seem to be at best incompetant and at worst unpatriotic. To top off today's world versus yesterday you have an energy problem specifically related to imports from people who are not on our money system.And like you say the precious is money and they want it.

  6. " can be manipulated during this time..."

    Exactly who is trying to kid who? The markets are manipulated CONSTANTLY. Front running software, naked shorts, compromised and bought-off regulators, slap-on-the-wrist fines for those with connections, these are in-your-face facts of life, not theories or suspicions. To pretend or suggest otherwise is simply ludicrous.

    There are still some trends and hopefully one finds them but it's a minefield. I have to agree with "Crystal Ball" above. It might not sound polite but honesty and plain speech have no substitute.

  7. I enjoyed your commentary, Doug. Real life testimony is always interesting. I've been lurking MC for a couple years and plan to pull the trigger, eventually (I'm learning options with Fitzpatrick at the moment). What caught my attention in your words is that you sustain your living through trading; I did that in '08 until the market collapsed in July and then had to get a job (getting urge to give it another go).
    Thanks, and happy holidays)

  8. Like stated in previous alerts - you're Buying High and Selling Low FOLKS!! Just wait for the big pullback, baby step back in and go long. Short Term Trading with Triangles is suicide!!!! If it were that simple the Market Makers wouldn't be doing their job of raping you of your money in their manipulated game.

  9. Hi what would you recomend i do i am a knew trader. after i order you soft were do i have to apply for a fore- x and scots trade account.

    1. Alfredo,

      You do not have to apply for an account. MarketClub is not a broker.

      Hope to welcome you soon to MarketClub.

      All the best,

  10. Aw shucks, Franklin. Yes, I live a pretty enviable life. Both luck and hard work (I started in this location with 1/2 acre and a tent and a few hundred bucks, now have 4 dwellings I built with my own hands, on 50 or so acres of climax deciduous forest and pasture) -- make your luck, and also use what's given, and I've been given a lot in life, so I seek to return the favor when I can. I could claim altruism, maybe, but really -- enlightened self interest -- what goes around comes around, so it's a good business plan to make the most good things go around for the greatest many you possibly can -- seems obvious. The returns on that investment often come from other places that seem unrelated. So what? They do come.

    Re, manipulation, I have a couple chapters on the more obvious methods I've noticed and tracked on my site under the "water cooler" where I'm kinda writing a book on all this. My trade logs have kind of diminished as of late, as, well, I'm now using MC plus of course my ability learned as a day-trader to get slightly better entry/exit points, and there's just not so much to write about anymore there. For the super high beta equities I like, that improves even over MC somewhat, but hey...if I'm here paying attention, it's worth that, otherwise not, and this is really giving me my life back vs spending about 10-12 hours a day doing homework and trading much more actively. You know, getting up very early to look at the foreign markets, making a plan (a, be, and see), going back to sleep for a bit, trading all day, then doing homework during the day and for hours after market close. That was kinda too much work...

    Here's a rough draft of my writings on trading that includes some interesting takes on how markets are moved.

    We are all learning. I know two honest brokers of information -- Adam, of course, and Todd Harrison at Minyanville. The rest either don't know, but talk anyway, or are shills as far as I can find out. Some wannabes who write anyway. Those who know, don't usually talk and all that. These two stand out as knowing and talking, unlike the other noise out there most of which is designed for things other than helping you do well, if any thought is in it at all. As a sage advisor once told me -- "watch Goldman -- don't buy their stock, don't do what they say, watch what they do". Pretty good advice. There are a couple of chartists I listen to, because their predictions tend to self-fulfill, not because I think they are geniuses, but because a lot of others listen to them and make their stuff come true.

    Yes, you don't get the email alerts during the day too often, maybe they have a glitch, and I have some questions for support on a related issue. But what I'm finding is that the nightly email actually seems to have *tomorrows* alerts, more or less -- so what you're thinking is behind, might not actually be behind.

    The question I have is that in those nightly emails, I will often see things like "monthly" or "weekly" triangles mentioned, when none appear on the charts here the next day, and in fact when say I get an alert for a "monthly-green" -- there was one on the chart, same color, awhile back. Sometimes a long while back with no other intervening triangles the same sort. It's almost as though it was a somewhat different system.

    Does it matter? Not really -- I trade on them plus my judgment -- for example, I get triangles on a tiny bank stock I own (my own bank) which I know is range-bound. It's never going to break out above where it is, but sometimes triggers massive buy signals from here. No, that's not how you play that one -- it's at the top of its normal channel now, wait for it to drop ~30% (it swings regularly that wide, it's only me and about 50 tellers and branch managers trading it -- most of whom I know, a perfect poker game setup in some sense) then buy, then wait for the top of the channel, then sell. I only even hold it because heck, I have a lotta money in that bank, and it's a cheap way to pay attention to its health. Could be a money maker, but that's not why it's in my portfolio.

