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For those not familiar with Dan Gramza, he is a well known author, advisor, educator, and trader. Not only is he president of Gramza Capital Management, Inc., and DMG Advisors, LLC, but he is also the author of “Trading In The Eye Of The Storm” and “The Handbook of Japanese Candle Trading Strategies." Gramza has appeared on CNN’s “Moneyline,” Reuters TV and Bloomberg TV. Watch Gramza's complimentary daily analysis.

Gramza is a respected educator and analyst, and is an instructor for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Education Center, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange DePaul University, The Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Stock Exchange.


Daily Market Studies with Dan Gramza

Dan Gramza’s daily market studies is an on-line educational resource brought to you by INO.com and the CME Group. This complimentary sign-up will allow you to accesses videos of Dan Gramza as he discusses some of the prior day setups in each of the CME Group markets. Dan presents graphs in his easy to understand teaching style to provide insights, considerations and implications for trading futures and options on Stock Indexes, Forex, Grains, Precious Metals and more.

Access Gramza's complimentary daily analysis.

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10 thoughts on “Dan Gramza & Daily Market Studies

  1. Here is a genuine hot stock. Stans Energy. Traded on the TSX. They have a fully functioning Rare earths refinery, complete with submarine grade Titanium and Stainless equipment (alone worth a billion dollars)and would take a minumum of 10 years to get done otherwise. And a conservative estimate of 14,000,000,000 (Thats billion folks) all the heavy rare earths and light rare earths. All this was left over from the former Soviet Union in a country called Kyrgystan. They are going back into production in a matter of months, not years. Debt Free as well. Up 22% yesterday, 16% the previous day, Trading at about $3.00 bucks now but could go balistic any moment..I think this one could make a person wealthy with a 5-10k investment

  2. Adam, thanks for bringing Dan Gramza to my attention. I had never heard of him but after checking out his website he seems to be an excellent trader to add to my reference list.

    On the other hand, although I greatly appreciate you, MC and INO TV, I was disappointed to receive an INO mailing promoting John Thomas's Wealth Insider Alliance. Let's just say, Adam, that the claims this gentleman makes in his marketing newsletter should make you ask tough questions about whether you want to be associated with what Thomas promotes. A brief bit of due diligence in Google, including various trader forums and Thoma's own marketing (99% success rates for himself and some of those following his method) claims would give any knowledgeable trader a feeling of nausea. If it seems too good to be true...!

    Thanks Bill for mentioning kitco which is very useful now that I've belatedly developed an interest in metals (although I'm inclined towards the ETF route).

  3. I have been watching Dan Gramza's Market Studies for some time, and Adam is correct when he says you need to sign up for the daily newsletter alert in order to view the free market studies. The daily newsletter alert is free, and you click a link in it to go to the viewing page where you enter your email address to access the videos.
    Once you're inside the site, there is a video archive that allows you to access previous Market Studies, thought I don't know how far back they go.
    Dan Gramza's Market Studies is a great free resource, and you don't have to worry about him selling your email address to marketers; I don't think I've gotten one single promotion from anyone because of his website in the last year or so.
    If you go to DanielGramza.net you'll find more information on both him and his books, which appear to be still in the works. They don't appear on Amazon.com in the U.S. either, although Amazon previously offered a CD-ROM released in 2005 on Building Your CME E-mini Rutures Trading Strategy, which is now no longer available.

    1. Jim,

      All seems to be working on our end.

      If you're still having trouble, contact our tech support on Monday and they should be able to help you.


  4. I've been watching Dan's daily free market analyses for about a year now, and it's some of the best free daily trend analysis that's out there. This is probably going to sound like an advertisement, but for a long time my major focus was on silver, and every day his observations gave me a much appreciated 2nd opinion.
    Every day he gives free thumbnail sketches of four major market indices, six currencies, three treasuries, gold, silver and copper, crude oil and nat gas, and soyebeans, wheat and corn. And if you want more in-depth analyses, there's a subscription service available too.
    Forgive me if I let a metals secret out of the bag here, but if you want to follow the ~23 hr world wide price of spot silver and gold, two great free resources are kitco.com for gold and kitcosilver.com for silver. Clicking on the chart at the top right of each home page brings up a 3-day track of spot prices.
    Thanks to Adam and Lindsay for bringing Gramza Market Studies to our attention. Good trading!

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