This stock is pure box office gold

I am of course referring to Netflix, which has seen a phenomenal move since we had a major "Trade Triangle" buy signal at $31 a share on January 5, 2009. This stock is now up a staggering 677% in a just 24 months.

I think this is a clear demonstration of just how powerful our "Trade Triangle" long-term strategy is in getting you into the market and keeping you in until the trend ends.

I think it is a great testimony to Reed Hasting who started the company and has seen it grow year in and year out. Can you imagine being that guy from Blockbuster who turned down an offer to buy Netflix in 1999. Ouch! That has got to hurt.

Can Netflix go higher?

That's a question we choose not to answer. We will rely on MarketClub's "Trade Triangle" Technology to alert us that the move is over.

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10 thoughts on “This stock is pure box office gold

    1. Bill,

      At the moment we do not cover the UK market. It is on the drawing board, but not anytime soon.

      I hope this addresses your question.


  1. Adam, the Trade Triangle system (TT) "seems" to work... on the surface, but can the average Joe use it consistently?

    In my mind, to make it truly an outstanding indicator, you would have to pick a list of stocks, let's say 100, in different sectors, put them in a test portfolio, and follow them for a year while using the buy-sell recommandations of the TT, and see the one-year performance. Would it be possible for Market Club to put up such a porfolio?

    During that period of one year, I think many stocks will move sideways, and that's where using TT might hurt. The "ins and outs" would be costly for portfolio performance. That's why I hesitate using the TT system. Sure, in a bull run, it's nice (like NFLX) but the majority of stocks wont's do that.

    I think it's quite easy, with hindsight, to look only at one stock (be it NFLX, AAPL or GLD), and claim that the TT system is a "powerful" tool.
    Don't misinterpret me, I do think that TT has many merits, but it has to be used conjointly with other indicators, such as the Wm%R and MACD.
    After that, you would have to establish a method of using the TT: buy monthly-sell weekly signals (for long), and/or once monthly is green, buy weekly-sell daily signals, etc. For the system to work, the investor has to use a consistent way of trading, like only monthly-weekly signals (never looking at daily TT), or once monthly signals are green, only looking at weekly-daily signals.

    For a swing trader (like me), what method do you teach?

    Thanks for your reply!

    PS: I hope you don't think I'm criticizing the TT system, on the opposite, I want to learn from it, and decide if Market Club is a way to go for me 🙂

    1. Peter,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      MarketClub's Trade Triangles do work and work well. However, for them to work you have to be consistent, disciplined, and have a game plan. If you have those three items in your investment arsenal you will make money using Trade Triangles.

      You indicate that you are a swing trader which is very different from taking a position like in NetFlix, Amazon or Apple or any of the thousands of stocks we track. What you may want to take a look at is using our weekly and daily trade triangles as they are much shorter in duration and may better match your trading personality.

      I think that the Internet has grown up in the last few years and that more and more people are becoming skeptical of claims which I think is a very healthy attitude. I can say this with confidence and that is our trade triangle technology is a way to approach the market that will over time make members money. This I think is really what the bottom line is for every investor.

      You only have to look at what our trade triangles have done in gold to see how powerful they are. Our position was contrary to everyone's thinking in gold as this market fell over 110 dollars in a very short time frame.

      I hope this helps you make an informed decision. I look forward to having you join the growing MarketClub family and I recommend that you take a 30 day risk free trial to MarketClub that way you can decide if it's right for you.

      All the best,

  2. How many monthly red triangles are there at any given time? What screening tools does Marketclub have to identify which of the multitude of monthly trade triangle stocks might in fact take off like this? That would have value to me more than a postmortem. I now know appl would have been a good trade too. It would be nicer to know earlier. Both are now pretty fully valued at the present. Maybe I missed something that was emphasized while I was not looking/listening.

    1. Mike,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      MarketClub has several tools to use to spot moves. Our Smart Scan technology shows you which markets are in strong trends and which markets are moving sideways. You can also use a scan for Trade Triangles which shows you monthly, weekly and daily triangles as they appear or have appeared in the last 24 hours. This is most helpful in spotting the big moves.

      You want to be in sectors that are going to be worldwide. You now have the opportunity, thanks to the ETF market to be able to trade stocks pretty much around the globe and to trade the commodity markets. Every year the commodity markets have big moves.

      There's no holy Grail in trading, however, you do have the opportunity to put the odds seriously on your side when you use Market Club's trade triangle technology.

      All the best,

  3. Adam, in the case of NFLX, the Weekly Triangle winds up being pretty far away (in this case, like 30 points). Don't you feel that is a lot to give up? If so, then I would assume your stop has to be much closer and you wouldn't wait for the Weekly Triangle. Am I right? I like the idea of waiting for the triangle instead of guessing, but so many times, it will be like 6-10 points away from entry (assuming you're using the Weekly Triangles for entry when Monthly is in the same direction). It does seem like a lot to give up should the stock price fail (like NFLX). What say ye? 🙂

    1. Mike,

      Normally when you have a broad trading market if you have your stops set too tightly it's usually not a good idea, as you get stopped out on numerous times and the market can still go higher. I would expect that the trade triangles will catch up and those stops you talk about will be tightened up in the next few weeks.

      All the best,

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