    I'm guessing my avatar makes me look a bit like Santa (yes, that's really me, taken just after our fusion efforts set a world record, so yeah, I'm smiling). But I'm skinny as a rail, so I don't guess I get to don the rest of the costume and ring the bells just yet.

    But indeed, Merry Christmas to all here! Been a nice year, hoping for another good one of course. Booked some nice profit on MCP today....and BTE and FCX. Holding gold and other PMs for the longer term at present, but really oil was the winner in 2010 playing those nice swings in equities that give effective leverage on that and the loonie, watching the *free* info on spot oil here all along. Nice few-hour warning, a very nifty edge doing it that way. Look at what BTE did this year, then imagine that instead of buy/hold you just sold the peaks and bought the dips -- fantastic returns on that one, and nice divvies too!

    High hopes for all here to do well next year. We are in the eye of a financial storm -- the other storm wall is approaching -- but it's time to make hay while the sun shines, for now.

  11. What has changed that would make people feel more comfortable in the current economic climate? The effect of the "fiat" money that is to be put into the economy is just starting. Has anyone paid attention to what everyday items are pricing at? Go to the grocery store and tell me that everything is rosy. Tangible assets scare the pants off the panderer's of paper. Keeping everyone scarred is a 24/7 job. How else can the "Ponzi" scheme continue without continous participants?

  12. This is what they call the whipsaw effect... THE VOLUME IS THIN.. not enough buyers around to drive it up during this time of the season. Buy where the big buyers lie waiting, loading up for the new yr..

    Re: manipulation... the market is manipulated ALL the time by the billion banks.. it's only when the physical buying overcomes their manipulation does gold charge ahead. Which it has done time and time again despite yrs and yrs of top callers popping their heads up on any pullback. The top callers are the darlings of the financial media who prefer people to buy what their sponsors sell, and that is paper.......

  13. Man, Doug, you've got a dam good vibe. I've read a few other posts of yours and perused your site, looks like you lead an enviable life. Merry Christmas to all!

  14. I like Market Club and Adam's commentary as a supplement to one's own trading system. For short term trades, the only problem I found with the service are the market alerts that they send out are not timely. I use to receive alerts hours after Market Club supposedly had issued them and in most cases after market close which is completley unacceptable. I hope they can sort this out internally as I would be happy to reconsider their service.

  15. I've recently re-joined myself after going it alone for awhile. This sure is better and easier, and I think it might have taken one day or maybe two for the difference in profits to pay for the membership. I'm doing a lot less cowboy one-day trades, and doing better. Of course, MC doesn't tell you what is best to be trading, you have to figure that out for yourself, and the triangles do work better on some equities (which is all I trade) than others. No big surprise there, and MC gives you the tools to check on that sort of thing anyway, you only have to use them. The dailies aren't as good as the longer term triangles (gold is a good example of that) -- this is no surprise considering the nature of the beast and the markets. MC has given me the confidence to hold through some dips I'd have sold into when on my own, which turned right back around and made me good money. I worry less, make more money (which is what I live on) -- and don't work as hard, all good. Of course, there is still no substitute for doing your homework on what you're going to trade. Once I got my portfolio "in sync" with the triangles timing -- very few days showing any loss, and a heck of a lot showing much more gain than my norm. Very nice!

    Thanks to Adam and the crew, and Merry Christmas!

  16. ????
    When the Hunt Brothers in the l980s held as much silver as is now being held (?) by the ETF silver stock and SLW (Silver Wheaton) the price went to $50. per once. There are fund mangers that are short silver (sold silver contracts but have not (as yet) delivered the silver that they sold.) When they do try to buy the silver that they will need to settle their contracts, there may not be enough silver to satisfy their needs or the price may rise to a level that would cost them dearly! As, few (if any) will be willing to sell what they hold. (Why would they sell MONEY for Federal Reserve Notes that are losing value?) The US Constitution says that only Gold or Silver is REAL MONEY!
    401 Ks and other saving accounts do not allow silver or Gold to be held by their investors? And the Government is planning to nationalize the saving accounts to be used as collateral for loans given by foreign banks.

  17. I tried out MarketClub earlier this year and joined; I would recommend to anyone considering this to do the same -- you get good value from the service.

    Re "Silly Season" and Adam's warning that markets can be manipulated during this time: I just saw one of the stocks I trade, ROVI, drop at open, then move to a new 52 week high of 59.06, then move below 56.00. (I wasn't watching close enough to do anything anything about it)

    Merry Christmas to MC staff and members!

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